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Yorkshire (East Riding & York) Lookup Requests / George Naylor Master Builder York
« on: Monday 19 November 07 19:24 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if anyone can help me with any Census except 1891,the only one I can findfor this family
George Naylor [50]   Builder       b. Pontefract
Elizabeth[?Oldfield][43] wife       b.Ripon
Emma[26]                   dau          b.York
William [24]                 son          b.York
Jane elizabeth [17]     dau          b.York  [misspelled was Jean E ]
Ada  [14]                     dau          b. York
George [8]                   son          b.York
Ethel [3]                       dau          b.York
Mary Hollingworth       [Visitor]

George Sr is proving very elusive I have his siblings and their families but nothing else on george who is my direct relative.
His father was William Naylor b. 1820 m Mary Elizabeth Jackson and as well as George had the following children
Josia b.1853  Minnie J 1860    and Sarah A 1865

I would be most grateful if anyone can find George on any of the other Census's
Thank You

World War One / Re: Registered Deaths WW1
« on: Wednesday 17 October 07 09:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone
Thank you for the information which was very useful.I just needed to search the war years as I could'nt find any deaths and thought they may have died in the War.Thank you all for putting me in the right direction

World War One / Re: Registered Deaths WW1
« on: Saturday 13 October 07 20:56 BST (UK)  »
hi Stan
Thank you for this but what do you mean by "at the end of GRO Indexes".Do you mean at the end of each year?
thank You

World War One / Registered Deaths WW1
« on: Saturday 13 October 07 19:27 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know if a death of a soldier in WW1 had to be registered in this country.
thank you

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: 1901 Census Charles William Perry
« on: Friday 12 October 07 09:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi Annette
Thank you so much for this.I have spent hours trying to find this.I used all options on the christian names reversing them etc. but sometimes a second pair of eyes find the missing "brick" from the wall
I really appreciate your help
Thank you again

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / 1901 Census Charles William Perry
« on: Thursday 11 October 07 21:44 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone see if they can find Charles William Perryb.1893 Sheffield.His mother Emma Maria had died by 1899 but his father James William did'nt die until 1903 but I cant find him on the 1901 Census either
I would appreciate any help or suggestions
Thank You

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: 1901 Census Parkin Sheffield
« on: Tuesday 04 September 07 09:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi Ambly
Thank you for the very detailed analysis.What a disappointment but such a coincidence.I know Parkin was very common but not Grove in Sheffield.
The Buxtons lived in this house in Burnaby St up to the 1960's.William Frederick Parkin was the Lodger there within living memories Unfortunately all the older members of the Buxtons who would have know his relationship have died..It might simply be he moved next door after his wife died.
I really appreciate what you've found even if its not what I wanted to hear
Ah well back to the Drawing board

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: 1901 Census Parkin Sheffield
« on: Monday 03 September 07 19:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi Pauline
The address should be 67 Bamforth St not 69 as I said.On the 1901 census the Buxton family were living here and still there 30 years later .Ethel Mary Grove married Ernest James Buxton both giving this as their address.The fact that William Freerick Parkin lived at this address and married a Grove seemed a very strong link but I just cant find them on the 1901 Census.
I will try the Death Index however
Thank you

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: 1901 Census Parkin Sheffield
« on: Monday 03 September 07 18:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi Pauline
If the right Harriet would be about 1856.I'm only assuming this was the correct marriage as William Frederick Parkin lived at 39Burnaby St Sheffield until the 1940's.This was the same address that Ethel Mary Grove married from in 1931.
This would make Harriet the Aunt of Ethel Mary.
Thank you for your input,hope I have'nt complicated the issue

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