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US Lookup Requests / Re: John Todd Tuttle Physician
« on: Thursday 18 February 10 10:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Collette,  Reply #3 from dettori,  detorri is right --  definitely one to ponder !   

On familysearch pilot site,   the 1850  in New York City w/ Sarah, Ida and Margaret Tuttle,   John "Little"  age 17 is  indexed and comes up as "Tuttle" .  The surname is ditto's down and would seem that "Geo" and "Chas" are "Tuttle" also. 

It's a bit difficult to read and even more annoying is that the relationships between members of the household are not clear.

You might want to take a look at the actual image and see what you make of it.

lissaM  :)

United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Wednesday 17 February 10 11:37 GMT (UK)  »
Lee Co. IL Death

ARCHER, Rebecca (Agler) b.  26 Sep 1848   d. 10 Mar 1912 Compton, Lee Co w/o John

ooohhhh  --  convicts --- lucky you!  and we like the juicy ones!   LOL  ;D
Come right back when you have put things together.
We are always glad to help!

US Lookup Requests / Re: whitehead look up
« on: Tuesday 16 February 10 12:54 GMT (UK)  »
your welcome.......  I guess...................

United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Monday 15 February 10 20:18 GMT (UK)  »
popping in quickly from work ---  couldn't help myself...  the only thing I can do right now is a geography question!

Paw Paw  still exists  --  now in Lee Co.  but maybe at an earlier time was part of De Kalb Co. which is adjacent.  Paw Paw looks to right on the county line.  So within miles of Shabbona and could be considered as a connections.   Paw Paw named for the tree of the same name which grows in that area.


United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Monday 15 February 10 10:07 GMT (UK)  »
Trees, can't wait to see what develops!   Gotta go get 2 hours of sleep before getting ready for work.  Had insomnia and your group kept me busy!


United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Monday 15 February 10 10:03 GMT (UK)  »
So,  1880 in Shabbona, IL  we have

John Archer     Age 65 with wife Elizabeth 70  and an extended family
Samuel Archer Age 30  a widower w/ 2 daus     Remarries Sarah before 1900
John Archer     Age 35 who died the December before (1879)  Is he husband of Rebecca and son of John & Elizabeth ??
George Archer  Age 30 with wife Elizabeth and 3 children

And over in another county..... about a 1/2 state south of De Kalb Co.

1880 Maroa, Macon Co. , Illinois
Robert E. Archer 45 Eng
Martha Archer 40 Eng
George W. Archer 18 Eng
Joseph B. Archer 16 Eng
Mary M. Archer 14 Eng
Alfred E. Archer 10 Eng
Robert E. Archer 3 IL
Rowland Archer 2 IL
Frank L. Archer 3 IL  (3 months ?)

United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Monday 15 February 10 09:35 GMT (UK)  »
1880 Shabbona, De Kalb, Illinois

John Archer        65  (1815)  b.  England Both Parents b. England   Farmer
Elizabeth Archer 70 (1810)   b.  England Both Parents b. England   Keeping House
Rebecca Archer   32 (1848)   b. England  Both Parents b. England  Widow  "Something other than direct relationship" Keeping House      Is she a DIL  or a Niece In Law ???
Son Charles Archer 10  b. IL   but says mother (Elizabeth) b. Pennsylvania  (that's the transcription)
Son Arthur Archer 6 IL
Son Guy Archer 5 IL
???  Mina Archer 3 IL   "something other than direct relationship"
Son John Archer 3M  IL

Sorry I can't see the actual scan on A.........Y  but you need to look at the original scan for this   --  something wrong with this transcription, maybe? or something "off" with the family unit.   All the children say John is the father but Elizabeth is mother ???  but says mother b. in Pennsylvania.  Why is Mina's relationship is "vague".   
I think Rebecca would have to be the mother is Elizabeth's age @ 70 is correct and these are John's grandchildren ???

United States of America / Re: Archers in Illinois
« on: Monday 15 February 10 09:07 GMT (UK)  »
Well here is a spanner in the works  :-\  What do you make of this ???

US Federal Mortality Schedule

John Archer  Age 35   Male White Married
Born in England  Est. Year of Birth: 1845   Month of Death: Dec
Cause Of Death: Brights Disease
Census Year: 1880
Census Location: Shabbona, De Kalb, Illinois

Explanation: Each U.S. Federal Censuses from 1850-1880 included a mortality schedule enumerating the individuals who had died in the year previous to the census year.

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