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The Lighter Side / Re: lol - what does this mean?????
« on: Thursday 06 November 08 15:37 GMT (UK)  »

I really hate it when people write the word wiv....and then say it like that too.

It's wiTH people  ;D

I once gave my address to a lady on the telephone so that she could send me a prospectus.  At the time I lived in Wivenhoe and I was quite miffed when the envelope was addressed to "WITHERNHOE".  I speak well and clearly, with no East Enders accent.  I felt she had just assumed I wasn't intelligent enough to speak properly. 

The Lighter Side / Re: Witches and Ghosts in the family
« on: Monday 03 November 08 20:07 GMT (UK)  »
At least animals don't answer back, though some of ours are getting good at throwing withering looks!

Exiled Mancunian

I had a cat once who on at least one occasion gave me an unmistakable "you're nuts!" look.  I was waiting for a friend to arrive for a visit, and while I waited I noticed a photo of a friend I hadn't heard from in ages.  I said to the photo "You haven't called me in MONTHS!  Why haven't you called me, you sod!"  And carried on in this vein until I turned round and saw my tomcat standing in the doorway, looking at me with such a worried expression on his face.  You could just see what he was thinking as clearly as if he'd had one of those speech balloons above his head :  "Oh no, Mum's flipped.  They're going to take her away. What am I going to DO??"

 ;D ;D ;D ;D

The Lighter Side / Re: Witches and Ghosts in the family
« on: Saturday 01 November 08 17:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hi David

My OH is convinced I am descended from a witch, I have certain 'skills' that he reckons 500 years ago I would have been burnt alive for  ;D


Only if you'd lived in Scotland, Kerry.  In England they'd have hanged you, so that's OK then isn't it??  I'd probably have been hanged before you, a. because I'm interested in using natural remedies like lavender and b. because I talk more to animals than to humans!   ;D

The Lighter Side / Re: My sister doesn`t want me to do the family history.
« on: Saturday 01 November 08 17:41 GMT (UK)  »
My father found it, after she died.  So after the funeral I was handed several documents and photographs, including the actual originals of certificates I had shelled out lots of money to buy copies of in the previous eleven years!  My grandmother knew I was doing this as I used to take the certificates to show her when I received them. Not once did she say "Well actually, dear . . ."!

Never mind - I'm not upset at all!


The Lighter Side / Re: My sister doesn`t want me to do the family history.
« on: Wednesday 22 October 08 16:06 BST (UK)  »
Some people are just too unimaginative to be able to understand why anyone would be interested in family history.  I remember mentioning something to a friend once, just in passing, about my hobby, and she just stared at me, brow furrowed, mouth open, and asked me why on earth I would be interested in my ancestors? I pointed out that a very high number of people in this country are into family history but her "you freak!" expression didn't fade. 

Many years ago, on my mother's side, an uncle by marriage warned me to keep out of family history, saying "You might find out something you don't like."  I told him I couldn't imagine anything that could upset me and I intended to carry on with it.   On my Dad's side, my grandmother and great-grandmother were as helpful as they could be, giving me details and information, although my dear grandmother did neglect to mention that she had a box of old documents including certificates stashed away, even though every time I received a new certificate from the GRO she would look at it with much interest and confirm she had known some of the information on it!

 ::)  Relatives! Who'd have 'em!

The Lighter Side / Re: Colourful names on your tree
« on: Friday 03 October 08 16:24 BST (UK)  »
Poor old Golden must have come in for some ribbing in his life!  We were surprised to find that Duke Shrapnel was his real name - we thought the Duke part must have been a nickname at least, but no!

The Lighter Side / Colourful names on your tree
« on: Friday 03 October 08 15:48 BST (UK)  »
Researching my husband's tree, I came across a relative who rejoiced in the name of Duke Shrapnel, and another by the name Bishop Ford.   ;D

What colourful and interesting names have others found among their ancestors?

Lincolnshire / Re: Happy Lincolnshire Day!
« on: Friday 03 October 08 12:47 BST (UK)  »
Nice doggie, Ricky.  Give him a pat from me.  :-*

Lincolnshire / Re: Happy Lincolnshire Day!
« on: Friday 03 October 08 12:31 BST (UK)  »
Yorkshire gets my vote too but as it's so superlative, that's no shame to any other county.  ;D

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