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Having first looked at this direct line of my ancestry as an offshoot of the line of my primary focus when first starting to research my ancestry in 2007, I had gathered the obvious information – hit a wall, then left it alone until now, and, with a few more years experience under my belt a couple of things have come to my attention, and I was wondering if I could put my findings to date out there for any observations or assistance that fresh, unattached minds might offer?

Excellent....  (Apologies, this may involve some reading)  ;D

So, it starts with my x3 Great grandmother Elizabeth Cox. She married Lawrence Cuddy in Liverpool on the 20th August 1833, with one of the witnesses being one Jane Cox (Presumably a sister).

All relevant census returns have her  [Elizabeth's] place of birth as Whitchurch, Shropshire, apart from the 1861 Census, which has it as ‘Redbrook, Flintshire’.

As regards her year of birth, this fluctuate a bit more, with it varying as follows:

1841 – 1811
1851 - 1803
1861 - 1806
1871 - 1805
1873 (Her death) – 1808

However, the IGI has the following entry for the birth of an Elizabeth Cox:

Cox, Elizabeth, bap. 4 September  1808, Whitchurch, Shropshire [Parents – William and Ann Cox]

The IGI also has the following baptism entries within Whitchurch, Shropshire for a William and Ann Cox

Cox, Jane, bap. 20 Aug 1810 (Which seems to tie in nicely with the Jane Cox named as a witness on Elizabeth’s marriage record)

Turning to census records now, I had located the following:

1841 HO107/PC903/BK11/F31/PG5

Yardington Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire   

William Cox    b.1771 Not born in County   (Ag. Labourer)
Ann              b.1791 Born in County
Mary              b.1833 Born in County

1851 HO107/PC1995/F529/PG31

Yardington Street, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Woollam, Thomas   Head              b.1804 Shoemaker      Whitchurch, Salop
Woollam, Emma           Wife              b.1814               “
Woollam, Thomas   Son              b.1841               “
Woollam, Emma           Dau.              b.1844               “
Woollam, William   Son              b.1847               “
Woollam, John      Son              b.1849               “
Cox, William      Father-In-Law   b.1768 Gen. Lab Pauper    Hanmer, Flintshire

I then left this family alone, not knowing where to go from there...

However, I have just recently located a marriage on the IGI between a Thomas Woollam and Emma Cox, which took place on the 25 Feb 1840 in Whitchurch Shropshire.

Thus Emma, born circa 1814, father William Cox, mother presumably Ann.

It was here that the surname Woollam jumped out at me, as going back to Elizabeth Cuddy (nee Cox) –their eldest son, Michael Cuddy, married one Mary Ann Woollam in Liverpool on the 18 Nov 1855, Mary Ann’s father being stated as being –Thomas Woollam, Shoemaker!!

My subsequent search for a baptism of a Mary Ann Woollam, father Thomas Woollam was unsuccessful, HOWEVER, I then located, via the IGI....

7 Oct 1832, Mary Ann Cox, Whitchurch, Shropshire, MOTHER – Emma Cox

Erm, which means I have first cousins marrying...Michael being Elizabeth’s son and Mary Ann being Emma’s daughter.  :o


Delving back into the Census returns, I located Thomas and Emma Woollam in Whitchurch, Shropshire in 1841 (So a year after their marriage), living in Yardington Street, Whitchurch with their 9 month old son Thomas and lodger George Day, yet no Mary Ann....

Which made me look at the 1841 Census for William and Ann again....with 8 year old Mary who was living with them.

This has to be Thomas and Emma’s Mary Ann (who appears to have been born out of wedlock) staying with her Grandparents, doesn’t it and the above recent findings would almost certainly seem to prove beyond doubt that these families/individuals are related or can anyone see any flaws in my summary?



Hi,  :)

Might anyone be able to help with this long-standing mystery of mine please?

I have been trying, without success to trace the ancestry of one of my x3 Great grandfathers – William Alexander for a number of years, and am just coming back to with a fresh fair of eyes, yet still seem to be drawing a blank.

He married my x3 Great grandmother Elizabeth Pearson in St. Peter’s (Pro-Cathedral) Church, Liverpool on the 4th April 1858 with the marriage record stating that he was a painter by trade and that his father was one, John Alexander – a Gilder by trade. William and Elizabeth were living (presumably together) in Northampton Street.

I only have him on one census return, this being the 1861 Census (Source Citation: Class: RG9; Piece: 2696; Folio: 16; Page: 28; GSU roll: 543014), where he is living with his wife Elizabeth and their young son, William Thomas at No. 5 Torbock Street, Everton. William’s age on the 1861 Census, at 24,  gives an inferred year of birth of 1837, and it states that he was born in Manchester, Lancashire.

His wife appears on the 1871 Census, with a son and a daughter John and Sarah (William Thomas having died in 1862), and is now stated as being a Widow, yet I can find no obvious death record for William between 1866 and 1871 (1866 being the birth year of his daughter – my Great, great grandmother) although I have considered that he may have had to travel to get work, none seem to tie in.

I have also searched, yet have been unable to find any record of William (with his parents) on any of the preceding  census returns for 1851 and 1841 – based on his approximate birth year of 1837…

Any assistance with this would be much appreciated!!!




I am trying to locate the above stated individual between the period of 1825 -1835, and was wondering if anybody might have access to any Manchester trade directories from this period, and who would be willing to do a look up for me?

I have Lawrence and his family residing in Liverpool on the 1841 census, with all of their children, except for the oldest stated as having been born in Liverpool. Their eldest Michael, has an inferred birth year of 1833, with the census return stating that he was born in Manchester, Lancashire.

However, Lawrence and his wife Elizabeth married in Liverpool on the 20th August 1833 with their next eldest, William was born in Liverpool on 11 Feb 1835.

Whilst Michael's stated place of birth might just be a error on the part of the enumerator, I would like to clarify whether Lawrence makes an appearance within any of the available trade directories for this period.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




I was wondering if anybody would be kind enough to perform a lookup for the following record andme and inform me of any information contained within please?

As stated above it's a lookup within the Merchant Navy Seamen [1835-1941] and the subject I am interested in is:

Name: Hughes, Stephen
Year of Birth: 1898
Discharge No. 867279
Place of birth: Liverpool, Lancashire

Any information that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.




I would be extremely grateful if anybody could assist in providing any further information on the above individual please?

The Familysearch website brings up the following entry:

Name:   Sydney Manion
Event Type:   Census
Event Date:   31 Mar 1901
Gender:   Male
Age:   27
Relationship to Head of Household:   Boarder
Birthplace:   Liverpool, Lancashire
Schedule Type:   Household
Registration District:   Aston
Sub-District:   Duddeston
Ecclesiastical Parish:   St Clement
Civil Parish:   Aston
District/Parish/County:   Warwickshire

Citing this Record:
"England and Wales Census, 1901," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 08 Nov 2013), Sydney Manion, 31 Mar 1901.

His family moved to Liverpool from the Warwickshire area pre-1871 and he was born in Liverpool c. 1874 however, until now, I've had little luck in tracing him.




I was wondering if anybody might be able to advise me how I go about creating a marriage within FTM 2012 between two existing people within my tree, where the situation is as follows...

I have a situation whereby a direct ancestor (Great, great, great grandfather) went on to marry the sister of his son-in law after the death of his daughter's mother (The son-in-law being the husband of said daughter).

How do I go about creating this marriage within FTM2012? I have tried, but it ends up creating duplicated entries for the ancestors concerned and really distorts the layout of the family tree when viewed.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



Down / [Look-up Request] Martin/Barry marriage, Newry, 1847
« on: Monday 15 July 13 23:41 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if anybody might be able to provide me with some further details on the above marriage please?

The details are:

Joseph Martin and Susan Barry
8th November 1847
Newry. County Down

I would expect this marriage to confirm that Joseph's father was one Samuel Martin, and that Susan's father was one Hugh Barry

Any additional information that might be available would be greatly appreciated....



Dumfriesshire / 1841 Scotland Census - Jane Thorburn [Look up request]
« on: Saturday 19 January 13 15:45 GMT (UK)  »

Would any be able to do a lookup on this one for me please?

Charles Street, Langholm

Jane Thorburn age 35
William Thorburn 15
Ann Thorburn 13
James Thorburn 10
Thomas Irving 5
Robert Irving 2

Can anbody please tell me if the 1841 Census for Scotland gives relationship details betwen then head of house and other household members? If so, I would be grateful if anybody could tell me the relationship between Jane Thorburn and the five junior household members, as I suspect they are all Jane's children.

Thanks in advance


The Common Room / Religious acronym - any ideas?
« on: Thursday 28 June 12 00:30 BST (UK)  »

I was just wondering if anyone might know what the following letters O.S.F.C might stand for, when suffixed after the name of a Priest, for example:

Fr. Paul Hughes O.S.F.C

Any ideas anyone?



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