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The Lighter Side / Double relationships, cousin marriages etc.
« on: Tuesday 08 December 09 08:54 GMT (UK)  »
I have recently been in contact with a distant relative.
It seems that his great grandfather [my 2nd cousin 4xr] married his neice -his sister's daughter [and my 3rd cousin 2xr]
Makes him related to me in two ways.

I am supposing that this was illegal then [last quarter of 19th century]
I have quite a few cousin marriages also.
What an inbred lot we are!

Anybody else have dubious unions in their tree?

The Lighter Side / Brian Cox's Jute Journey BBC 2 Tonight
« on: Sunday 22 November 09 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
I have just watched an interesting programme. Actor Brian Cox, tracing the stories of people from the Dundee area who went to India to work in  the jute trade.

The Lighter Side / Who is your most profilic ancestor ?
« on: Tuesday 20 October 09 06:45 BST (UK)  »
I have one ancestor [ my 5x great grandfather] who was married 3 times and had 16 children.*
I have several in the tree who 'score' above 10.

Anybody have any more?

*I have traced many distant cousins from this one ancestor.

The Lighter Side / A recent death has unearthed a goldmine.
« on: Wednesday 22 July 09 09:21 BST (UK)  »
My uncle recently died in his 90th year, and my cousins going through his effects have found photos and family tree info.
These include photos of myself from baby to age 6-7. Photos of my mother and her six siblings in their early years.
The tree info includes a couple of great uncles and aunts that I never knew about on my grandfather's side and info on my aunt's [his wife] side which I hadnt began to even look at.

Even the saddest of times sometimes brings forth a little joy.

I am busy today adding all the photo and info into the tree Db

The Lighter Side / GenesReunited for sale?
« on: Tuesday 17 February 09 08:36 GMT (UK)  »
I have read a news item that ITV are going to sell off Friends Reunited [Google 'Friends Reunited Sale']

I am wondering if GR is also up for grabs.

Potential Buyers?

Ancestry perhaps?

The Lighter Side / Dont be lead astray by your records/certs etc.
« on: Saturday 24 January 09 14:48 GMT (UK)  »

I have recently discovered my grandmothers birthplace in Madeley Shropshire.

I was lead astray by my grandparents marriage certificate. They married in Manchester. It stated that her father's name was William and so I searched for a William and duly found one living not more than a mile away from where they married, with the same occupation for her father as stated on the cert. Not only that but a witness was her sister.

Go to the census before her marriage and her 'parents' and siblings and her 'sister' are all there except my grandmother whom I couldnt find anywhere.
My grandparents named their children after some of their siblings and parents including her 'father' William and 'sister.

So I wrongly assumed that this was her line and traced it back via the census' and IGI etc.

Now I have had to scrub this entire section of the tree [105 names] and enter a raft of new ones.

This time I am sure as I can be. But I wont be happy until her birth certificate arrives next week.

I should have known better, I searched all over Lancashire and surrounding counties for my grandfather's birthplace, only to discover in the 1901 census that he was born in Staffordshire.

I had assumed he was a Lancashire man, seing as all the children [including my father] were born there.

I am off to check the rest of the tree and connections.

Shropshire / GUY, Madeley
« on: Friday 16 January 09 08:49 GMT (UK)  »
I have just discovered my paternal grandmother's place of Birth in the 1911 census.
Beatrice GUY b c1888 Madeley
It seems looking at the 1891 and 1901 census that her parents were Thomas and Annie Maria

Anybody researching GUY in Shropshire?

The Lighter Side / 1911 CENSUS- A Mystery Solved
« on: Thursday 15 January 09 13:14 GMT (UK)  »
I have always wondered where my paternal grandmother was born.
She lived, married and died in Manchester.

According to her wedding and death certs she was born about 1889/90.
I have looked for her first in Lancashire then the surrounding counties.
Looking at the various indexes there were several [17] possibilities.

I have just found her p o b in Madeley Shropshire in the 1911 census. traced back to 1901 and 1891 found her parents and siblings. Now to work back
Oh Joy, the search begins

Antrim Completed Look up Requests / Alexander BARTLEY bc 1835 Belfast
« on: Sunday 11 January 09 17:36 GMT (UK)  »
My maternal great great grandfather Alexander BARTLEY according to the 1861 census is an Able Seaman aboard HMS Leopard in Rio De Janeiro.
His birthplace is given as Belford. Antrim and born about 1835

Am I correct in assuming Belford is Belfast? .I am stuck
Any suggestions for progress?

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