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Somerset / Re: George Bollen - born c 1828 - Chilton Cantelo
« on: Sunday 24 December 17 23:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Carole

Yes, there is one in Yeovil but there is also a George born the same year who married a Jane, so I don't think it is the right one, not too sure.

Can't find anything else to validate it.

Thanks for replying.

Merry Christmas.


Somerset / George Bollen - born c 1828 - Chilton Cantelo
« on: Sunday 24 December 17 22:05 GMT (UK)  »

Can anyone help me with finding the birth for George, I believe his mother was Ann but cannot find a father for him.

Many thanks and Happy Christmas.

Julie :D

Berkshire / Re: Elizabeth Jean Smith
« on: Friday 15 September 17 23:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Carole

Yes I found that one too and discarded her as details didn't tally up.  It is very odd.

Thanks for looking though Carole

Berkshire / Elizabeth Jean Smith
« on: Friday 15 September 17 23:03 BST (UK)  »

Can anyone help me please - I am looking for the death of the above - born 12.03.1933 (nee Wallis).

She died on 13.11.2007 in Reading in Berkshire (surname Smith at the time of death).

I cannot find this registered.

Any ideas where I can find it please?

Many thanks

Lincolnshire / Elizabeth 'Jean' Wallis born 12.03.1933
« on: Wednesday 30 August 17 22:44 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help me find this person in my tree, I am completely stumped by this one.

She was apparently born in Kent ??  her mum was called Margery/Majorie Wallis (nee Scuthum) but when she was very young moved to Lincolnshire somewhere.  Had 2 siblings called Roger and Janet not sure of their birth years.

I cannot find a birth for her at all.

She married a Jack Smith at some point (which I also cannot find).

She died in Reading on 13.11.2007 (name was Elizabeth Jean Smith) - I cannot find a death either.

I cannot find a marriage for her mother to a Wallis.

I cannot find her siblings either.

It is all a mystery - I have never been not able to find a whole family.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.


Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: Sidney Gardner
« on: Thursday 24 August 17 21:16 BST (UK)  »
I've spent hours looking for poor Edith and cannot find a birth at all!

I expect she will remain another mystery in my tree!

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: Sidney Gardner
« on: Thursday 24 August 17 20:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi Annette7

Of course, that was stupid of me saying about the 2 deaths, of course one of them couldn't be Lily.

That is a shame about the twins, how sad that both of them died!

They certainly did move around though didn't they, didn't stay still for more than a few months by the look of things.

Thanks so much for the other info on their marriage too, that is great, you have been a huge help to me and I'm very grateful.

Kind regards

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Re: Sidney Gardner
« on: Thursday 24 August 17 10:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Keyboard 86 and Annette7

Thanks both so much.  I had both parents down as a strong possibility as the ones you mentioned, it was just that the birth year was doubtful and threw me a bit.

In the 1911 census with that family it does also state that 2 children were born and died, so that sadly would tie in with Lily plus one other also.

In the marriage certificate in 1935 it also states that Sidney's age was 29 so that would also make his birth 1905.

I'll apply for the birth certificate and see if it is the 25th March.

Once again, thank you both for all your help.

Kind regards

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Sidney Gardner
« on: Wednesday 23 August 17 23:15 BST (UK)  »

I wonder if anyone can help me please.  I am looking for the birth of Sidney Gardner (according to the 1939 census his birthday was 25.03.1903).

I also know from his marriage to Alice May Hartley in 1935 that his father's name was Thomas.

I cannot find a birth for him though. 

There is a 1911 census record with a Sidney Gardener with a Thomas as a father but states born Aldershot in 1906.

I am not sure if this is the same Sidney.  The only clue I have is that I do know Sidney had a sister called Daisy and there is also a Daisy listed on the 1911 census record.

Any other clues as to whether this is the correct one as I still cannot find a birth for him in either 1906 or 1903.  I know the 1911 census may be approximate dates as they often were but as the 1939 date of birth is very precise.

They did live in Farnham in later years.

There is also a death in 1967 for a Sidney Gardner but that lists his year of birth as 1905 and doesn't state the month or day.

Any clues would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

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