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Kent Lookup Requests / Re: Maurice or Manrise
« on: Saturday 07 March 20 20:48 GMT (UK)  »
yes I think its Maurice and uts certainly been transcribed as Maurice

Thanks for my photos  Phil
The fraces newman don't know if it helps but frances was in lambeth hospital on death also  33 people on burial info  it also gives both spellings of frances Francis  on record

look forward to seeing what you have found forester

you asked about plot nos on the Frances Newman  plot X No 184

on Sarah Jupp only other bit apart from 2019 is it says third plot purchased grave reopened

both these are Hither Green

was there any others?

the other 3 dowels you asked about are not mine  thanks anyway

wonder if you could find a grave for me my great gran Annie Frances Dowell d 1937 and her son George Dowell d 1921  grave location Ladywell Cemetery  D 1781
when a child I used to pass this cemetery on my way to Gordonbrock school but never realised  that I had rellies there you don't when young I did go back there a few years ago but it is so large and I didn't have the ref so gave up.
thanks sandie 

The Lighter Side / Re: 15 years on Rootschat Thank you
« on: Monday 10 February 20 16:42 GMT (UK)  »
wow  July 2004 for me such a lot has happened in that time lots of help from you lovely people thank you I remember the excitement of those early days of research and the many friendships made

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Re: Jewish ancestry
« on: Thursday 06 February 20 19:46 GMT (UK)  »
don't give up yet as you will find sometimes couples married in registry offices and in synagogues but of course only the registry office is one we tend to look at

Synagogue scribes is a website with a no of records, F O C
Jewishgen is another it does ask for donations but doesn't insist you do have to register though

The Common Room / Re: Have I waited the longest for my 1.50 wills??
« on: Thursday 30 January 20 18:51 GMT (UK)  »
finally one I ordered Aug 7th and many emails to them it arrived today attached to an email only thing is the bottom appears cut off ???
It may only be one line but will never know so here goes another email I guess ;D

Thank you COMPLETED now have a copy

thank you

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