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The Common Room / Royal Park Girls' Depot
« on: Thursday 02 November 06 02:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All, I'm trying to find out any information I can about the Royal Park Girls' Depot, an orphanage in Melbourne, Australia.

This was the place that my late mother was placed just afer she was born in 1923 and subsequently Fostered out to and from for the next 17 years until she 'absconded'.

I have just obtained my mother's records from the Dept. of Human Services, Vic but they are brief in the extreme.  However I now know that she went to the Girls' Depot (what a horrible name) in Royal Park, Melbourne, but I know nothing about it.  I did find out it may have become Turana Youth Training Centre later

I have done a google search and it brings up nothing of real value.  The Senate report is interesting if lengthy reading.

Cheers, Carol

Ayrshire / SS Ayrshire
« on: Wednesday 01 November 06 12:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all, I am looking for a picture of the SS Ayrshire.

The Steel Steamer Ayrshire was 7,749 tons. Built in 1903. Lbd 460 x 58.8 x 31.89 ft. Owned by the Scottish Shire Line which had vessels trading between England, Australia and New Zealand from the early days of steamships.

This is the ship my Great Grandmother sailed to Australia in 1912.  I would really like a photo of that ship please, if anyone can help I would appreciate it very much.

Cheers Kevin Clarence

I am trying to find the death record of my Gt Grandfather.

He was born John Jarman Copeland in Melbourne in 1855.  Sometime later he sails to England.

In 1882 John Jarman Copeland marries Edith Hester Shipway, aged 18, at Mile End near the border of London and Middlesex. 

In 1883 Edith Copeland dies, aged 19, at Islington near the border of Greater London, London and Middlesex.  (Perhaps in Childbirth???) 

In 1884 John Harold Copeland is born 24 August 1884 to John Jarman Copeland and Mary Copeland formally Smith at 22 Oak Terrace in Fulham in the County of Middlesex.  John Copeland's occupation is given as Painter. 

In 1890 Alfred Frederick Copeland in born to John Jarman Copeland and Mary Copeland formally Smith at Brentford in the county of Middlesex. They marry sometime around 1896.

He then assumes the name John Clarence (Clarence is the Surname) and in 1894 sets up home with Ellen Lascelles, born 1866 (I can no record of her birth).  They have three boys and Ellen and two boys (one dies in infancy) migrate to Australia in 1912.

On a subsequent Marriage Certificate Ellen states she was widowed on 17 March 1913.

I can find no Death Certificate for John Jarman (or maybe middle name 'James') Copeland or a John Clarence between 1910 and 1915 in Middlesex.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Clarence
Melbourne, Australia

Australia Lookups completed / Help locating Louisa Kipp [SOLVED]
« on: Sunday 29 October 06 10:51 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to locate the birth records for a Louisa Kipp born 1835 in Hanover, Germany. 

She migrated to Australia (probably South Australia) some time before 1853.  In 1852 she married (or not married?) John Thomas Rigbye and after the first two children were born they moved to Eaglehawk in Victoria.  Together the had nine children.  Louisa Kipp died in Eaglehawk in 1902 aged 67.  Her death certificate states her father's name was John, (perhaps Johanne or similar)

I have the shipping records for a Kipp family that arrived in SA in 1849 aboard the George Washington, however the girl (child - no name) is 11 years old which means she would be only 14 when she 'married' John Thomas Rigbye in 1852 when he was already 51 years old. Although there are a few coincidences with the names (the father is Louis, her name is Louisa.  The 5 year old is thought to be Minna, Louisa's third child is named Minna Louisa) but I'm yet to be convinced its her.

Any assistance in finding her birth records from Hanover, when she migrated to Australia, or any information about Louisa Kipp and her family would be gratefully received.

I have all I need about John Thomas Rigbye.

Cheers, Kevin
Melbourne, Australia

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