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Durham / South Hylton Paper Mill
« on: Wednesday 21 May 08 18:26 BST (UK)  »
This is a photo taken of a day trip of employees of South Hylton Paper Mill. It was taken in 1913. Does anyone know of anyone who worked there at this time or have any information about the trips they may have gone on. There is information on the SHLHS about the Mill but nothing about their employees and their trips.

Durham / Death of my Grandfather
« on: Tuesday 20 May 08 12:16 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the death of my Grandfather. He died in 1914, soon after my dad was born.He was born in October 1913. I know he was born in Beamish but married my grandmother in 1913 in Sunderland. I have searched the death records but unable to find him, unless I have missed it. His name was John Robert Forster.  I have the 1901 census returns as living with his parents and three brothers in Victoria Road, Gateshead. I have no other information. Any help would be appreciated
Name Age
Alfred Forster 2 
Frederick Forster 4 
John R Forster 9 
Mary E Forster 31 
Thomas Forster 40 
Thomas Forster 6 
Kind regards

Durham / Isolation Hospital, Hartlepool
« on: Monday 12 May 08 19:21 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information anyone can give me on the Isolation Hospital in Hartlepool. My mum worked there as a nurse before/during WW2. Unfortunately I was not researching my family tree when she was alive and therefore did not ask many questions. I dont even know which hospital it was other than the Isolation Hospital.
I would love to hear from anyone else who had any relatives working here and if they have any photos they would like to share.
Best wishes Mercel

World War One / What does this mean
« on: Sunday 11 May 08 18:31 BST (UK)  »
I have located my Great Grandfathers war medals on the medals roll. Can anyone confirm that Dis means discharge on action taken. I know he lost a leg in the Somme but I havent pieced the story together so checking all avenues. I have attached it below, can anyone help me decipher it please.

Antrim / Francis McKay
« on: Sunday 20 April 08 13:30 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information regarding a Francis McKay born 1832 in Antrim. He married Elizabeth Tait on 10/11/1849 in Ireland. I have no other details. Is anyone else researching the McKay/Tait connection from Antrim.
Can anyone tell me where I go from here to find their parents?
Kind regards

Durham / Tanfield, GGGG Grandfather Thomas Forster
« on: Sunday 17 February 08 16:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,
Havent been here for ages as I was doing quite well with searching however I have hit a brick wall and would like some kind help if anyone could oblige.
Found my GGGG Grandfather Thomas Forster and his wife Mary on 1841 Census. He was born around 1792 in Tanfield.
My GGG Grandfather Robert born 1825 is listed on the census as is his sister Dorothy. From Durham records I have information that they also had a son John born 1818 and a son George born 1827. They do not show up on the census.
When I have looked on the 1851 census the only Thomas Forster born 1792 Tanfield is shown married to Margaret who is 36yrs old, 13yrs his junior with children Mary (14), Sarah (8), George(5) Robert and John (age 2, twins). Problem is Margaret is only 36yrs old and Mary is 14, she would only be 12yrs old if Mary was her child. Do you think Thomas remarried after his wife Mary died possibly in childbirth with Mary and does anyone know what happened to his sons George (born 1827)and John (born 1818)from the first marriage. I know it is very long winded but I do need some desperate help.
Kind regards Mercel

Durham / Galeys Fruiterers, Stockton Road
« on: Tuesday 10 July 07 12:31 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information about Galeys Fruiterers. The shop was in Stockton Road in Sunderland near to the bus terminal. However I believe they had a shop in Vine Place prior to this. I would love a photo of it. My grandma used to have one but I dont know what happened to it. If anyone has any info about the shop or where I may be able to get a photo from I  would be really grateful. :D


Durham / Sunderland and Tanfield Surnames
« on: Friday 29 June 07 23:42 BST (UK)  »
Hi to anyone interested in the following surnames.

Forsters - Tanfield and Beamish
Galeys - South Hylton
Smiths - South Hylton
Boltons  - Sunderland and South Hylton
Richwood - South Hylton
Heatherington - Beamish
Thompson  - Beamish

Would love to hear from anyone researching these names
Kidn regards Mercel

Technical Help / Help, frustrated and stressed
« on: Wednesday 27 June 07 00:03 BST (UK)  »
Over the past 4/5 weeks whilst using internet my computer crashes without warning. I have tried to see what the matter could be by running Adware and Spybot, I have a Sophos Anti Virus running. I have eliminated anything #bad# I hope. I thought I had sorted the problem, however I have just had it crash again while typing in this message first time. Always comes back that it has recovered from a serious error! Anyone any ideas what is wrong?
Cant live without my baby!!!
thank you Mercel  ???

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