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If any kind soul is going to Manchester Library and can spare a few moments to look up a marriage for me, I would be most grateful.

The marriage is on familysearch, but unfortunately that transcription doesn't give the father's name, which I'm most interested in, as the marriage is out of the Bowland/Ribble Valley area, where I'd expect them to be.

7 January 1851 Manchester Cathedral, entry no. 461 according to LancashireBMD
William Taylor
Ann Marsden

London and Middlesex / Thomas & Susanna Ettridge, Holborn 18th century
« on: Sunday 11 December 11 14:38 GMT (UK)  »
Would anyone mind if I do a little thinking aloud and invite comments?

On the Ancestry/LMA registers, I can see there are four children baptised at Holborn St Andrew in the 1790s to parents Thomas & Susanna Ettridge
17 Jan 1792 Susanna Daug:tr of Thomas & Susanna Ettridge, Task Street
29 Jan 1794 Sarah Daugtr of Thomas & Susanna Etteridge, Task Street
7 Nov 1796 Thomas son of Thomas & Susanna Etridge, Portpool Lane (this Thomas is my great x4 grandfather)
27 Nov 1799 Sarah Daug:tr of Thomas & Susanna Etridge, Portpool Lane

The parents, Thomas and Susanna Ettridge, are my current focus.

Familysearch has a marriage of a Thomas Etheridge to Susannah Jones 2 Sep 1790 in Goodrich, Herefordshire. 
There is a much more likely marriage 29th June 1794 at St James Clerkenwell between Thomas Etteridge and Susannah Proffitt. But that's after the birth/baptism of their children Susanna and Sarah.

I am tempted to think that the marriage is Susannah Proffitt is the right one, but how can I move towards convincing myself that it's most likely to be them?

Then, when we get to burying them, we have an addiitional problem: there are two burials of Thomas Ettridge in the Holborn St Andrew burial registers, both resident in Portpool Lane: one buried 15th July 1799 and one buried 23rd April 1799 - or is this the same person entered (not interred!) twice?  If they are two different Thomas Ettridges, then that opens up the possibility that there might be two Thomas & Susannah Ettridge families.  (Which I'd really rather not be the case!).  Or one Thomas could be the other's father, uncle, cousin.

I've not been able to find out what happens to Susanna(h) - either his wife or his daughter.

The 1794 Sarah must have died before the 1799 Sarah comes along.  But I can't see a burial.  There is, however, a burial of a Sarah Edridge of Portpool Lane at Holborn St Andrew 7 Sep 1800.  That must be the 1799 Sarah, surely? Which would explain why I can't find any trace of her subsequent life.

It's a real shame that St Andrew's Holborn wasn't including the ages of the people buried there!

All input welcome.

I've got a James Ettridge, born 1 Aug 1813 Islington, son of Thomas Ettridge & Rebecca Edwards

Can't see him on the 1841 census, but on the 1851 census he's at 36 Reform Place, Finsbury (HO107/1522, fol. 200 p32). He's a bricklayer and married to someone called Sarah (can't find a marriage), who appears to die Q3 1851 in St Giles registration district.

On 23 Apr 1854 he married Mary Ann Raunest at St Giles Cripplegate. He's shown as a bachelor (occupation: plasterer), so maybe the 1851 census isn't him?
James and Mary Ann Ettridge have a child, Hannah Elizabeth, born 12 Feb 1855 in Cripplegate St Giles and died Q4 1858, Shoreditch

James & Mary Ann are on the 1861 census at 56 Allerton St, Shoreditch (RG9/238 fol. 29 p.3). 

But then I lose them. 

Anyone fancy lending a second set of eyes?

London and Middlesex / John Kendall Buckley 1774?-1847
« on: Monday 28 November 11 17:47 GMT (UK)  »
John Kendall Buckley was baptised at Deptford St Paul 12 Sep 1774 son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Buckley

Do you think both these marriages are him?

Lewisham St Mary
No. 408
John Kendall Bluckley [sic] of this Parish Bachelor and Mary Card spinster of the same were
Married in this Church by banns this sixteenth Day of October 1802
[both] Born St Nicholas Deptford
itpo Silvanus Card, James Card

and (from familysearch)

Erith, Kent
John Kendall Buckley & Mary Ann Barker
27th November 1823

I can't see a burial of the first Mary Buckley.  If they are both the same John Kendall Buckley, she must die between 1821 and 1823, unless they simply separated, and the second marriage was bigamous.

John Kendall Buckley appears to have been a waterman, living at Wood Wharf, Greenwich and producing children from 1813 to 1831:
Mercy Elizabeth Buckley b. 12/12/1813, bapt Greenwich St Alfege 30/3/1819
Elizabeth Ann Buckley b. 9/3/1817, bapt Greenwich St Alfege  30/3/1819
Ann Catherine b. 9/5/1818, bapt Greenwich St Alfege 2/7/1819
Benjamin b. 10/12/1821, bapt. 13/1/1822 Greenwich St Alfege
George Joseph b. 20/8/1824, bapt. 19/9/1824 Greenwich St Alfege
John Kendall b. c. 1825 (known from his marriage to Sarah Meditation Savage 30/3/1852 at Shadwell St Paul)
Mary Ann b. c. 1831 (known from her marriage to Alfred Henry Wassell 3 July 1854 Southwark St George, though the 1871 census gives her birthplace as Gravesend?? ??)

They're on the 1841 census in Wood Wharf, Greenwich.  He and Mary have three other Buckleys living with them: William (age 7), Anne (age 20) and Henry (age 5 months).
There appears (the image is very faint) to be a something after Ann: it seems likely that this is Ann Catherine, born 1818.
It seems a little unlikely to me that William is John & Mary's son, and pretty impossible that Henry is.

According to the Greenwich St Alfege burial register, the elder John Kendall Buckley died 22 Sep 1847, still resident at Wood Wharf, and was buried 1 Oct 1847.

Can anyone decipher what it says for father's occupation on this baptism record?

St John's Kentish Town 12 July 1885

Known occupations for William Novell:
1859: Gardener
1871: hotel keeper
1874: hotel keeper
1881: coffee house keeper

Known occupations for Eliza Eleanor Novell (née Partridge)
1861: Barmaid
1871: Milliner
1891: Milliner

Interesting family this one.
William Novell, bon 29 Jan 1838 in Edmonton, Middx.
Married Susanna Emily Guest 21 Jan 1859, St James, Enfield
"they had several quarrels and ultimately parted"
Married Eliza Eleanor Partridge 23 Sep 1871
Son William Daniel Dudley born 16 Dec 1873, bapt. Paddington St Mary 11/1/1874
Daur Florence Ada Maud born 7 June 1876, bapt. Kentish Town St John 12/7/1885

Convicted at the Old Bailey of bigamy 9 Dec 1878 (, the prosecution apparently instigated by Eliza Eleanor's father, Daniel Partridge.

On the 1881 census, William and Eliza Eleanor Novell are living together as a married couple, though with no children. (RG11/206. fol. 43 p. 21) I think I saw one of the children in an orphanage, but haven't spotted the other.

On the 1891 census, Eliza Eleanor is a widow, living with her widowed sister, Priscilla Shorten, interestingly at 17 Raglan Street, the address given at her daughter, Maud's baptism in 1885. (RG12/133, fol. 32, p. 7)

On the 1911 census Eliza Eleanor is living with her married daughter Maud Tofts (wife of Vincent Tofts) at 76 Sydney Rd, Eastbourne.

Wife No. 2, Eliza Eleanor died Q2 1915 in Eastbourne. Wife No. 1, Susanna Emily died 13 Jul 1886, described as a widow on her death certificate.

Not sure when William Novell died.

Lancashire / Elizabeth Stevenson, born 5 Dec 1858 Chorlton
« on: Friday 23 September 11 02:07 BST (UK)  »
Hello again,

I wonder if anyone can trace Elizabeth Stevenson after the 1871 census?  I've been trying but without success.

Here's what I have:

Elizabeth Stevenson, daughter of John Stevenson (1829-6 June 1867) and Isabella Noble (1834-8 Aug 1894).

Born 5 Dec 1858 9 Ambrose Street, Chorlton upon Medlock (birth registered 13 Jan 1859 - they're still at the same address)

1861 census: 20 Dale St, Hulme, Manchester (RG9/2890; Folio: 37; Page: 23)
1871 census: 21 Eldon St, Chorlton upon Medlock (RG10/4665; Folio: 125; Page: 38)

I can't find a marriage for her.  The following are NOT her (the fathers are not John):
1872 Swinton St Peter to John Stanley
1877 Manchester, Liverpool Rd St Matthew to Edward Morris
1880 Salford, Pendleton St Thomas to Thomas Platt
1881 Hulme, Holy Trinity to Thomas Jones

I've not been able to spot a death either.

Thanks very much.

P.S. I've got the parents and siblings bmds & censuses.  It's just Elizabeth I lose.

I'm rather excited by findmypast's new Manchester collection.

And almost immediately came across my g g grandmother, Isabella Stevenson being chucked into prison 4 Jan 1870 for "Drink" (presumably what we'd call Drunk & Disorderly today).

4 things I'd like help reading, please:

1) Can anyone decipher her occupation? I only get Rempstop or maybe Rempstress????

2) what's the name of the "friend" in the 4th column in this extract? A Fesney?

3) I've no idea what it says under "Extent of Instruction" (nor what the heading refers to, really)

4) Marks upon Person and remarks:

I read Cut left of forehead, 1 side of left eye, vaccinated both arms. But have no idea what the last two words are.

Many thanks for any help or thoughts you can give.

Lancashire / Toxteth Park Girls' Reformatory 1881
« on: Monday 19 September 11 22:28 BST (UK)  »
Just recently I made a little progress with the mysterious Great Aunt Florence whom you can see to the left as my avatar.

We knew (in the estimation of my grandma) that she was a bad 'un as she'd "gone to London".

But it seems she might have been a bad 'un before she married into my family.

She's on the 1881 census at the Toxteth Park Girls' Reformatory, at 9-11 Park Hill Rd, Toxteth Park.

After a bit of research online, I've discovered that the reformatories are effectively the predecessor of the 20th century's approved schools. I also discovered that at this point, a child (Florence was 14 at the time) sent to a reformatory, would still have spent the first fortnight of their sentence in an adult prison.

Does anyone know what sort of thing Florence might have done to be sent to this Reformatory?

And does anyone know if any records survive from the Toxteth Park Girls' Reformatory in this period?

Florence is only an in-law - and a brief one at that - but the airs of mystery and glamour around her make her fascinating!

(Rather than repeat it here, there's a bit more on Florence here)

Lancashire / Manchester/Salford newspapers 1937
« on: Wednesday 07 September 11 20:58 BST (UK)  »
I'm in Manchester on Friday and am hoping to steal some time to do some checking.

Can I check with the experts what newspapers were around in 1937 and where I might be able to consult copies?

I want to look for reports of the death and associated inquest for:

John Noble Stevenson, died 14 April 1937, 25 Dunscombe Street, Broughton, Salford.  Inquest held 16th April 1937

in the (probably) vain hope that it might mention relatives.

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