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Gloucestershire / Pearce/Knight
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 06:15 BST (UK)  »
Hello to you all, hope that you are all well. Having a tough time in finding the late Earl Pearce (Bristol Potter from Bread Street) he married a Elizabeth Knight on the 3/11/1768 at St. James Bristol Gloucester England, when he passed away Elizabeth was in charge of the business. They had a daughter called Hanna Pearce ch.2/5/1781 and other children one was named Ann Maynard (called after William Maynards also in the Pottery Trade) and she later married a John Cantle from Bristol on the 8/7/1790. It would be great to connect this family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps the 1841  Gloucester Census for both of these families may show some information. Thanks Janet. :D

Essex / Re: Stephen Cross
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 06:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello Wozzle, great to receive your message about this family  ;) I would love anything at all on their marriage background etc. Unfortunately I can't search in Ancestry at all. Thanks for your reply. Janet  :D

Northumberland / Mason/Middlemiss
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 06:04 BST (UK)  »
Hello to you all hope that all is well. I am searching for the family of John Mason and wife Jane Mason (nee Middlemiss) he came fron Belford and Jane came from Tweedmouth they were married on the 5th June 1841 at Lamberton Toll their son William came out to Australia and married Rebecca Tindall from Liverpool. I would love any information about their background if possible. Thanks  :D Janet

Warwickshire / John Wigley
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 05:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello to you all hope that you are all well. :D Would love to find more information about the late Mr. John Wigley and wife Harriett Wigley from Warwickshire her maiden name was Porter. They were born around 1804. They had children John Nathaniel, Thomas Hugh, Richard Joseph, Mary Ann, and George Henry Wigley born 12th June 1839. The decendants from this family came out to Australia onboard the Vessel Netherby which was shipwrecked on Kings Island and all passengers survived. Any input would be great thanks, Janet  ;D

Essex / Stephen Cross
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 05:50 BST (UK)  »
Hello to you all hope you are all well. :D I am looking for the family of the late Stephen Cross and wife Sarah Cross (Saville/Savil) from Stebbing Essex where their children were baptised from 1814-1820. I have reason to believe that Stephen's father was Joseph Cross and he was married to a Sarah ? Would like any information about this family if possible any input would be great. Have a nice day and take care. Regards Janet  ;D

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / completed
« on: Wednesday 01 August 07 05:41 BST (UK)  »
 :)Hello Tati, Great to receive your message with all the help about the family What are siblings does this mean Mark's parents or brother and sister? :D I do hope that you have a safe and pleasant  day. Once again thanks for the input.  ;D Janet

Gloucestershire / Re: Taylor/Brown
« on: Tuesday 31 July 07 23:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello Sue, Thanks for you reply this family is very mixed up. I have a death Certificate of Mary Ann Cantle passing away on the 3rd March 1874 in Kiama which is South of Sydney N.S.W. Australia her age was 62 years and the parents Robert and Ann Taylor (Brown) are mentioned this would make her birth/baptism around 1812 perhaps the printing is not clear. I am sure the death Certificate is correct as it is signed and certified by their son Edwin Cantle, her marriage to William Cantle also state her age was 24 years and place of marriage was London and where born also London. :D Regards Janet

Gloucestershire / Re: Taylor/Brown
« on: Tuesday 31 July 07 10:19 BST (UK)  »
Hello Sue, Thanks for your reply regarding the Taylor family. I am really confused now as on the IGI records there is a James Taylor Baptised on the 8/10/1809, Ann Taylor 3/8/1817 and Marianne Taylor 1811. Ann Taylor is the same but there is no Caroline mentioned. I am connected to Marianne Taylor Baptised 1811 as she later married a William Cantle on the 9/8/1835 at the Parish Christchurch County Surrey. I know that whoever had it entered on the IGI records must  have been a family member as the Family Search Org, don't search for families. I have also found out that from a researcher who is helping me, mentioned that Robert had 3 brothers John, Thomas, William, the father was named Henry Taylor which I have found on the Will List held at Gloucester. Is there any Census for this family as something is wrong perhaps one of the brothers may have had children with similiar names. Please keep in touch, thanks for your help.  :)

London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Completed
« on: Monday 30 July 07 04:56 BST (UK)  »
Hello Tati, great to receive your messages and thanks for the input it is hard when you live so far away and can't always search in some areas, anymore information would be greatly received have a great day. Thanks  :)

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