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Thank you JJ,
I've tried there but no luck. Brick wall syndrome.....

Please help me find R H Davies in the 1891 Census. His address I believe would've been The Apothecaries Hall in Water Lane.  He may have been in a hospital as he died of tuberculosis in Bournemouth 2 years later.  I have searched through his closest relatives and relatives on his wife's side. I've searched under his wife's name (Alice Georgi(a)na) and son Eric but no luck. :(  Any suggestions please?

Hello Chelly,
The above link will give some insight into the Morro Velho mine.  I am currently doing some research for my family history as my grandfather was chief superintendent of the mine for some years. My period of interest is 1910 to 1947 and I have photos which will need restoring and identifying which could take time.  I live in UK and have relatives in Brazil.  If I can help you I will.

Hi Chelly,
Birth, marriages and deaths should have been recorded by the relatives at the British Consulate, either in Rio de Janeiro or Belo Horizonte.  As regards the mine itself I can provide you with more details if it is of interest.

The Lighter Side / Skelly Relies
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Off and on I have dabbled with FH for the past 10 years and now have more time to fill in some gaps.  Help! it's taking over my life. I reluctantly broke away to bake a cake over the weekend and had withdrawal symptoms... At times dealing with troublesome ancestors can be more rewarding than resolving problems created by living relatives...... ::)

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