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Frederick Henry Sparke born and baptised in Devon, England  1833.

1. He immigrated to Australia, it is believed he arrived in Melbourne, Vic at the end of 1854 on the ship "Walter"  a single man. I cannot find a record.

He married 1856 in Heidelberg to Clara Maria Johnston, he was aged 24 and she was 17, usual residence for both was Greensborough, his occupation listed as "School Master"

After their marriage they moved to Templestowe, where he was supposedly a teacher at Templestowe School no 624.
2.  would there be a record to clarify this and if so how long he was there.

I have records from 1863 stating Frederick is working for the Templestowe Roads Board, first as a Clerk, then a Surveyor.

On 23 Sep 1870 there is a notice in the Argus Newspaper,  - Frederick, the holder of a publican's licence for the house and premises known as the Templesowe Hotel, Templestowe, applies to The Heidelberg Court of Petty Sessions,  sitting on the 28 day of Feb, to transfer the said licence to John Gorman of Heidelberg.
When and how long he was at the Hotel I don't know?

He is making a move to Marysville to become teacher at the new school there, he answered their advertisement and was appointed on 24 Oct 1870.

If someone can help me with the earlier records 1 and 2, it would be greatly appreciated.

Australia / Immigrants - Thomas Elliott Johnston/Johnson and Harriet Coote
« on: Thursday 11 February 21 01:59 GMT (UK)  »
The above are my 3rd gr Grandparents. Thomas b: 1819 in Dublin, Ireland and Harriet b: 1816 Dublin, married in Dublin.
They had seven  children born in Dublin between 1840 and 1850.
Two children born in Victoria, Australia 1854 and 1857.
I am trying to find out when they came to Melbourne, Vic. The whole family came, I have the Australian records of their deaths and marriages etc, and on Harriet's Vic death certificate she names all of the children
The children are Clara Maria b 1840, (my 2nd g Grandmother) Harriet  Coote 1841, John Douglas 1843, Mary Elizabeth 1845, Thomas Frederick 1846, Annie Evelyn 1848, Charles 1850 (all born in Dublin) William 1854 and Stella 1850 born in Aust

So by my reckoning they must have immigrated between 1850 and 1853.Can anyone help me with the immigration record please.

Australia / Help please
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 03:40 BST (UK)  »
My Grandmother "Helena Mary Church" gave birth to three illegitimate children.
Arthur Claude Church in 1903 and twins Stanley John and Jean Church in 1909. My grandmother Helena did not keep these three children.
 I am only missing one thing to complete the histories of these children and I am hoping you can help me find  "where they were from birth until they went to their new families"

Arthur Claude was raised by John Hill (his biological father proved by DNA) and his wife Alice (nee Collins)

Details on Arthur Claude's birth Cert -
 Name Arthur Claude born 17 June 1903 at 121 Gerry St (I think this is supposed to be Berry St) City of Melb, North Ward, County of Bourke.  Mother - Lena Mary Church of St James, Vic, age 24. Informant E Collinson, 121 Berry St, Carlton. Witnesses  Dr Wickens and Mrs Collinson.  Reg 23 June by Registrar Isabel Glennon.

Twins  Stanley John & Jean - raised by William Leslie and wife Annie (nee Munro)

Details on twins birth Cert - born 20 Oct 1909 at 376 Madeline Street, Melb County of Bourke, UR Leongatha, Mother Helena Mary Church of St James age 30.  Informant E Collinson, Sefton Hospital, 376 Madeline St, Carlton. Witness E. Collinson. Reg 10 Nov. Registrar Edward Glennon.

Thanking you in anticipation


Canada / Rica and her co joined twins
« on: Tuesday 04 August 20 02:44 BST (UK)  »
Rica Evelyn Waller born 1925 in West Sussex, she married on 29 July 1944 at the Register Office to Robert Henry Treadwell, his Rank on the certificate is B70281- Craftsman RCOC - Motor Engine Fitter, his usual address is Toronto, Ontario, listed as a Boarder. Does this mean he was in the Army and serving in England?
They had a daughter born 1944 registered in Surrey.

Rica went to Canada - When? maybe a War Bride?
In Canada she had more children, Co Joined Twins Shirley and ? in 1947. They were separated only Shirley lived, but, she was left brain damaged, she lived to the age of 62, Robert 1950 and Delores?
She left her husband Robert and married Garnet Wilfred Prince - when is not known.
She then had nine more children, I have found 3. Gilbert 1953-1973.  Gary 1959-1980 and Colleen 1963-1967

Rica died in 1980 and is buried at Severn, Simcoe County, Ontario

I am at a loss as to how and where to find record of Rica's journey to Canada, if she was a war bride and most of all, There must have been some newspaper coverage on the twins and there separation, if anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

William Glue born 1820 in Sussex England. He came to Australia and married Margaret in Tasmania.
They settled in Sandhurst, Victoria, they were Publicans.
In July 1862 Margaret applied fo a Licence stating her husband William was in New Zealand. This was a total surprise to me and I could only assume he went for the gold.
I found the following record -
Type    No        Name                    Date                Location                  District          Source
WR      3      William Glue       25 March 1866   Manuherikia, Dunstan.    Otago    ABBO Acc D98 7001
We hereby give notice that we intend to construct  a Head Water Race for mining, commencing at our main race and crossing two races owned by Brown and Party and McDonald and party. The length of such race is 300 yards.
This is the last record i have been able to find both in New Zealand and Australia. His wife Margaret died 1871 in Bendigo her death notice stated wife of William Glue, so, obviously he is still living, or, it would have stated widow of.

Can someone help me with any more mining records, and I have to wonder he returned to Australia, or, died in NZ

Sussex / Help please, Who was Julius? he married Lois Glue
« on: Friday 22 March 19 05:31 GMT (UK)  »
Lois Glue born 1872 registered Westhampnett, Sussex, I have all of her family sorted, her parents were William Glue 1834 and Eunice Hall 1838.
Lois married Julius Caesar on 6 Jan 1896 in Sussex, she was 24, he was 49. I have the certificate, it lists Lois as a Dressmaker and Julius as a Gentleman, her father is listed as William Glue and the father of Julius is Julius Caesar (Dec)  Witnesses were Alfred Putley and Kate Putley, she is the sister of Lois and he the B in Law.
Julius and Lois had 4 children, Julius 1896, Kate Eunice Alexander 1898, Rita Maida 1901 and Henry James 1904.  Julius died 18 July 1905 Probate granted to wife Lois. She married again, I have all of that, my problem is with Julius.

1.   There are several trees on Ancestry that list all of the above info, including the same children, however they have no marriage record supporting their trees. They have Julius born 1845 in Cheshire, parents Augustus Caesar and Mary Pugh.

2.  There is just one tree that is different and I tend to lean this way, they have a lot to support it,
They claim that Julius was born  1848 on the Island of St Helena,a small Island mid Atlantic between America and Africa.Census records for this Julius from 1871 to 1891 have him working as a Servant to Colonel McDuff who was serving in St Helena and India with the Black Watch Highland Regiment.
This tree also has a photo of Julius with Colonel McDuff and he is black, and one of Lois with 2 of their children and these children are of mixed race.

I am so confused this seems so oooo way out there and I don't know what to put on my tree.
My history is not good so that doesn't help me either.
Does anyone think it possible to find a record for Julius of St Helena.

The person who has this tree tells me her research is solid and also says Julius was a Grandson of Slaves.

Australia / I have reached a dead end re William Glue and wife Margaret
« on: Tuesday 19 December 17 23:57 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping to get some help to find out what happened to them after they married, something about Margaret would also be helpful, I have can find nothing at all about her.

William Glue/Glew born in Sussex 1820, convicted at the Old Bailey on 14 Dec 1840, sentence 10 years and transportation,  imprisoned on the Hulk Leviathon and arrived  19 Feb 1842 to Van Deimans Land.
I have Permission to marry document for William to marry Margaret Deacon, dated 2 Dec 1848 stating he was a Convict and she was Free.
They married 27 Dec 1848 at Cof E in Hobart. The marriage cert states he is 23 and she is 30, He a Boatman and she a Widow.

I have lost them from here, can someone guide me what to do next
Thank you.

Australia / Searching for George Glue/Glew B 1860 a brick wall
« on: Monday 30 October 17 01:09 GMT (UK)  »
George was born 1860, son of my GG Grandfather George Glue (Convict arriving here in 1834) and Christina Laird.

He is one of 4 children, 
 William James Glue b 1855 my G Grandfather who changed his surname to Russell.
 Kathleen Glue b 1858 and died aged 18,
 Charles Glue b 1862 died aged 15

The only record I have been able to find for George is a birth Index B 1860 Reg in Plenty, Vic. He is listed as deceased on his mothers death certificate in 1926.

I have done all I know how to do, can someone please help me.

Incidently his parents separated when he was a young child and his father died in Adelaide in 1868

Australia / Are Convict trial records available on line.
« on: Monday 17 April 17 04:22 BST (UK)  »
I would appreciate some help with my G.G.Grandparents, both convicts. I would like to know what the crime was that had them transported to Van Diemans Land.

Criminal records as follows

HENRY BIDDLE, Trial at Warwick (City of Coventry) Assizes. Sentence Life. Departed Portsmouth 20 Aug 1830, arrival Van Diemans Land 18 Dec 1830. Ship CLYDE.

ANN ROGERS,  Trial at Chester Assizes, Sentence 7 years. Departed London 28 Sep 1837, arrival Van Diemans Land 23 Jan 1838. Ship ATWICK.

They sought permission to marry on 15 Feb 1840 and were married in Launceston on 10 April 1840, Henry was listed as Ticket of leave labourer aged 26 and Ann a Convict aged 22. This gives me an approx birth as 1814 for Henry and 1818 for Ann.

If anyone can help I would be most appreciative.

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