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Technical Help / Re: Can anyone tell me if I am being scammed?
« on: Thursday 04 August 22 00:40 BST (UK)  »
If you think you're being scammed, you are! Always be extremely sceptical of these e-mails and delete - NEVER open them.

England / Re: Vice-Admiral William Bligh
« on: Monday 13 June 22 01:01 BST (UK)  »
A man much maligned by Hollywood!
Navigator: In 1789, during command of HMS Bounty, Bligh and 18 loyal men were set adrift in an overloaded ship's launch. They were supplied with four cutlasses, no firearms, about one weeks supply of food and water, and very basic navigation equipment but no charts or a marine chronometer. A pocket watch was used to regulate time. Bligh and 17 men reached Timor alive, a journey of 3,618 nautical miles (6,700 kms) and thence to Batavia (Dutch East Indies). During this epic journey, only one of his men died, being killed by natives at Tofua.
Disciplinarian: In comparison to his peers, Bligh could be described as sparing in his punishments, scolding when others whipped and whipping when others hanged. An educated man, he was interested in science and knowledgeable that good diet and cleanliness were necessary for crew welfare. He was finicky about the quality of their food and insisted upon the Bounty being kept very clean.
Governorship of New South Wales: His administration provoked the anger of several influential individuals and, more importantly, senior officers of the New South Wales Corps who, in defiance of British government regulations, were engaged in private business for profit, which Bligh was determined to end. Several hundred soldiers of the New South Wales Corps marched on Government House and arrested Bligh following which a rebel government was installed. Subsequently, these actions were declared illegal and mutinous by the British Government.
Personal Courage: At the Battle of Camperdown on 11 October 1797, Bligh engaged three Dutch vessels. While the Dutch suffered serious casualties, only seven of Bligh's crew were wounded. He captured the Dutch flagship and their fleet commander, Vice-Admiral Jan de Winter.
Bligh also served under Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen on 2 April 1801. He was praised by none less than Nelson for his contribution to the victory.
Edit 1: I believe the former Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, is related.
Edit 2: Another individual maligned on film ("Zulu") was Private Henry Hook VC, portrayed as a waster fond of the drink. In life, he was teetotal and had been awarded good-conduct pay just prior the battle.

World War One / Re: LaVerne Hall McKinney KIA
« on: Tuesday 12 April 22 15:54 BST (UK)  »
I searched the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website which details only the data you already possess.

World War Two / Re: Operation Bulbasket
« on: Thursday 24 March 22 00:42 GMT (UK)  »
Following extracted from Commonwealth War Graves Commission website:
Regiment & Unit/Ship: Special Air Service Regiment, A.A.C. B Sqdn., 1st
Date of Death: Died 07 July 1944, Age 26 years old
Buried or commemorated at ROM COMMUNAL CEMETERY, Mil. Plot. Row 1. Coll. grave 1-26. France
Country of Service: United Kingdom
Additional Info: Son of Charles Percival and Harriet Mary Long; husband of Lilie Eileen Long, of Forest Gate, Essex.

1. Abbreviation A.A.C. = Army Air Corps.
2. Rom Communal Cemetery  -
See penultimate row of headstones, far right image, his headstone is situated 2nd left. Also see memorial plaque titled "Les Chemins de La Liberte" which contains more information.

Australia / Re: Ship conargoWW1
« on: Friday 03 December 21 01:08 GMT (UK)  »
In addition to the detail provided by Neale1961 and perhaps assist any future researcher of those killed, I offer the following:
1. ALDWINCKLE, HARRY (38), Fireman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Harry and Sarah Aldwinckle (nee Bailey), of 11 Dock House Rd, Grays, Essex. Born at Corby, Northants.
2. DEEGAN, JAMES CLARK (23), Fireman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of John James and Mary Catherine Deegan (nee Beamish), of 47 Edinburgh St, Liverpool. Born at Liverpool.
3. GRUNDY, ANDREW (17), Scullion, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of William and Mary Jane Grundy (nee McCarten), of 2 Mornington St., Liverpool.
4. JACKSON, PATRICK (29), Fireman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Thomas and Mary Anne Jackson (nee Hynes), of 50 St. John's Rd, Kirkdale, Liverpool. Born at Bootle.
5. JORDAN, JAMES (45), Fireman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Alice Jordan, and the late John Jordan; husband of Mary Jordan (nee Murphy), of 23 Lamb St, Liverpool). Born at Dundalk.
6. MALONE, HENRY JAMES (29), Donkeyman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of John Malone, of 34 Queen's Rd, Bootle, Liverpool, and the late Caroline Malone (nee Osborne).
7. MORRIS, Trimmer, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918.
8. MURPHY (18), Trimmer, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Catherine Murphy (nee Carroll), of 29 Penrhyn St, Liverpool, and the late William Murphy. Born in Liverpool.
9. POWER, CHRISTOPHER (21), Fireman, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Michael and Amelia Power (nee Pender), of 61 Boreland St, Bootle, Lancs. Born at Bootle.
10. POWER, THOMAS (29), Boatswain, SS Conargo, Mercantile Marine, 31/03/1918, Son of Mary Anne Power and the late Thomas Power; husband of Eileen Power (nee Quinn), of 68 Manor St, Waterford. Born at Waterford.

The Common Room / Re: Ardeer Foundry mystery
« on: Tuesday 16 November 21 22:56 GMT (UK)  »
Stevenston is one of what is locally known as the "three towns"; these being Stevenston, Saltcoats. (my home town) and Ardrossan. Their website

Perhaps an enquiry there would advance your enquiry?

World War Two / Re: R.T.S.M.V.
« on: Thursday 11 November 21 05:00 GMT (UK)  »
"Draft" may refer to Naval. Sailors are "drafted" rather than "posted".
RTS may refer to "Readiness to Serve", "Return to Service" and if Australian "Raise, Train and Sustain".

Armed Forces / Re: RAOC 1940s/50s - help with forms
« on: Tuesday 26 October 21 18:04 BST (UK)  »
15 AFV. See following, initial entry:

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