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The Lighter Side / Re: Where do you feel your roots are?
« on: Wednesday 25 November 09 20:17 GMT (UK)  »
I've always felt very at home in Dorset. Researching my tree has led me to Leicestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Scotland and many parts of Middx.
Imagine my surprise and pleasure when researching Dad's side (London, and he knew very little, not even his grandparents names) I found myself firmly in Dorset....Melcombe Regis and Upwey.
I have visited Upwey and sat in the little church where many of my ancestors were christened, married etc and felt like I'd come home!

The Common Room / Re: Meaningful family artifacts - touching the past
« on: Wednesday 25 November 09 20:06 GMT (UK)  »
I have a book that belonged to my great grandmother, Annie Niven Todd. The book is about Queen Victoria's jubilee, and was a birthday present to Annie from her father Thomas. He has inscribed the inside of the book to her, and it ends "From her father". The handwriting is beautiful, and is a wonderful link to them both.

Thanks for the link. I spotted it earlier on Friday too. Great minds and all that!!

The Lighter Side / Re: If.....
« on: Friday 30 October 09 16:31 GMT (UK)  »
My Grandfather died in 1961 when I was a baby, so I have no memory of him. I'd love to go back to the 40/50's and meet him. By all accounts we'd have a lot in common, both enjoying drawing, photography and old houses and churches.

Hi Jorose,

Thanks for your reply. Thomas Todd snr (his family surname was spelt Tod, but Thomas seems to have added an extra "D" to his surname at some point!) died in Silloth, Cumbria 21.9.1913. His son from his first marriage lived there, so assume he was on a visit. (In 1901/1911 census he was living with his daughter Annie and her family).
Thomas's second wife Margaret (mother to Thomas jnr, Isabella and Annie) died 23.10.1888 at 6 Grove Rd.

Interestingly, their daughter was Isabella Niven Todd (her paternal grandmother was Isabel Niven) and after Isabella's early death my great grandma Annie went by the name Annie Niven Todd, later Annie Niven Sharp on marriage.

 There is a big connection to New Zealand with the family. Thomas snr had a brother John Ford Tod who settled in Dorset. Two of his son's emigrated to New Zealand, to Wanganui, Thomas snr also had another brother whose son went to New Zealand, so it is possible Thomas jnr went to New Zealand too, perhaps this explains his absence after 1881, and the families belief that Annie was an only child. Just need to prove it now!

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated. :)

Can anyone help me find my great grandma's brother?

He is Thomas Todd b c1865 Marylebone, Middx. He is with the family in the 1881 census, details are:

6 Grove Rd, Edmonton, Middx

Parents: Thomas Todd and wife Isabella

Children: Thomas jnr aged 16, Drapers Apprentice
                Isabella 14 (she went on to marry and I have her details all traced)
                Annie 10 (my great grandma)

In 1891 the family are still at the same address, Thomas snr is widowed, daughter Isabella is still there, and a couple of young relations, but no Thomas jnr.

I was told that my great grandma Annie Todd was an only child. Her sister Isabella died young, after marrying and having two children, and Thomas has dissapeared after the 1881 census....did he die, move this why the family think Annie was an only child.

Can anyone help me trace Thomas after 1881?

(Can I also link this to a completed request, Thomas Todd, Marylebone, Middx under London and Middx)


Thank you for your suggestion, I had forgotten I'd marked this completed ::)
I will do as you suggested and start a new topic.

Just really a follow up HELP!!!!

Thomas Todd b c1864 Marylebone, Middx is on the 1881 census at home with his family, I can't trace him beyond 1881. He's not with the family in 1891, and I have looked at the index for the 1901 census and can't trace him either. The only one that matches isn't him, also had a quick look at 1911 and he's not their either.

Did he die?...can't trace him on FreeBMD.

Does anyone have any ideas where he might have gone/where I can look/where I should go next?

Lanarkshire / Re: Spence family, Avondale, Lanarkshire. Help needed!
« on: Saturday 21 March 09 13:41 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much for the images of Spence gravestones, really, really interesting. Thank you for your time on this, much appreciated.

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