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Australia / Find my past
« on: Thursday 23 December 10 22:01 GMT (UK)  »
I received an email for Find My Past offering a "FREE" 3 months subscription if you register before 3 Jan 2011.

Claiming your 3 free months is easy. Sign in to and click 'Subscribe' on the top right of the homepage. Choose your subscription and enter the code SANTA into the voucher code box at the bottom of the page.
Make sure you subscribe before 3 January 2011 so you don't miss out!

Australia / Births at Sea Tasmania 1833
« on: Thursday 23 September 10 02:05 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find a Birth at sea for Catherine Whelan in 1833.

I have her death certificate Catherine Gaffney (nee Whelan) for 6 Nov 1916 in Melbourne (although she lived most of her life in Tasmania) I have all her children and all details of the Gaffney side.  I'm now looking for her birth and her parents arrival in Tasmania.  The death certificate says she was born at sea and her parents are John Whelan, stonemason and Catherine Whelan formally Rahilly or Reighley.

The closest we can get is possibly the Bark "Mary Ann" arrived Tasmania, August 1833.

Does anyone have access to ships passenger lists for Tasmania 1833 and records for Births at sea? Any help greatly appreciated.


Australia / This weekend: Free access to Immigration records
« on: Saturday 04 September 10 10:50 BST (UK)  »
Ancestry is offering "FREE" access to their Immigration Records for free.

Something for nothing   ;D   ;D   ;D

I've got three already and still searching!!


Australia / Mt Gambier, S. A. Lake Terrace Cemetery
« on: Tuesday 01 December 09 23:37 GMT (UK)  »
Could some kind soul visit Lake Terrace Cemetery in Mt. Gambier, and Grave or Plot number 390 contains the remains of:
1. William Ladlow who died 1936 aged 87. 
2. Elizabeth Ladlow who died 1938 aged 82. 
3. William James Wheater who died 4/10/1904 aged 10 months.
4. Rebecca Ann Ladlow who died 23/10/1904 aged 30.

I would like to know if there is a headstone and an inscription.  Perhaps an image would be fantastic.

This would go a long way to solving one of those brick walls you talk about.

A great Aunt tells me that William Laidlaw changed his name to William Ladlow, she doesn't know why, and I would like to find out.  The only connection I can find is this grave.  William Laidlaw's daughter, Emily Grace (or Grace Emily) married a William Gant Wheater.

I can't find a death for William Laidlaw, so perhaps he did change his name.

Many thanks, Kevin

Cavan / Hugh & Francis Gaffney
« on: Saturday 21 November 09 10:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all, I'm trying to find the parents and siblings of Hugh Gaffney (or Gafney) born C 1813 & brother Frances Gaffney born C 1821 in or near Co. Cavan.   ;D

Hugh Gaffney, Francis Gaffney and Peter Smith were transported to Tasmania, Australia in 1842 for stealing 2 guns and a pistol to committ mutiny.  In their statement they said Richard Jones was the brains behind the crime.  All 4 were tried Cavan, 28 February 1842, sentenced to 7 years and embarked 3 August 1842.

Is it possible to get a transcript of the trial?   ;D

Many thanks, Kevin
Melbourne, Australia

Australia / Hugh GAFFNEY Tasmania
« on: Friday 20 November 09 09:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all, I'm trying to find when Hugh Gaffney arrived in Tasmania.

The first I have of him is his marriage to Catherine Whelan in 1851.  They have 13 children to 1876, I have all them.  I have also found the Beta Newspaper article on his unfortunate demise under a train in 1886.

But I can't seem to find him in arrivals to Tasmania nor in any Convict lists to Tasmania. 

Any help appreciated, Kevin

Australia Lookups completed / Francis Joseph CRAMLING
« on: Thursday 24 September 09 06:23 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the parents and siblings of Francis Joseph Cramling b. 1845 in Wurtenburg, Germany and died 1904 in Melbourne Ref No. 2652.

I have his sisters I think, Anna Braithwaite (nee Cramling) and Rhoda Elizabeth Cramling but no dates.

I also have conflicting information on where he is buried.  I have Kew Cemetery, Other/Denominations B 0214 (public grave) BUT Cheltenham Pioneer Cemetery have him there as well.

Page 2 "Death at Friendship Square" I'm trying to get the full article.

Frances Joseph Cramling married (1) Thomasine Harvey and (2) my Great grandmother Ellen Clifford.  The Ellen Clifford search [completed] is here

Many thanks in advance, Kevin

Australia Lookups completed / Who was E. E. (Nell) NEILSON COMPLETED
« on: Wednesday 02 September 09 01:44 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for the first names and parents of E. E. (Nell) Neilson b. 1889 who died in 1964 aged 75 years old, and her brother Percy b. 1892.

Making E. E. 16 years old when her parents (according to the Headstone inscription) Henry Haimer Rigbye b. 1868, d. 1921 married to his second wife in 1905 Elizabeth Jane Lockhart b. 1864, d. 1940.

Henry first marriage to Jane Brown produced 6 children between 1890 to 1901.  I have all them.  Jand died in 1903.

Cheers, Red

Australia Lookups completed / Electoral Roll look up please
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 06:05 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for when John Alexander Johnston moved from Tasmania to Victoria around 1900.  I would also like their addresses if possible, I think they lived around Richmond.

What I have on him so far:

John Alexander Johnston born 17 February 1863 in Campbelltown, Tasmania.  He was the sixth of nine children.  Older siblings being James (died 2 months old), William, Catherine (died 6 years old), Margaret and John (twins), and younger siblings Catherine, Elizabeth and James. I have all their details.

From their marriage certificate John Alexander Johnston married Annie Marsden both aged 20 years on the 17th July 1883 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Launceston.  Annie Marsden born 13 January 1864 in Launceston Tasmania was the daughter of JOHN MARSDEN and ELLEN CROWLEY. 

I also have their children, those born in Tasmania and the last two in Melbourne.

Thanks, Kevin

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