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The Common Room / Re: Died at Sea
« on: Tuesday 07 April 09 15:57 BST (UK)  »
Hello syd,

There are some photographs of a ship called Snowdrop at this site. I don't know if it is the one you are looking for.

Of course there was more than one ship called Snowdrop. Here is a list
1873  SNOWDROP  685 tons   Cory Lohden & Co 
1884  SNOWDROP  634 tons   J.Tedford & Co 
1885  SNOWDROP  300 tons   Wallasey Council 
1902  SNOWDROP  208 tons     
1910  SNOWDROP  439 tons   Wallasey Council 


The Common Room / Re: BVRIndex damaged disc - look up please
« on: Tuesday 24 March 09 16:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Abiam,

I count only seven marriages during your time period:

GIRLING, William   Sarah SMITH   12 October 1838   Engl   Suff   

GIRLING, Caroline   Robert PRATT   14 May 1839   Engl   Suff   

GIRLING, Mary Ann Walker   Samuel REEVE  15 August 1839  Engl   Suff  Chedis

GIRLING, Romer   Elizabeth STYGALL   4 June 1844   Engl  Suff   

GIRLING, Hannah   James WHITING  13 October 1855   Engl   Suff  Kelsal

GIRLING, Isabella   John LUMMAS  27 November 1858   Engl   Suff  Carlto

GIRLING, Susannah   Guilford VINALL   9 March 1854  Engl   Surr   Croydo


The Common Room / Re: Merchant Navy Austin Owens
« on: Sunday 08 February 09 15:27 GMT (UK)  »

This site gives a fuller picture of the convoys your ships were engaged in during WW2.


The Common Room / Re: Merchant Navy Austin Owens
« on: Saturday 07 February 09 13:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ant,

This site will give you some technical details of the ships that you are interested in.

This next site has photographs of hundreds of ships. Unfortunately, not all of your ships are here. I found this site a bit awkward to copy the images directly. I copied them from the screen into the Paint program and then saved them as an image.

Have you tried a Google image search? You may also find photographs that way.


The Lighter Side / Re: How's this for a co-incidence!
« on: Friday 06 February 09 13:46 GMT (UK)  »
That was a bit of luck Dave.

A couple of years ago I downloaded a death record for one of my father's uncles from the 1940's. On the same sheet directly above it was a record for one of my mother's cousins.

Two for the price of one.

(I once won the lottery two weeks running, unfortunately I only got £10 each time.)


The Common Room / Re: Times after 1985
« on: Thursday 05 February 09 14:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hello stonechat,

My local library has the Times from 1 July 1985 on line. Who are you looking for? Perhaps I can find them.


The Common Room / Re: voyage of "the Adelaide" 1849
« on: Wednesday 10 December 08 15:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Del,

As Adrian suggested, if you send your e-mail address to me on a PM I shall send you the copies.

Captain Rupert Barber Deering and Lieutenant Edmund William Isdell were both in the 99th Foot. Their various promotions can be followed in the London Gazette. No sign of Ensign Muns though.

Once the guard detail was on board the Adelaide, perhaps she sailed to a convenient port in order to take on the prisoners. I believe the ship sailed to Tasmania first before going on to Sydney. Perhaps Captain Deering disembarked at Hobart and Lieutenant Isdell continued to Sydney.

Are you familiar with this web site?

Have a look at The Hobart Courier dated 1 December 1849. It gives an account of the voyage of the Adelaide and her arrival in Hobart. Unfortunately, it is a poor quality copy and difficult to read. Also, google Rupert Deering, he was also a Penal Administrator.


The Common Room / Re: voyage of "the Adelaide" 1849
« on: Tuesday 09 December 08 16:35 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Del,

My local library is back on line. I had a look at the Times Archive.

The trouble is, there seems to have been several ships called the Adelaide. The only information I could find was the dates they sailed from or arrived back at in UK. There is no way that all of this information could apply to only one ship. Therefore, there must have a few of them called Adelaide. Also, perhaps they only began to regularly publish sightings when the electric telegraph became available. However, all is not lost. I did find a couple of entries that may be of interest to you. I have given the transcription below:

Tuesday 24 July 1849.

Chatham, July 23
This morning the following detachments- viz, 1 sergeant and 17 rank and file, with 1 woman and 3 children of the 58th Foot; 1 corporal and 16 privates of the 65th; and 1 sergeant and 14 rank and file of the 99th Regiment, with 5 women and 4 children of the 65th, under command of Captain Rupert B. Deering, with Ensign Muns, officer of the 99th, marched from this garrison, en route for Woolwich for embarkation on board the ship Adelaide for Hobart Town. The above troops form a convict guard.

Friday 27 July 1849.

26 July sailed from Gravesend - the Adelaide for Hobart Town.

I am not sure if these dates tie in with arriving in Australia in December. How long did the journey take? If this is of interest to you I can download a pdf of the entire page and e-mail it to you.


The Common Room / Re: voyage of "the Adelaide" 1849
« on: Monday 08 December 08 15:55 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Del,

Perhaps you already know this:
The Adelaide arrived in Sydney in December 1849 with 259 unnamed male prisoners. There were also two women and five children together with about forty soldiers.

Click browse by year and month.
Click December 1849.
Click Adelaide.
You can also view the original document.

The London Times sometimes gave information about sightings of ships during their travels. Unfortunately, my local library's computer is down at present so I cannot check. I think they are updating the software.


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