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Dumfriesshire / Re: MI look-ups
« on: Monday 15 February 10 19:08 GMT (UK)  »

I'm sure that there is a big difference in your idea of sharing with people you meet, than there is in openly saying on RootsChat for all the world to see
[quote ...]

if anyone needs info from the langholm parish memorial
i have a cd from them with the info on

i will look anything up for u

[... unquote]

I'm sure there would be a "big stink" if Langholm Archive Society decided not to distribute any more of the memorial booklets.

Dumfriesshire / Re: MI look-ups
« on: Monday 15 February 10 16:45 GMT (UK)  »
Presumably that would apply to purchasers of CDs too.

I'm all for folk helping each other, but it would be nice to see added ... info obtained from such and such a source.

Dumfriesshire / Mein family ~ Langholm Grammar School
« on: Friday 29 January 10 09:07 GMT (UK)  »
Langholm Archive Centre gets many requests.  The one below completely "floored" us, perhaps you can help?

quote ...  I'm just cleaning up the last few loose ends in the Mein Family History book
before it goes to the printer next week.

One of these 'loose ends' regards the Langholm Grammar School c.a.1720's.
Would you know whether this school DID exist, and if the building still
If it no longer remains, would you know its former address and a little
about the school?
... unquote

Can someone help?

Thanks WalterC

Roxburghshire / Re: Pettigrews around Hawick
« on: Sunday 03 January 10 08:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Moschops

I let Harry know about your post, and now that I've see your reply to it, I have to admit to being confused.

I've sent a personal message with a list of Pettigrews, but none seem to tie in with yours.

I've an Archibald marrying an Isabella Miller but the info I have about them is that Archibald was born in Ireland, and Isabella in Roxburghshire; confusingly, they have a son, Daniel, born 1863!  I can't find an Archibald born 1863.

The Archibald above died in 1887, so possibly he would be the one in the census you noted.


Dumfriesshire / Re: Mofside, Canonbie
« on: Tuesday 10 November 09 08:36 GMT (UK)  »
Entering "Forgebraehead" into the "E & L" index coughs up 6 returns.  The index now goes from 1848 to 1873.



Dumfriesshire / Re: The Black Murrays ( of Warrawang)
« on: Wednesday 28 October 09 12:05 GMT (UK)  »
Here's an extract from "The Memorials of Langholm Parish" Staplegordon Churchyard:

Died at — Bay, Australia, on the 29th May 1833 ? JESSIE MURRAY the beloved wife of Henry Cox Corfield, Esq., aged 28 years  Died at Warrance, Australia, on the 6th April 1839 ? JULIA MURRAY eldest daughter of James Murray, Esq., of — aged — years  JAMES MURRAY second son of the late Colonel Murray died at — 4th July 18— aged 58 years Also WILLIAM MURRAY his son who died at Calcutta 13th (15th) November 1861 aged 42 years  JOHN MURRAY died 30th July 1876  Also WILHELMINA BELL wife of the above James Murray who died September 1879 aged 80 years  JAMES MURRAY died July 21st 1881 ? aged 45 years Also FREDERICK JOHNSTONE MURRAY youngest son of James Murray and grandson of the late Colonel Murray born at Georgefield, Westerkirk, 26th August 1841 died at — Australia 6th November 1915 aged 74 years   (stone badly worn)
(On end panel)  In memory of CONTITY MURRAY the daughter of James Murray, Tenant in Georgefield she died January 25th 1834 aged 2  years and 8 months
(On end panel)  In memory of CONTITY MURRAY the daughter of James Murray, Tenant in Georgefield she died October 30th 1836 aged 2 years and 6 months

From memory, it's a table-type memorial and was in a quite distressed condition in 2001.

Nice to see these memorial recordings ~ where do you get these?

Roxburghshire / Pettigrews around Hawick
« on: Tuesday 22 September 09 12:48 BST (UK)  »
I’ve had a few emails recently from descendants of Archibald Pettigrew and Isabella Miller.

Archibald was born ca 1821 in Ireland and Isabella (Archibald’s third wife!) born Teindside Bridge, some7 miles south of Hawick.

They had – to my knowledge – 7 children:

Jessie, born ca 1846
Archibald born ca 1848
Jane born ca 1848
Gideon Millar born ca 1855
Helen born 11 August 1856
John Millar born 26 May 1859
Daniel born 29 May 1863

I’m descended from his son John Millar Pettigrew, who was my great grandfather.

My own grandfather (who died some 50 years ago) used to say that the Pettigrews in Kelso and Dunbar with shops were related, but this may just have been a story to keep a young boy quiet!

Out the blue at the weekend, I had contact from a descendant of Isabella Miller’s brother Gideon Miller, in response to a posting elsewhere in Feb 2000!

Obviously from the "Huggan" postings there are other Pettigrew descendants.

In the 1851 there were 12 Pettigrews living in Wilton.

Are you related?


Roxburghshire / Re: HUGGAN,GEORGE c1824 Jedburgh,Rox.Scot
« on: Monday 21 September 09 22:58 BST (UK)  »
This is interesting!  Helen (Pettigrew) Huggan was my GG Aunt.  Maybe we ought to start a Pettigrew in Hawick topic???

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