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Here is a contradiction of sorts.

This is something I find frequently depending on how old the history was written, was it based on oral or factual history.  Oral history is seldom factual; the tools simply weren't around.  And its not just in the U.S. its everywhere. 

This is your search its on your turf which is why I suggested contacting the NCGS.

Since the events take place in the U.S. you might receive more responses if the Moderator moved this to the U.S. Board.


Sutherland / Re: Another Sutherland born in Sutherland Scotland
« on: Saturday 29 May 21 18:34 BST (UK)  »

SP OPR index only has one in Loth and his father was William (no mother listed).  Did you try Family Search?

His death, providing he died 1855 or later should list both parents.


Canada / Re: George Aitken(head), son of John
« on: Friday 28 May 21 21:06 BST (UK)  »
I can offer you this.

The only "John" is the one below.  They were in New Holland Twp of what was then called North Grey which no longer exists. Today its the area south east of Chatsworth down to Markdale.

The only other Aitken (and spelling variants), during this period was in Turnberry Twp but they were headed by a "James" and they were farmers and millers.

Unfortunately the old is incomplete most names are missing.





Canada / Re: Canadian relative search
« on: Thursday 27 May 21 21:23 BST (UK)  »
Of course the one born in 1915 isn't correct but I used the OP's date to prove a point a 10 year old doesn't get married.



Canada / Re: Canadian relative search
« on: Thursday 27 May 21 13:09 BST (UK)  »

Some corrections courtesy of

Birth - John P Hughes mother Pritchard 3rd QTR 1931 Anglesey

Marriage - Pritchard   Lizzie A    Hughes    4th QTR 1925 Anglesey
Marriage - Hughes   Richard W    Pritchard    4th QTR 1925 Anglesey
Husband/wife are registered separately. 

Birth - PRITCHARD  Lizzie A     mother JONES    3rd QTR 1915 Anglesey   

So "Shan" was not her birth name, therefore any official documents (passports, death etc.) should be under Lizzie.


Edit a possible 4 children in total.

Leslie went to war so he's not in the 1916. And he was not married when he signed up.

The 1926 Census he's with 4 Men from Scotland 3 married but Livingston's 19 year old son is not.  But, no spouses or other children.

You will find his marriage in Aberdeen (St. Nicholas 1919) and you are both welcome.


Canada Lookup Request / Re: Marriage request
« on: Wednesday 26 May 21 11:26 BST (UK)  »
Here you go.

Name Stephen Tipling Brown
Gender Male
Age   25
Birth Year   1912
Birth Place   Bradford, England
Marriage Date   29 May 1937
Marriage Place Canada, Niagara Falls, Welland, Ontario
Father   John William Brown
Mother   Emily Brown
Spouse   Vera Mary Winter

The original is available at Ancestry.


Lanarkshire / Re: Missing Sister of my Grandad
« on: Monday 24 May 21 02:04 BST (UK)  »

There is a Jean Stewart Finlayson born in 1922 in Avondale but her mother was a Stewart her father a Finlayson.  She died at 6 months later.

There are 22 Jean Stewart's b 1918-1920 in Lanarkshire.  To find out if one of these is the one you seek it will cost you some coin


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