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Canada / Re: Hopper Toronto brick wall
« on: Monday 14 March 11 07:47 GMT (UK)  »
Oh wow, thank you!  You guys are amazing!

I am still searching for George in the 1861 census - he isnt with his sister Margaret although his brother, Henry (a coal miner) is.  If I can find him, it might give me a clue about his butchering background.  I would think, though, that if he listed his parents as Thomas and Mary at his marriage and he was born in England (Durham if that is listed anywhere) and I do know he was in Toronto in 1872/3 that this has a better than average chance of being my man!

Looking at the tannery picture, I wonder if that might have been George Jnr as it looks more like a 20 something than a 50 something chap.  I wonder why the kids referred to themselves as Felsteads - wonder if their maternal grandparents looked after them because George was unable to care for them once his wife died.  Or maybe he died young as well!  His older sister, Margaret died in 1905 and was quite a bit older than George.  Or, less than pleasant thought, maybe he deserted them!


Canada / Hopper Toronto brick wall
« on: Sunday 13 March 11 22:55 GMT (UK)  »
I dont have access on ancestry to Canadian records but was wondering whether anyone would be able to shed any light on a distant relative George Hopper (bap 1843) son of Thomas Hopper and Mary Palmer from Durham.  George was living at 24 St Lawrence Arcade, Toronto, in 1873 according to a letter from his brother to his sister (my ancestor) and I havent been able to find anything further about him since then.  If anyone could give me some clues what happened to George I would be immensely grateful!


Great!  There are a few hands on there so that might well give me a clue.


Thank you so much! I hope this will help me get a little bit closer to working out my Swinburn and Dawson mob!


Oooh!  Fabulous!  Thank you so much folks, for taking the time.  Some amazing work you guys have done there!

Just one other quick question - would I be right in assuming that the bride's family are likely those sitting beside her, and the groom's family on the other side next to him?  If so, this does give me another clue as to who they may be!


If anyone has any spare time and would like to have a go at restoring (#1 priority) and colouring (#2) this pic I would be very grateful.

I hope this is the right resolution!

Thank you


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Please date a wedding photo
« on: Sunday 23 January 11 06:13 GMT (UK)  »
Yes, was just working my way through it!  I think I am almost there ???



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Re: Please date a wedding photo
« on: Sunday 23 January 11 05:17 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks very much - will have a look at possible weddings in that time frame!  They do have some wonderful hats and I just love the hairstyle of the jockey looking little chap seated far right (he'll be the one I'm related to no doubt LOL)

I dont know that I know how to change the scan settings - this one is supposed to be 300dpi - is that enough?  I will have a look at scanning it again at higher resolutions (maybe a photograph rather than a scan might be better?)

Thank you both!!!


That's fabulous!  Thank you so much!  There was a matriarch death in 1895 which could be a possible occasion for the relatives to gather around I suppose.  Interesting about the bit on the bottom of the skirt, I guess I thought it might have been a very generous seamstress.

I thought the hats might be date clues - cant imagine wearing anything like that myself but ....

Next time I go to UK I will take the darned photo out of the album and get a better picture!



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