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Gloucestershire / Bristol Rovers FC
« on: Friday 02 September 16 18:30 BST (UK)  »
I am doing some research into Bristol Rovers, at the moment it involves fixtures against Sheffield United.

I am looking for match reports from the fixtures below...

If any one is able to help i would very much appreciate it.

06 Oct 1956 - Bristol Rovers 3-1 Sheffield United
14 Nov 1959 - Bristol Rovers 3-2 Sheffield United
22 Apr 1961 Bristol Rovers 3-1 Sheffield United
14 May 1977 Bristol Rovers 3-1 Sheffield United
08 Apr 1978 Bristol Rovers 4-1 Sheffield United
25 Nov 1978 Bristol Rovers 2-1 Sheffield United
29 Mar 1983 Bristol Rovers 2-1 Sheffield United

Lincolnshire / Blundell Park
« on: Friday 02 September 16 12:39 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find some information for s work colleague. His ancestors (grandfather I believe) originated from Grimsby/Cleethorpes area.

His name is Blundell and he questions I'd get has any link to the name of the Football Ground.

How did the name Blundell Park cone around, and was it named after anyone (etc road named after someone)?

Nottinghamshire / Townrow
« on: Sunday 10 July 16 19:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

It appears that I may have it a stumbling block in researching the Townrow Family Tree and am requesting help in trying to solve a solution.

My father and I had made advances a few years ago in researching the family tree and through research was able to take the family back beyond the 1800's. After being in contact with a RootsChat member and have compared trees there looks to be a question mark over our research.

The issue regards the parents of Henry Townrow - see information below on him and his wife;

Townrow, Henry b: 1808 Babworth, Nottingham bap: 31 Oct 1808 Christ Church, Newark Upon Trent d: 1868 East Retford, Nottingham Occupation: Agricultural Labourer, Sheperd x1

Warsop, Hannah Marriage: 10 May 1832 Edwinstowe, Nottingham Marriage:  b: 1812 Babworth, Nottingham.

Using IGI records on FamilySearch I concluded that his parents were Benjamin Townrow (baptised: 29 March 1775) and Elizabeth Bently (born c1783) - married: 28 January 1804. Our distant cousin on RC has his Henry's parents listed as John Townrow and Mary.

I am open to the fact that my findings are either correct or incorrect - there is also a third scenario where both of us are incorrect but I need to find out the truth one way or the other.

Does anyone know of any conclusive way of finding this information out?

England / Prison Records
« on: Thursday 09 June 16 22:53 BST (UK)  »
I wasn't sure which section this should go in but if I wanted to find information on someone who had served a prison service in last 25 years, would that be possible to find?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Thomas Sorby
« on: Monday 25 April 16 16:58 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help me please regarding Thomas Sorby who was a Professional Footballer. He played for Sheffield FC and was capped once by England in a friendly match against Wales on 18th January 1879, he scored England's second goal in a 2-1 win at Kennington Oval.

Other than what information is listed on the wikipedia link;, I would also like to find an image of him, if anyone can help me with that please?


England / Horse Racing Results
« on: Saturday 12 September 15 09:36 BST (UK)  »
I am slowly building a website (sort of a one-name study) on my family of Townrow's - at the moment there is very little information.

At present I am researching newspaper articles; On Saturday, 5 March 1808, in The York Herald, a Richard Townrow appears to own a horse and will be racing at Pontefract. As I conduct more research into the newspapers, I am sure I will find more races, but is there anywhere where I can find the results of these races online?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Newspaper Reports
« on: Sunday 26 April 15 11:44 BST (UK)  »
My father has been researching his father-in-law's  side of the family and whilst we know about deaths that have occurred within the family I have often wondered if there were any newspaper reports written at the time.

My great auntie Grace Marshall was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident on Penistone Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield (near the football ground) on 11 October 1918. She was just 5 years old having been born in Q1 1913, Sheffield.

I would be grateful if anyone is able to find any reports (or clippings) on this.


Durham / Death in Sunderland - 2009
« on: Sunday 08 March 15 09:33 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping that someone can help me please?

I am researching the death of my friendís estranged father who died in Sunderland in 2009. At this point I wouldn't wish to reveal the deceases name of much information as my friend doesn't wish to know anyone connected to him that she is trying to find information about him (family feudís and all that!).

From what little information is known about him we know that he died in May 2009 and he was cremated. Sunderland is a bit far afield from where I live so only rely really on telephone and online services. What she would like to find is where he was cremated and would there be any lasting memory of him (a plaque etc)? Also could there be anything listed in the local newspapers?

Any information to steer us in the right direction would be very useful and grateful appreciated.

Other Countries / 'Bonnie' Carter Birth (Egypt?)
« on: Monday 21 July 14 15:43 BST (UK)  »
My father has asked me to post this as he is searching for information concerning a first cousin of my grandmother (GM). My GM had a cousin called 'Bonnie' Carter but nothing is known as to what Bonnie was short for - this was obviously a nickname.

Bonnie had a brother called Eric Maurice C Carter (b. 10 Sep 1908 - d. 3Q 1982, Machynlleth, Wales), there parents were Willie (or William) and Dolly (again, could be a shortened name) Carter. We believe that Bonnie was a little older than his brother Eric.

It is possible that Bonnie Carter could have been born in Egypt, if this is so how could I trace these records?

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