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Thanks Sue, I did what you suggested and downloaded a couple of birth certificates for the children, although I had the indexes, the Certs show so much more, so, Frederick's address was the School House, Templestowe and occupation Teacher, that problem is now solved, so thank you again

The only record I need and am unable to find is, when he came to Melbourne. Maybe the story of him arriving late 1854 on ship "Walter" is not correct. I can't find the record.

Is there any one at Rootschat that could point me in the direction to search, I do know it was between the 1851 England Census and his marriage in Heidelberg on 29 May 1856.



Thank you I have that record also

Thanks Sue, that is a possibility I didn't think of, I think I really need to think outside the square

Thanks for that, I really don't know what to think about Frederick, his marriage certificate states he was a School Master and that was 1856. "Where?"
The information I am seeking is, confirmation of his whereabouts, prior to his marriage and up to 1863, in 1863 he is a Clerk on the Templestowe Road board.


Yes Thank You. I do have those records.

Thanks, I will also look at ancestry

Frederick's death certificate states he died 11 mar 1905 at the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, he is a widower, it doesn't give any other relevant info, nor years in the Colony.

It is believed to be so by other family members, but I need to know for sure if thi is correct or not

Thank you, I have all of thoserecords and more, my main query is for 1 and 2

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