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Perthshire / Re: Elusive gt grandmother help needed
« on: Monday 04 August 08 10:29 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Fiona for trying to find details about Mary Hannah Copeland.

As mentioned I have tried all the English death indexes in case she had returned to Derby, but nothing there either, for Copeland or Grant. Of course she must have changed her surname if she had another partner, which I suspect must have been the case.

I know all the children were at different addresses, especially after 1881, the children were all in Edinburgh, except for my grandmother, she had been with her maternal grandmother in Derby for a while, then after she died, her sister Effie had taken her to Edinburgh, then she arranged for her to be sent to Canada as an orphan
I have her records kindly arranged  by Barnardos, in which there are a few excerpts of letters sent to her from her father, one in which he remarks "no wife and no job, but never mind my dear we will manage, Effie has been so selfish"

Apparently my grandmother had confessed to the Home authorities, that she was not an orphan at all. Her father at the time of writing had been in Birmingham. It was also mentioned that he had discussed with her the family history (how I wish I had that letter !

There was never any mention that the mother had died, and by 1891 George Nelson had acquired a new "wife" whom he married in 1910 in Derby. I had assumed that Mary Hannah must have died around that year, because he stated he was now a widower on the marriage cert.
However, if its true that Mary Hannah died in 1919 (as had been mentioned in the family tree of Roads of Buckingham) then obviously the marriage was bigamous.
These events could have been the reason why my mother never told me anything about the family`s past, or that George Nelson & Mary Hannah had parted. Sadly my grandmother died in 1941 when I was only 10 years old, so I never had the chance to learn anything about her early life, she might have told me about her parents had she lived until I was an adult, but then she might not have I`ll never know anyway.

I have started to go through the family tree mentioned, in the hope that I can find some link as to why the author inserted the information about Mary Hannah, or if I can find any clue as to  where she "lifted" the information from
someone somewhere obviously has the information, if only I could find out who!

Sorry for blethering on, I`ll shut up now, and just say thanks again for taking an interest and trying to help, it is appreciated.

Perthshire / Elusive gt grandmother help needed
« on: Sunday 03 August 08 17:38 BST (UK)  »
Myg gandmother Mary Hannah Grant nee Copeland b.1850 in Derby, was last sighted in Perth  with her husband George Nelson Grant b.1841 Edinburgh, and their daughter Mabel (my g.mother)
on the 1881 census.
Normally they lived in Derby. However, in 1881 their son also George Nelson, was in an Industrial School, for which no records now exist, he had been sent there for stealing newspapers and was sentenced for 6 years.
I do`nt know why he was in Perth, but I believe there may have been relatives there.

Mary Hannah disappeared after this time, and it appears that she & George Nelson had seperated
he had a new "wife" by 1891 Annie Packer, they married in 1910, George stating he was now a widower.
I assumed that Mary Hannah may have died then, but to my surprise, I recently saw on someone`s family tree, the death of "my"  Mary Hannah given as Oct 1919

With great excitement I contacted the author, only to be informed that she knew nothing about Mary Hannah!
 I have since seen a message on Ancestry, stating that this person "lifts"names from other peoples trees, why she wants to do that I`ve no idea ! I cannot see the purpose in listing someone not connected to you. (But whose tree did she find the info on?)

The main problem in trying to trace Mary Hannah is in her surname, she obviously adopted a new one, her new partner`s perhaps? and without knowing what that is, I cannot find her.I`ve
 tried searching for her under the name of Copeland & Grant on the death indexes (for England) but with no success.
Its possible however, that she may have met a new partner in Scotland, but what was his name???

Can anyone help,do you know Mary Hannah and who her partner was?
or can you offer any advice on how to find her?

I have been searching for some years now without success, and I would be so grateful if anyone can offer a solution

Dunbartonshire / Barr
« on: Saturday 24 May 08 15:25 BST (UK)  »
Seeking any Barr,descendants from Neil Barr and Janet Cameron

I am now in contat with Cameron Barr, gt grandson of Cameron Barr son of the above, Neil & Janet, living in the USA and would love to contact any descendants still in Greenock or elsewhere in Scotland

Also have photos of Cameron seeking any descendants photos
Would particularly like to contact descendants of James Barr b.1869 Greenock
he had been a soldier in the Boer War, would love to know details.

Essex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: STRINGER
« on: Sunday 09 March 08 10:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Carol

Yes Blanche stated she was a spinster aged 21, I have their marriage photo (sent to me by a distant descendant in Canada) and she does look very young.
She stated her father was a Sgt Major in the Cameron Highlanders John Mitchell.

I have been unable to trace anything about him either, and Blanche did not appear on the English/Scottish or Consular o/seas birth registers, nor was she shown on the 1901 census.

I have come to a conclusion that she must have used a false name. she did keep to the first name of Blanche however, so that may have been true, but not the surnames.Because of there being a Scottish link in the names chosen for her children, there may have been a connection there.

Their first son Donald, died aged a few months old, then her second (my late husband) was born in 1916, the third son Gordon Graham Stuart, according to the divorce papers was the child of her lover Ernest Hawkyard, she gave birth to the child in Brightlingsea Essex, but registered his birth in Barking, the name she gave as the father George Stringer, was an Australian soldier who had been wounded in WW1, so she must have known him to have used his details, no mention of him was made in the  divorce proceedings
which took place in 1920.

So she remains a woman of mystery to me, none of the descendants that I have managed to trace so far, had known of her, nor were they aware that a divorce had taken place, they did not know either about my husband`s birth, so it would appear that she was never spoken about in the family, of course in those days it was considered quite a shocking thing to have a divorce in the family, as well as her having had an affair which produced a child!

If any information about her could be found, I would be so grateful.

Essex Completed Lookup Requests / Re: STRINGER
« on: Saturday 08 March 08 09:59 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Carol for your reply, and also for pointing out my error, I must have been thinking of his father`s name at the time (just another senior moment!

I do have his birth cert. There is some confusion with regard to his mother, although she has given her maiden name as Fraser, on her marriage cert she used the name Mitchell, I cannot trace her under any of the names she used and so now doubt that she has given a correct name.

I will have to check some other items I may have done in case I have again used the wrong name. Thanks again for your interest.

Essex Completed Lookup Requests / STRINGER
« on: Friday 07 March 08 11:24 GMT (UK)  »
Searching for any  information no matter how small on GORDON GRAHAM STUART STRINGER born Jan 1918 in Brightlingsea
Mother`s name Blanche

He had a half brother he may not have known about, please please contact me if you know about him, thank you.

Renfrewshire / Re: GREENOCK Barr?
« on: Thursday 17 January 08 11:12 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you waiteohman for your reply re Barr.

I have since posting my original query, discovered that James Barr (my paternal grandfather) died in 1913, and that he had been a soldier. In which regiment etc I so far have not discovered, but on the 1901 census of his wife & family, he was described as a reservist and was not at home, I can only assume therefore that he had been away fighting? in the Boer war at that time.

Thank you anyway for taking an interest, it is always apppreciated to have any news that may lead to the descendants I am seeking.

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Re: Anyone researching this family???
« on: Friday 11 January 08 13:36 GMT (UK)  »
Hi aghadowey If you refer to the brief army record of the son George Nelson Copeland Grant, then I already have this?

The son was born in1893 in Gibralter, I have his birth cert, which also shows that his mother was born in Malta (I may have problems to research her because of that, there was a site named Family History Malta, but unfortunately the information contained on there was not very enlightening.

Mary Jane`s name appeared there as baptised by the chaplain ,  but sadly no information is supplied about her parents, nor do I know if the entry refers to her or not.

If however, you have further info that I do`nt have, then that of course is a different matter!

Thank you all for your efforts to help. At present I may be missing at times for a few days, not only do I have a stinking cold, but last night I almost fell and badly twisted my ankle, this meant a visit to the Orsett minor injuries unit this morning, where, thank goodness, I found I had not sustained a fracture as I had feared, but it is a bad sprain and twisted tendons, which grrr is causing a considerable bit of pain.

So I am now going to rest for a few hours with my feet up
and just hope that I do not have any more mishaps.
thank you all so much  for your help.

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Re: Anyone researching this family???
« on: Friday 11 January 08 13:26 GMT (UK)  »

I understood that the British LIbrary were cosing for a short period for renovations at the start of January?
However, I will do as you suggest and have a look at their website.

I think though with the weather being as it is at present, my son will prefer to wait a little longer before going there.
Thanks anyway

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