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Australia / Re: Samuel Henry Pearce
« on: Tuesday 02 October 12 07:25 BST (UK)  »

I found Henry Pearce 29 ; wife Ellen 29; with Catherine 5, on the Parthia in 1886.

No Roland noted however the three names are very close to those you are looking for.

my experience is that there are some inaccuracies with the trancriptions. My family is listed minus one child and the copies I recieved from NSW archives did not mention this son. However on finally looking at the records myself this son was there just missed in the transcription!!!! and the page he is on was not one of those sent to me.



Australia / Re: Looking for dad
« on: Thursday 20 September 12 23:41 BST (UK)  »
 good luck with your search


ps I have not bee recieving notifications on this topic
I have checked all my settings and I should be will be checking out other topics .

Australia / Re: Looking for dad
« on: Wednesday 12 September 12 07:51 BST (UK)  »

 this site

has an entry in respect to NEALON that may be your grandfather.

 It is always possible that your your father may be deceased and if you nonw his first names it may be useful. As we cannot post possible living persons names you should check this site yourself  in case it is there.


Australia / Re: Aline Grace Daphne O'Neill B1905
« on: Thursday 26 July 12 08:22 BST (UK)  »

The memorial notice for Michael O'Neill does not match the date of death that Nc gives as 1916.

The article in 1922 was for a death in 1920.



Australia / Re: Look Up Please Nancy OSBORNE (nee SPROULE)
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 04:38 BST (UK)  »

Nice find on that 1896 death registration For Ellen J Montgomery parents Joseph and Nancy #10934/1896

Would most likely be worth Glenys ordering a transcription of that one.


Australia / Re: Anderson + Wingate
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 02:56 BST (UK)  »

They may haave been fostered by members of the community they lived in. My Great grandparents fostered a newborn child when the child's mother died leaving 5 children!!. She was not related but grew up as their eldest child. (not sure who looked after the other 4 children but they all survived into adulthood)

Within the same community other children were taken in as Wards of the state of Victoria when their mother died and their father deserted them. All reached adulthood but had quite distressing childhoods.

I understand that these early records may be availble on line.



Australia / Re: John Edward Heron - Geelong VIC
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 02:47 BST (UK)  »
there is a death notice in the Goulburn Post 9th September 1988

It may have information you are looking for.

You could try the look up service of teh Ryerson Index or contact teh paper itself.


Australia Lookups completed / Re: Mystery - Sydney james Peterson
« on: Friday 01 June 12 07:21 BST (UK)  »

I assume that you checked the records using alternative spellings?

Petersen  Pederson etc  found some with father as William others mother as Annie.

Do you know what state/servicee they enlisted in?

Found births listed in SA to William/Wilhelm Peterson and Annie Louis H/Emsley in the right time frame.

Carl Wilhem Herbert 1902
Hilda Louisa May 1905
Stanley Valfrid 1907
Charlie 1909
Clarence George 1910


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