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Bedfordshire / Re: CARVER Ramblings Part 2
« on: Monday 31 October 11 06:21 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone whose research interests lie in the Bedfordshire line of the Carver family had a DNA test done? I ask because one of my relatives has done so and is awaiting the results. We hope it will link us to a branch of the family that went to America in 1621. Current status on the Norfolk branch is that the oldest relative (Thomas b 1680) had a decent sized farm and I have found a will for the widow Elizabeth Carver dating 1650s referring to that farm. So there may well be a link that could take us further back.

It is not impossible that the Bedfordshire Carvers emerged from Norfolk (or vice versa) or they both emerged from somewhere else and a DNA test might help prove or disprove that theory.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Born Thirsk 1785
« on: Sunday 09 October 11 13:30 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Andrea. Never knew that about pms. My message contained my email address, so I ought to get a reply one way or another.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Born Thirsk 1785
« on: Saturday 08 October 11 20:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jan

I've sent you a PM with my email address to exchange information. I've not found anyone from Edward's line to exchange information with yet, I am from his next brother William's line. Usefully, Joseph Carver is the only blank I have of Edward's children - all I know is year of birth.

The Common Room / Re: WWI veteran - help needed
« on: Wednesday 29 June 11 19:31 BST (UK)  »
I have other updates pending which have been in the queue for quite a while. I think the project has snowballed, which is good news because it is an excellent concept.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Born Thirsk 1785
« on: Monday 13 June 11 16:06 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Denise. I'm sure I've run this past the board before, but probably not for 5 years or more.

Charlotte Maltby - my gg grandmother married John Carver in York in 1841. Father of bride shown on cert as John Maltby (leather dyer, dec'd). Charlotte's age suggests she was born in 1818. I don't have many of the details with me unfortunately so I can't remember where she was born. Charlotte and John settled in Hull.

Census records show the mother as being Esther Maltby, b Thirsk. In 1851, she is 65yo. Her younger daughter Ann, married Robert Shearing (both were witnesses at the marriage mentioned). This is pretty well the extent of my information on Esther. I did find a few 'possibles' for John Maltby, but couldn't tie any of them with a marriage to an Esther so this is still an open book also. I am very grateful that you are prepared to take a look, but warn you that it may cause serious headaches. Still, to some people, the fun is in the degree of the challenge.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Re: Born Thirsk 1785
« on: Monday 13 June 11 15:43 BST (UK)  »

No, all I know about this woman comes from census records. The father of her daughters was dead by 1841 when the elder of these 2 daughters was married. No trace of a marriage for her, but it might be easier if I knew her maiden name. I'm working in Southern Africa at the moment so visits to records offices are awkward to say the least. This has been a long term investigation to say the least.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Born Thirsk 1785
« on: Monday 13 June 11 08:36 BST (UK)  »
Am keen for local knowledge to be brought to bear here. If somebody (in a census) described herself as having been born in Thirsk in 1785, which parishes would this cover? She was living in York in 1841, so Thirsk wouldn't be the other end of the world to the census enumerator (I presume). This has been the most troublesome bottleneck I have ever encountered - I cannot find this woman's maiden name or place of marriage, but as the two daughters I know she had were both born in her 30s, she may have borne them to a second husband. Any 'out of the box' suggestions most welcome.

The Common Room / Re: Old Telephone Numbers
« on: Sunday 10 April 11 19:35 BST (UK)  »
The area codes are not distributed randomly. There is method in their madness. Take a purely random telephone number of today 01234 567890. The 0 is the indication that it is not a local call. The 1 was added in the 1990s as we had run out of numbers and we only get to the interesting part with the 234. This is actually Bedford, but in old Post Office speak, it was BE4. Norwich was NO3 (603), Newcastle was NE2 (632) although that long ago changed to 0191, again because of a shortage of numbers.

Equally, within areas such as London, Brum, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow, where you have a format 01X1 ABC DEFG, the ABC can be found to represent the local area exchange within the city concerned. The biggest problem now is finding out what the various exchanges were called. Scotland Yard famously was Whitehall 1212 (I doubt whether you could find the number listed anywhere now).

Obsessives aware of this convention can pass happy hours on motorway journeys trying to decide where the telephone numbers on the back of commercial vehicles indicate the town  or city of origin.

The Common Room / Re: Tabor - Origin of name
« on: Thursday 29 July 10 12:32 BST (UK)  »
June Tabor, one of my favourite singers, is from Essex IIRC, but as she is a product of the 20th Century, then that doesn't necessarily mean anything as regards the origins of the name

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