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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Completed: Army discharge 1858
« on: Saturday 15 July 23 18:42 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone work out in consequence of what this says Private Timothy Holden was discharged in 1858 from the 84th Regiment of Foot?

It's clearly to do with him being unfit for service due to being (in the language used later in the document) an imbecile.  (He died in Lancaster Asylum in 1865.)

But I can't work out the underlined word Au..enti.. ? ? ?

Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / Android gedcom viewer?
« on: Monday 30 January 23 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hello everyone,

For years, I've been using Family Bee as a simple gedcom viewer on my Android 'phones. (My main family history programme is Family Historian, and I just periodically copied the gedcom that creates to my 'phone.)

But having just upgraded to a new Android 'phone, it seems that Family Bee is no longer available. :(

I liked Family Bee as it was uncomplicated and very fast. I know I can access Ancestry/FindMyPast on my 'phone, but it's nice to have something quick and simple. Plus I also keep a bit more info, particularly on living individuals, on my offline tree.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement for Family Bee?


Elizabeth Ettridge married Arthur Boreham 2 Nov 1891 at Christ Church, St George in the East. 
He was a builder, born Q4 1867 in Bow, and son of George Boreham, also a builder.
She was born Q3 1868 in Mile End, the daughter of Edward Ettridge (deceased at the time of the marriage, but latterly a fishmonger.
The marriage was witnessed by Elizabeth's sister Clara Ettridge and Clara's future husband, George Smith.

I have them both (with their respective parents & siblings) on the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, but can't see them after their marriage.  I can't see any Boreham births on the GRO indexes with mother's maiden name Ettridge.

There is an Arthur & Elizabeth Boreham in Hounslow, who sort of fit if you really squeeze the dates, except that their childrens' mother's maiden name is Baker. So I have discounted them.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Durham St Cuthbert baptism 29 Aug 1858
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 11:42 BST (UK)  »
I have a degree in Latin, but am struggling to read some of the words on this note next to the baptism of Joseph Hanley:

Can anyone with more familiarity with Cathlic baptism registers than I have check my transcription and fill in the gaps, please?

Ob. imminens mortis periculum in doms vite baptizatus est die 29 Augusti ad [?]ecam portatus est, ipsique [??] Rob. Orrell sacras ceremonias et [?????] adhibui et Josephi nomen infersui.

The record is at the bottom left of p.86 of

Essex / Looking for a marriage c. 1800-1812 in/around Stratford
« on: Saturday 07 November 20 13:38 GMT (UK)  »
My 5x great grandparents were George and Elizabeth Ilett of Stratford/West Ham.

They are together on the 1841 census at Mount Street, Stratford. Both are recorded as 50 - so born c. 1785 to 1797 - and born in Essex.

George died at Mount Street, Stratford 28 Oct 1850, aged 64 years - which (if accurate) would put him born c. 1786.
The widowed Elizabeth is on the 1851 census at 22 Mount Street. Age 63 (so b. c. 1788), born in Stratford, Essex.

I have been able to trace their children's births/baptims in the West Ham All Saints registers:
John (12/3/1812)
Ann (27/10/1813)
Eliza (21/9/1815)
George (4/1/1819)
Elizabeth (14/10/1820)
Emma (4/9/1822)
William (6/4/1824)
James (27/3/1827)
Joseph (14/4/1831)

But I've been unable to find George's baptism, nor his marriage to Elizabeth. 

For the marriage, I've looked in West Ham, All Saints 1804-1812 and in Leyton St Mary 1804-1812, but have't spotted them. I've been looking through the parish register images on the Essex Archives website, not relying on Ancestry/FamilySearch transcriptions.

Obviously there are dozens of churches in Essex/East London.  But to save me having to open each one, can anyone tell me which other churches were operating and performing marriages around this time?

Obviously, if anyone wants to have a look, I'd be very grateful, but I can't really ask that of rootschatters, particuarly as - unfortunately - Ilott is not a name that "transcribes well" - Hett, Hott, Ilott, Lott, Mott, Mett, Nett etc all appear!

One other clue might be that the informant on George Ilott's death certificate is Rachael Nix of Mount Street, Stratford, and she is (a widow & a visitor) in the Ilott household on the 1851 census, born c. 1779 in Stratford, Essex.  I am guessing that she might be George's sister or sister-in-law, but she could, of course, be a more distant relation, or indeed unrelated.

If the Stratford birthplace for Elizabeth Ilett and Rachel Nix shown on the 1851 census is correct, then I would have assumed they were most likely married nearby.

All pointers & suggestions to break through this brick wall are welcome!

For a friend, I have been looking at the family of Timothy Marsden (c.1755-1829) & Jane Ainsworth (c. 1755-1828) who married at Blackburn St Mary on 3 Nov 1776.

By way of introduction (if you don't want to read, skip down to the bold bit below where I get round to asking my question! ;D)

They seem to have been based in/around Eccleshill and Lower Darwen, specifically at Oakenhurst (Jeremy Hunt mentions the family and calls the elder Timothy Marsden "Timothy Marsden o' th' Oakenhurst," but does not go into any great detail on them, unfortunately.)

There are several trees on Ancestry, most of which seem to have been copied from each other, but a couple have images of an early 19th century Family Bible, will birth and death dates of Timothy & Jane, and their children, most of which is supported by the registers of Darwen's Lower Chapel. This all seemed quite easy, and indeed it is.

But I am a little stuck on the children on Edmund Marsden, born 21 Jun 1785 and died 24 Oct 1850.  Edmund appears to have married twice: first, to Alice Nightingale 13/7/1805 and second to Ellen Aspin (or Aspden?) 11 Feb 1823.
He had three children with Ellen: Ann (15 Aug 1824), Edmund Ainsworth (8 Aug 1826) and John (2 Feb 1831).
There are 9 births to Edmund & Alice Marsden 1806-1823 in the Lower Chapel registers, which most of the trees on Ancestry accept as belonging to the same couple.  But I don't think that can be the case, and is what I would like other Rootschatter's opinion on, please.  I think there are two families here:
1) Esther, Sarah, Peggy are children of Edmund & Alice Marsden who are on the 1841 census at Cadshaw
2) John (1809), Ellen, Timothy are the children of Edmund Marsden & Alice Nightingale of Oakenhurst/Lower Darwen, plus Henry and Thomas whose mother is identified on the register as Alice Nightingale.
That just leaves the 1814 John Marsden - the only one below to be baptised at Pole Lane (the rest are all at Lower Chapel).

I would appreciate others' view on this.

Esther Marsden
    Bapt: 7 Dec 1808
    Born: 4 Oct
    Abode: Catchey

John Marsden
    Bapt: 8 Aug 1809
    Born: 10 May
    Abode: Lr. Darwen

If I remember my O Level Biology classes properly, I don't think Esther & John could be born to the same mother, or at least John would have been a bit premature, wouldn't he?

Does anyone know where Catchey is/was?  Could it be another 'phonetic spelling' for Catshaw (which is shown as Cadshaw on the early OS maps, and is just to the west of Bull Hospital a couple of miles south of Darwen).

Sarah Marsden
    Bapt: 16 Aug 1810
    Born: 29 Jun
    Abode: Catchey

Ellen Marsden
    Bapt: 8 Mar 1812
    Born: 18 Nov
    Abode: Hey Croft

Peggy Marsden
    Bapt: 13 May 1813
    Born: 27 Aug
    Abode: Catshaw

Timothy Marsden
    Bapt: 10 Apr 1814
    Born: 24 Feb 1814
    Abode: Aycroft Lower Darwen

John Marsden
    Baptised 3 Oct 1814 at Pole Lane Chapel
Henry Marsden [Mother named as Alice Nightingale]
    Bapt: 29 Sep 1816
    Born: 17 Aug 1816
    Abode: High Croft Lower Darwen

Thomas Marsden [Mother named as Alice Nightingale]
    Bapt: 24 Aug 1818
    Born: 3 Jul 1818
    Abode: High Croft Lower Darwen

Do you think Aycroft/Heycroft/High Croft might be Earcroft on the old OS maps? Just to the west of Oakenhurst. (Both are pretty much underneath Junction 4 of the M65.)

Lancashire / Findmypast "Lancashire Collection"
« on: Friday 27 July 18 09:25 BST (UK)  »
I noticed an email from Findmypast to say they have added Lancashire baptisms, marriages and burials.

Does anyone know if this is just the selection of registers (just the microfilmed ones, I think) that Ancestry has had for ages, or have findmypast been to Lancashire Archives to scan registers that Ancestry doesn't have?

Apologies if this has been asked already: I did look, but couldn't see any posts on this board.

Lancashire / Whatever happened to Herbert Pilkington and his sister Elsie?
« on: Friday 20 July 18 10:00 BST (UK)  »
Elsie and Herbert Pilkington were the 8th and 9th children of Henry Pilkington (1859-1923) and Mary Holden (1857-1917) of Darwen.

Herbert was born twentysomethingth of Mar 1899 and baptised at Darwen St Cuthbert 11 Oct 1899.

Elsie was born 18 Aug 1895 and baptised at St Cuthbert's 11 Sep 1895.

On the 1901 and 1911 censuses they are living with their parents and siblings at 15 Bright Street, Darwen.

It looks like Elsie married Joseph Cooper in 1919 (I've sent for that marriage certificate to confirm) and they had a son John Pilkington Cooper who was born and died Q1 1923.

Herbert was a witness at his brother, Ernest's marriage to Emma Hitchman 10 Sep 1921 in Darwen.

But I can't find a trace of either Elsie or Herbert after 1923/1921 respectively. 

There is a death of an Elsie Cooper in Darwen in 1962, but this is not her, as the Pleasington burial register shows that Elsie Cooper to be the wife of a Herbert Cooper.

If they were still in England in 1939, their entries on the Register must be concealed by mistranscription, probably of their birth years.

Can any kind rootschatter spot their deaths or emigration, or whatever else might have happened to Herbert, or to Elsie and her husband?

Lancashire / What happened to Annie Plant (born 1900)?
« on: Thursday 03 May 18 22:41 BST (UK)  »
I am having another look at some of my grandma's cousins, now that more records have become available.

But I'm still stuck on Annie Plant, born 11 Sep 1900 in Darwen to David Plant (b. 25/4/1871, Macclesfield, d. July 1932, Blackburn) and Ellen Holden (b. 16/7/1868, Darwen, d. [unknown]).

In 1901 Annie is at 4 Queen Street, Darwen, and in 1911 she is at 76 Ribble Road Blackpool, in both years with her mother in the household of her aunt Ann and her husband Henry Myers Briggs.  (Many of my Holdens/Plants moved from Darwen to Blackpool in the early years of the 20th century.)

But that's where I lose Annie Plant.  I can't see a marriage or a death.  There is, however, a Thomas and Annie Blizzard or Blezzard living at 8 Foxhall Road, Blackpool in 1939.  Thomas is born 28/10/1892; this Annie is born the same day as my Annie: 11 Sep 1900. It's very tempting to think that my Annie Plant married Thomas Bl[i/e]zzard, but I can't see any trace of a marriage: I can't even see a marriage of a Thomas something-like-Blizzard and an Ann between 1900 and 1939.

So, can any kind Rootschatter see what might have happened to my Annie Plant and/or where Thomas and Annie Blizzard came from and what happened to them?

I think the youngest of the people named would be 118 years old now, so hope it is okay to discuss them.

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