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I am looking at RG14, piece no. 25166, Thomas Tattersall, born c.1872, Darwen, a pipe works labourer.

Ancestry & Findmypast have transcribed different addresses, which is explained by Ancestry who still have the Schedule "cover" pages in their image set.

The "cover page" has the Postal Address: (Shed), Pipeworks, Cranberry Lane, Darwen, but the schedule itself looks to me like it says 26 (or 76?) Railway Rd Darwen, and then a note below that seems to say from Police Return.  The schedule isn't signed by Thomas Tattersall, but by what looks like J H Gillibrand.

My questions are:
1) Am I reading this right?
2) Would he have been living at 26 Railway Rd, but happened to have been in a shed at the pipeworks where he worked on the night of the enumeration?
3) I've never come across the schedule not being signed by one of the household before. Was this common?  What has the Police Return (if that's what it says) got to do with it?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Completed. f anyone is going to Lancashire Archives...
« on: Thursday 22 February 18 23:10 GMT (UK)  »
Deleted. . I'll get it from GRO.

Lancashire / Looking for Nelly Bamford, probably born Rochdale 1760s
« on: Monday 25 December 17 20:37 GMT (UK)  »
I have my 4x great grandparents Richard Hill and Nelly Bamford, marrying at Rochdale St Chad 6th November 1783.

I've made good progress with Richard Hill, but can find absolutely nothing on Nelly Bamford, beyond the marriage and her being shown as the mother on the six children (James 1791; Thomas 1795; Susan 1798; Mary 1800; Mary 1803; Benjamin 1807).

Richard was born 1761, and I assume that Nelly would be about the same age: certainly she'd have to be born 1767 at the latest to be married in 1783.  The only other clue is that one of the witnesses at the wedding is a James Bamford, who is probably either the father or a brother.

Can anyone see a baptism for her?  Or her burial?

Lancashire / Rochdale marriage 8/3/1837: Where was Ellen Hill resident?
« on: Sunday 12 November 17 22:16 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone bring some local knowledge to bear to decipher where Ellen Hill was resident at the time of her marriage to her brother-in-law, George Burgess, at Rochdale St Chad's on the 8th March 1837, please?  Something Hills.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / COMPLETED: 1901 census - marginal note
« on: Friday 15 September 17 18:58 BST (UK)  »
This is William Robert Dundas, born c. 1872 in Westbourne Park, London, on the 1901 census in Harlesden (RG13/1217, fol. 32, p.9).

I would appreciate views on what it says in the final column.

It looks to me like it says [something crossed out] Deceased five Children.

I've never seen anything like that on a census before (and I can't see a death around in 1901 that would match).

I don't think the crossed out word says wife: his wife on the 1901 census is still alive in 1911 and 1939, and there isn't another marriage either.

Lancashire / Mary Hill born Littleborough in ?Hundersfield? 1803
« on: Friday 08 September 17 13:33 BST (UK)  »
I think the attached image might be the baptism of my gt gt gt grandmother at Town Meadows Baptist chapel in Rochdale (RG4/1152)
What does it say after Littleborough?  Littleborough in Hunderfield?? in the Parish of Rochdale?  Surely it can't say Huddersfield, which is miles away.

I know where Littleborough is, just to the east of Rochdale, but I can't find any reference to it as Littleborough in Hundsomething.

Mary Hill married John Stephenson/Stevenson (both spellings are used, presumably depending who wrote their names down for them) at St Bartholomew's in Colne on 4 April 1825.
I have been able to identify three children:
John (1829-1867)
Elizabeth (1831-?)
Martha (1834-?)
I assume that her husband John died between 1833 and 1841, but haven't been able to find any likely record of that.

I have Mary on the 1841 census (HO107/1320/13, p.7) at Howgill near Rimington as Mary Stephenson, with two daughters, Elizabeth & Martha.  Her son, John is an ag lab at Clough Bottom in nearby Middop.

Mary is on the 1851 census (HO107/2254) in Barrowford, again with her two daughters (and two illegitimate grandsons, John and Thomas - I really must get their birth certificates to see which of the daughters had them.)

If anyone would like to have a hunt for what happened to Mary, her two daughters and her two grandsons after 1851, I'd be very grateful for a second pair of eyes.  (No need to look for the son John Stevenson 1829-1867, as I've got him fully documented.)

England / Who were the children of Lucy Scrutton née Davies
« on: Wednesday 09 August 17 00:33 BST (UK)  »
As a follow on to this thread, I'm left with the problem of identifying three additional children.

Quick summary

Martha Lucy Davies married Robert Scrutton Q3 1897 in Birmingham.
I have identified three children
Eva Elizabeth Scrutton born Q4 1898, died Q1 1915
Robert James Scrutton born 25 Oct 1899, died 19 Oct 1984
Lucy Scrutton, born 27 Aug 1902

However, in court in Reigate on 29th May 1942, she is reported to have have three sons and three daughters.
At the same court hearing, she seems to claim she had had six children by 1907.

On the 1939 Register she is living with another daughter, Gladys M Thompson, born 7 May 1912 and her husband Louis J Thompson. Gladys M Scrutton and Louis J Thomson married Q3 1934 in Westminster district.

But I can't find Gladys's birth registration.
And that still leaves one more daughter, and two more sons to find.

Entries in the Police Gazette and court reports reveal that she Martha Lucy Scrutton also went by the following aliases:
Lucy Davies
Lucy M Scrutton
Nellie Ware
Lucy Scruton
Lucy Mary Lake
Martha Lucy Frost

England / When you find out why husband & wife lived apart in the court reports
« on: Monday 07 August 17 00:46 BST (UK)  »
I spent ages looking at Robert Scrutton, the son of Ezekiel Scrutton & Elizabeth Goult, born 5 July 1861 in Queenhithe, in London.
He was a tailor and his trade clearly got him around the country: in 1881, he's in Wyke Regis, in 1901 in Liverpool, in 1911 in Chipping Norton, and in 1939 in Aylesbury, where he died Q1 1947.

I can't find him in 1891. Can you?

He married Martha Lucy Davies (apparently known as Lucy) in Birmingham Q3 1897.

The couple are at:
4 Summerfield Crescent Birmingham 25/10/1898 (baptism of first child)
35 Bloom Street in Liverpool (1901 census)
10 High St, Wavertree, Liverpool 10/9/1902 (baptism of third child)

They had three children:
Eva Elizabeth Scrutton, born Q4 Birmingham. Probably died Aston district, Q1 1915
Robert James Scrutton, born 25/10/1899 Birmingham, died 19/10/1984 Okehampton
Lucy Scrutton, born West Derby district 27 Aug 1902.

Between 1902 and 1911, the couple clearly split.
The father, Robert, is alone, boarding in Chipping Norton on the 1911 census, though still described as married.
By 1939 he's described as widowed.

I looked for his wife's death, but instead came across her baptism, which gave her birthdate: 5 Jan 1869.  Having found numerous "widowhoods of convenience" elsewhere in my tree, I wasn't entirely surprised, having got her d.o.b., to find her on the 1939 register in Penge, Surrey, also claiming to be widowed.

Moderator comment:1911 census request removed, our policy has not changed

Looking for the children, I think the first, Eva Elizabeth, probably died in Aston in 1915, so Lucy must have moved back to the West Midlands with her children.  The WW1 service records for the son, Robert James Scrutton confirm that, and give an address in 1918/19 of 136a Spon Street, Coventry.  By the 1939 Register, Robert the son is an author, living in Kensington.

There's a possible death for the daughter, Q1 1907, Birmingham, age 4.

I always wonder why couples ended up claiming to be widowed, but this is the one time I've actually got some insight, and it makes me wonder if I've got one of the daughters' deaths wrong.

I found this in the Portsmouth Evening News for 20 September 1934
Justices Try to Help Her

"We notice that in the convictions read out against you dating from 1909 to 1930 you have not yet been put on probation. We are going to try to help you, and shall therefore put you on probation for 12 months."
This was the remark of Miss E. H. Kelly on the City Bench to-day, when Lucy Martha Scrutton (65), a widow, of Cope Road, Brixton, S.W., was charged on remand with stealing a shilling by means of a trick from the Bedford Hotel on September 9.
It was stated last week that Scrutton pretended that she was given a half-penny among her change for a shilling.
Superintendent Fisher (Deputy Chief Constable) read out a lengthy list of offences beginning in 1909 and continuing to 1930. Two of them were similar offences to the one for which she was at present being tried.
She told the Magistrates that some of the cases in which goods were pawned was for food for her children.  Also recently she had been greatly upset by the attitude of her son, who had ignored her in the street after all she had done for him.  She added that recently she had been living with her daughter and had been going straight.  She asked for another chance.
The Chairman told her she had been remanded so that efforts might be made to help her. She would be put under the care of the Probation Officer in her district, and it was up to her to keep out trouble in future.

Assuming that she's not fibbing, one of the daughters must have survived to c. 1934. But which one, and where is she?

I've just read another couple of newspaper reports, this time from 1942, when she's done it again at Redhill in Surrey. Again she mentions her daughter in Penge. But the wife in the Thompson family she's living with in 1939 (and she has their ration cards according to the newspaper report) isn't née Scrutton, nor is there a possibly birth with mother's maiden name Davies.  Puzzling.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / The Hague Population register 1913
« on: Monday 31 July 17 22:34 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone make out what it says under the date of death (penultimate column) on the second entry on this population register card from The Hague (

I can't make out the first line - maybe it's Dutch? te Foresh??

York?? County??
of West ??
Gr[eat] B[ritain]

Also, if anyone can check my reading of (or help with the first one) the addresses listed in the Huizing column, I'd be grateful.

I see:

                 Porm ? ? ? ? golstr. 13
8/6/14       Graventstr. 5                         
23/1/22     Obrechtstr. 134                     
16/5/25     Tasmanstr. 204
9/8/38       Populierstr. 16

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