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Pte. Joseph Parker (Reg no. 31695)
KIA: France, 9th April 1917
20th Battalion Kings (Liverpool) Regiment

Has the name Francis written in the 'Authorised to' column, which would seem to tie in with the George/Frances Parker family on the 1901 Census.

That's a new set of records isn't it? I'm currently on an ancestry trial so will take a look...  :)

Just to add, I have located a George and Frances Parker with a few children, including a 3 year old Joseph at 92 New Road, Tuebrook on the 1901 Census.

Joseph Parker

I've only found two Joseph Parker's who died from Liverpool, both in the Kings (Liverpool) Reg. There's a Joseph Parker who died in Greece in 1916 (Reg No. 25433), with no details of next of kin. Then there's a Joseph Parker who was killed in France on 16 April 1917 (Reg No. 31695) and the entry states 'Son of Mr. G. Parker, New Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool.

New Road is less than a mile away from Maiden Lane.

As I say, I could be completely on a bum steer here, but just wondering whether his family may have moved after the war to Maiden Lane.

My uncle, who was helping during the renovations says he found it inside an internal studded wall, however, my Mum says she remembers him finding it in the loft!


No joy with the online directories etc. I think I'll have to just spend a day at the record office at some point, and work back through the electoral rolls to see if the father of the deceased soldier I suspect the penny may belong to makes an appearance on the roll at our old house at some point.

How about Kelly's directories?

Good idea Shaun....I shall check.

Having just checked, the elderly gent passed away the following year in 1912 and there's a probable match within the deaths for his wife in 1921.


I have yes, the house was inhabited by an elderly retired couple in 1911.


Can you search by street on the 1911 census?

Ignore that!!!!

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