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Thanks Rosie

Yes that marriage is the couple who are later in Hounslow (not the ones I'm looking for).

I hadn't seen that death. Goodness knows why, as it's now showing as a hint on my Ancestry tree!  It looks probable. I might have to order that death certificate from the GRO to check.

I wonder if Elizabeth remarried. 

Elizabeth Ettridge married Arthur Boreham 2 Nov 1891 at Christ Church, St George in the East. 
He was a builder, born Q4 1867 in Bow, and son of George Boreham, also a builder.
She was born Q3 1868 in Mile End, the daughter of Edward Ettridge (deceased at the time of the marriage, but latterly a fishmonger.
The marriage was witnessed by Elizabeth's sister Clara Ettridge and Clara's future husband, George Smith.

I have them both (with their respective parents & siblings) on the 1871, 1881 and 1891 censuses, but can't see them after their marriage.  I can't see any Boreham births on the GRO indexes with mother's maiden name Ettridge.

There is an Arthur & Elizabeth Boreham in Hounslow, who sort of fit if you really squeeze the dates, except that their childrens' mother's maiden name is Baker. So I have discounted them.

London and Middlesex / Re: Why can't I find Carlton St, St Pancras?
« on: Monday 25 July 22 16:58 BST (UK)  »
I realise the original question was posted nearly ten years ago, but this thread popped up when I was looking for Carlton Road, Kentish Town.

I found Carlton Road on the site: it was the northern part of what is now Grafton Road between Warden Road and the Midland Railway tracks.

Carlton Street was one street to the left and no longer exists.  The modern Weedington Road starts from Warden Road on the alignment of Carlton Street, before it bends to the west to continue along the original Weedington Road.

Hello Ralph, and welcome to Rootschat.

On the Scruttons, I can't really add much to what has already been said on page 1 of this thread, as I've not looked at this line for years, as I hit several brick walls, and found it difficult to connect into what Tony Scrutton let me know of his researches.

It could be worth you trying to get hold of that "The history of Scruttons : shipbrokers and shipowners 1802-1926 : stevedores, master porters and cargo superintendents 1890-19674" by A.E. Jeffery I mentioned. I see the British Library has a copy, so it should be possible to get it via inter-library loan.  Not sure if this link is a fixed link, or a dynamic link, but here it is:

I've just discovered that unfortunately I've mislaid my copy: I must have put it somewhere safe, when I reorganised to create a home office in March 2020.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Durham St Cuthbert baptism 29 Aug 1858
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 12:04 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks.

Yes, I was presuming [?ecam] meant into the church, but couldn't see it!

I now suspect the last word is imposui.

I wonder if what I'd got as vite is actually rite.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Durham St Cuthbert baptism 29 Aug 1858
« on: Sunday 05 September 21 11:42 BST (UK)  »
I have a degree in Latin, but am struggling to read some of the words on this note next to the baptism of Joseph Hanley:

Can anyone with more familiarity with Cathlic baptism registers than I have check my transcription and fill in the gaps, please?

Ob. imminens mortis periculum in doms vite baptizatus est die 29 Augusti ad [?]ecam portatus est, ipsique [??] Rob. Orrell sacras ceremonias et [?????] adhibui et Josephi nomen infersui.

The record is at the bottom left of p.86 of

Essex / Re: Looking for a marriage c. 1800-1812 in/around Stratford
« on: Saturday 07 November 20 21:08 GMT (UK)  »

Not very far away but 'over the River' which makes it a little more unlikely.....

"Not going sarf of the river at this time in the century, guv'nor."  ;D

Essex / Re: Looking for a marriage c. 1800-1812 in/around Stratford
« on: Saturday 07 November 20 15:59 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Rosie & Jon(?)

That does look promising.

Southwark's only 5 or 6 miles away, so well within the bounds of possibility, even for the early 19th century.

Though it's intriguing to wonder why they might have gone two counties away to marry, given that  she says (on 1851 census) she was born in Stratford, and all subsequent trace of them is in Stratford.  One of the witnesses to that marriage is a Mary Ilett, so they're clearly not marrying in secret, at least from the Ilett side. I'm slightly concerned that they don't have a child called Mary. 

I think I need to have a look if there were other Iletts (etc) around in Southwark.  If there aren't it really strengthens the likelihood of this marriage being the right one.

Essex / Looking for a marriage c. 1800-1812 in/around Stratford
« on: Saturday 07 November 20 13:38 GMT (UK)  »
My 5x great grandparents were George and Elizabeth Ilett of Stratford/West Ham.

They are together on the 1841 census at Mount Street, Stratford. Both are recorded as 50 - so born c. 1785 to 1797 - and born in Essex.

George died at Mount Street, Stratford 28 Oct 1850, aged 64 years - which (if accurate) would put him born c. 1786.
The widowed Elizabeth is on the 1851 census at 22 Mount Street. Age 63 (so b. c. 1788), born in Stratford, Essex.

I have been able to trace their children's births/baptims in the West Ham All Saints registers:
John (12/3/1812)
Ann (27/10/1813)
Eliza (21/9/1815)
George (4/1/1819)
Elizabeth (14/10/1820)
Emma (4/9/1822)
William (6/4/1824)
James (27/3/1827)
Joseph (14/4/1831)

But I've been unable to find George's baptism, nor his marriage to Elizabeth. 

For the marriage, I've looked in West Ham, All Saints 1804-1812 and in Leyton St Mary 1804-1812, but have't spotted them. I've been looking through the parish register images on the Essex Archives website, not relying on Ancestry/FamilySearch transcriptions.

Obviously there are dozens of churches in Essex/East London.  But to save me having to open each one, can anyone tell me which other churches were operating and performing marriages around this time?

Obviously, if anyone wants to have a look, I'd be very grateful, but I can't really ask that of rootschatters, particuarly as - unfortunately - Ilott is not a name that "transcribes well" - Hett, Hott, Ilott, Lott, Mott, Mett, Nett etc all appear!

One other clue might be that the informant on George Ilott's death certificate is Rachael Nix of Mount Street, Stratford, and she is (a widow & a visitor) in the Ilott household on the 1851 census, born c. 1779 in Stratford, Essex.  I am guessing that she might be George's sister or sister-in-law, but she could, of course, be a more distant relation, or indeed unrelated.

If the Stratford birthplace for Elizabeth Ilett and Rachel Nix shown on the 1851 census is correct, then I would have assumed they were most likely married nearby.

All pointers & suggestions to break through this brick wall are welcome!

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