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 Hi all,

Posting in the hope that some assistance might be available in terms of the following;

My Great grandfather was one Luke Jordan (1889 -1962). His parents were John Jordan (c.1854-1904) and Mary Jane Clements (nee Martin 1856-1915), both of whom were from Newry, County Armagh and who came over to Liverpool in the mid 1880’s.

John Jordan’s parents were Luke and Ellen Jordan (nee McAleavy), again, of Newry, Co. Armagh. As of yet, I am unsure of their respective DOB/DOD.

John Jordan passed away in 1904 as stated above and was buried at Ford RC Cemetery (Sterrix Lane), Litherland in Liverpool in a public plot. However, on Mary Jane’s passing in 1915, she was buried on the 19th August in Plot 776 (Private), Section R, Ford RC Cemetery, Sterrix Lane, Ford,  Liverpool. Mary Jane had lived at 88 Stitt Steet in the Everton area of Liverpool for a number of years, showing up there on both the 1901 and 1911 census.

Upon the subsequent deaths of both my Great Grandfather Luke and Great grandmother Sarah Jordan in 1962 and 1967 respectively, both were interred in the same plot as Luke’s mother – Plot 776, Section R (Private), Ford Cemetery. So as far as I was aware, the three of them were buried together in the same plot.

However, here’s where things start to get strange…

Having been concentrating on this direct line of my tree for a week or so, focussing primarily on Luke and Ellen over in Ireland,  I noticed a hint within with Ancestry account relating to the Catholic burial of one Mr. Luke Jordan in 1915. On accessing the record, I see that this Luke Jordan was buried within the same private grave TWO DAYS prior to the burial of my Great, great grandmother on the 17th August 1915, with his place of residence stated as being…88 Stitt Street!

Strangely though whereas this record states that Luke was buried in the plot on the 17th August, there is no corresponding entry for Mary Jane two days later on the 19th within this record set (Liverpool, England, Catholic Burials, 1813-1985 (Ford Cemetery 1911-1915)) Furthermore, vice versa, on the burial record where Mary Jane is listed as having been buried on the 19th, there is no corresponding entry for Luke Jordan on the 17th August within the same record – see attached scan of entry for 17th Aug, again from the 1911-1915 record set!

Also, there appear to be a couple of separate records for the burials and on one of them contained within Liverpool, England, Catholic Burials, 1813-1985 (Ford Cemetery 1914-1915) on Ancestry, where Mary Jane is listed as buried on the 19th August 1915, on the previous page, there is an entry on the 17th August for an ‘Adult Jordan’, with the record stating that plot 776 is a ‘New Grave’

Even stranger still, I can find no record whatsoever within the death indexes for the death of a Luke Jordan in Liverpool in 1915 at all. How can someone be buried without a death certificate?

I would be really grateful for any assistance/thoughts people might having respect of this, as it is all rather confusing!!!!



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Ellen Hughes - dating of photo
« on: Tuesday 27 October 20 00:26 GMT (UK)  »

I would greatly appreciate any help in dating the attached photo please.

It is titled 'Ellen Hughes' and I believe her to be the sister of my Great, great grandfather. She was born in 1861.

I'm thinking she must be about 30 perhaps in this photo, which would place it as having been taken c.1890.

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

The attached clip is a segment of the 1846 marriage of my x 3 Great grandparents Loughlin Hughes and Anne Dunne, which took place in Portarlington.

It states that Loughlin's place of residence was (interpreted as) 'Emo and Ballintogher', which rings true, however I'm struggling to decipher Anne's place of residence.

Any assistance is much appreciated thanks.


Lancashire Lookup Requests / 1939 Register Lookup request - Nora Hilda Gaffney
« on: Tuesday 14 March 17 11:16 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone with access would be kind enough to provide me with any details featured within the 1939 Register entry for one Norah Hilda Gaffney.

The site I am currently subscribed to does not have this collection.

Her son, Laurence. E. Gaffney is also listed within the entry from what the preview says.

I'm particularly interested in the place of residence. I am expecting it to a public house in the Edge Hill area of Liverpool.

Any help much appreciated!



I would be grateful if someone could provide me with the details of the following marriage please:

14 December 1875, St. Nicolas and St. Annes.

GROOM: James Jordan
SPOUSE:    Margaret Black

I am specifically interested in the Groom's Father's calling please.



Miderator comment: edited for content. Do not ask for look-ups from specific commercial sources.

Occupation Interests / Merchant Seaman record (BT112)-decipher/advice request
« on: Tuesday 16 June 15 00:33 BST (UK)  »

I have just located the following entry within the above Merchant Navy Seaman record series and was wondering if anyone can a.) Decipher the parts I can't and b.) Advise whether further research is possible?

The details are as follows :

BT112/16 Merchant Navy Seamen

First Name: Law
Last Name: Cuddy
Age : 28
Birth Place: Liverpool
Birth County: Lancashire
Place: Liverpool

I believe this may be my x3  Great Grandfather Lawrence Cuddy, (born c.1811 according to 1841 census) who was a Shipwright by trade.

The entry against his name in this record appears to have been recorded in December 1835.

It states he is from Liverpool, Lancs, (although the 1841 census has him as Irish)...and it appears to have the word 'Shamrock' written next? Could this be the name of a ship?

Any clarification would be appreciated and any advice on whether/how I can discover any more on the back of this record would be greatly appreciated.



I wonder if anyone can help?

I am trying to find out when the houses on Maiden Lane, Clubmoor (L13) were constructed, in particular, the run of houses between Finvoy Road and Knocklaid Road (OS E338100 N383205)

From available historic maps I have been able to narrow it down to sometime between 1905 and 1925, as the later map shows a significant increase in property development compared to the much more rural nature of the 1905 map, and features the block of houses in question.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!  :)



I have located an 1837 entry within the 'Reports from Committees, Fictitious Votes (Ireland), Select Committee on Fictitious Votes, 1837-1838' record set on FindMyPast in respect of an ancestor where he is listed within the section subtitled 'Register of Marksmen'.

I would be grateful if someone might be able to advise the context in which the term 'Marksmen' is used here please. Is it, as I am thinking a marksman as in a sharpshooter?


Scotland / McAdam family in Dumfriesshire/Ayreshire - how to progress? 1/2
« on: Thursday 04 June 15 14:26 BST (UK)  »
I would be grateful if anyone could look at my findings so far in relation to the above, as I have reached a point where I could do with an outside perspective to see if I'm on the right track as I've not had cause to venture into the Scottish records previously.

It's quite a read, but I'd be thankful for any input...!
Tracing the ancestry of Alexander McAdam (b. Liverpool 1880, d. Liverpool 1940), I have his family residing in Liverpool from 1911 back to 1871 c/o his parents - Robert and Christina McAdam (formerly Roberts, nee Johnston).
The entries I have are as follows:
1911 England Census (Cl: RG14; Pc: 22481)

28 Hector Street, Kirkdale, L'pool, Lancs
Name                              Age           DOB          Cond.           Occ.                      B'place
Alexander McAdam           31            c 1880         M               Lab (Dock)             L'pool, Lancs
Florence                          28            c 1883         M                                            Bootle,    "
Florence                            4                               S                                            Bootle,    "
Ann Jane                           2                               S                                            L'pool,     "
1911 England Census (Cl: RG14; Pc: 22481)

38 Hector Street, Kirkdale , L'pool, Lancs
Name                  Age    DOB        Cond.    No. yrs married    Occ.                B'place
Rebert McAdam    66     c 1845      M              44               Lab (Dock)          Port William, Scot
Christane             69     c 1842                                                                  Glasgow, Scot
1901 England Census (Cl: RG13; Pc: 3471; Fo: 43; Pg: 25)

38 Hector Street, Kirkdale , L'pool, Lancs
Name                  Rel            Age           DOB         Cond.     Occ.                     B'place
Robert McAdam    Head          58          c 1843      M      General Lab             Scot
Christian              Wife           60          c 1861      M            -                          "
William                Son            25          c 1876      S       General  Lab            L'pool, Lancs
Alexander               "             22          c 1879      S         ????                          "        "
James Franer       Boarder      57          c 1844      S       Marine Fireman          Scot
1891 England Census (Cl: RG12; Pc: 2968; Fo: 93; Pg: 43; GSU Roll: 6098078 )
3 Jessica Street, Kirkdale, L'pool, Lancs
Name                     Rel        Age     DOB         Cond.      Occ.                   B'place
Robert McAdams     Head     47      c 1843         M      Dock  Lab                Scot
Christina                Wife       50     c 1841          M             -                          "
Margaret                Dau       20     c 1871           S              -                      L'pool, Lancs
Robert                    Son       18     c 1873           S       Marine Fireman            "        "
William                      "        14     c 1877           S       Apprentice Tailor          "        "
Alexander                  "        10     c 1881           S       Scholar                        "        "
James Franer         Lodger    46     c 1845           S       Marine Fireman            "        "

1881 England Census (Cl: RG11; Pc: 3680; Fo: 42; Pg: 26; GSU roll: 1341881)
52 Brisbane Street, Kirkdale, L'pool, Lancs
Name                   Rel          Age        DOB         Cond.       Occ.                  B'place
Robert McAdams   Head        37        c 1844          M       Dock  Lab             Scot
Christina               Wife         39       c 1842          M               -                      "
John                     Son          16       c 1965         Un       Dock  Lab             L'pool, Lancs
Margaret               Dau          11       c 1870          -        Scholar                   "        "
Robert                  Son            9       c 1872           -            "                        "        "
Elizabeth               Dau           7       c 1874           -             "                        "        "
William                  Son           5       c 1876           -               "                       "        "
Alexander              Son            1      c 1880           -               -                       "        "
William McAdam    Brother      24      c 1857          Un       Police Man              Scot

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