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Kildare / Re: Curragh Camp. Regiments
« on: Monday 02 July 07 20:10 BST (UK)  »

I have a marriage certificate for my Great, great grandparents John and Ellen Clisham. On it, it states that he was a Private of the '47th Regiment' (I take it this refers to the 47th Regiment of Foot?), based at North Camp, Farnborough in 1876. Bear with me...

His first-born was born in St. Heliers, Jersey in 1878 and his second in Dublin. However, his second daughter was born in February 1880 at Curragh Camp. Might they have been based there too?

I ask the question, as on the 1891 England Census, he's a shoe maker. I take it he'd left the army on having a family...


Good morning,

I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether there are are any archived records in Liverpool relating to Shipwrights, circa 1830's - 1840's?

I'm trying to gain further info on my Great, great, great grandfather Lawrence Cuddy (1811ish - 1847), a Shipwright who settled in Liverpool (After a brief spell in Manchester, going on the place of birth of his first child) from Ireland at some point between the dates above.

I'm rather stuck, as the 1841 England Census, merely cites his place of birth as Ireland. Other than this, there don't appear to be any other records!

Might such records, if there are any, reveal any further detail?

Assuming I was able to locate the parish record for his marriage (Choice of Liverpool, Manchester or Shropshire!!), might that provide more detail on his place or birth?

Or, as I'm beginning to think, is this as far as I'm likely to get??!!

Any help would be appreciated!



Ireland / Re: Surname: Cuddy. General info request
« on: Friday 29 June 07 01:23 BST (UK)  »
Cheers for that Ronnie,

It's not looking like I'm going to get very far at all with this line of my tree.

Just a thought though:

I know I'm restricted on available info that I have ie. Entry on 1841 UK Census and one of his childrens birth certs, however, might UK voting registers reveal any further info such as a more precise place of birth, from which I could try to move on further?

Are there any viewable Irish voting registers?


Ireland / Surname: Cuddy. General info request
« on: Saturday 23 June 07 00:41 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

Trying to get more info on my Great, great, great grandfather Lawrence Cuddy (1811 ish- 1848) who was born in Ireland, and settled in Liverpool at some point after marrying his Shropshire-born wife Elizabeth, presumably in the late/early 1820's/30's (Going on the birth of their first child).

Does anybody have any general info on the origins of the name ie. Prevalence in certain Irish counties on which I could base my research? Are there any databases that might disclose a more precise birth location, other than Ireland? He was a Shipwright by trade, so, are there perhaps any records relating to this that might reveal any more information?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Thanks for that advice Jan,

Had a look, using the variations you suggested, and there were two 'Female Glues'. One born in 1856, with a matching death entry in the same year, born in 1858, in the Midhurst area of Sussex. If it's the correct entry, it should state William Glue as being the father.

Suppose I'd best order the birth certificate to find out...

Good Evening,

Further to my previous entries, I recently obtained a copy of the Clisham-Glue marriage certificate, in the hope that it would shed a bit more light on this area of my family tree....

Not too sure that it has to be honest!!

Well, the ages (and age difference between John and Ellen) on the 1876 Certificate and 1891 UK Census do actually tie in, however, John's profession on the marriage cert is listed as 'Private, 47th Regiment, (With both of them residing at 'North Camp, Farnborough) whereas he's a Shoe Maker on the 1891 Census! Wouldn't this have been a trade that would have required an apprenticeship or something similar? also, this doesn't tie in in with the John Clishams on earlier 1861 Census who's a sailor docked in Portsmouth!

Saying that, there's an Irish John Clisham in Liverpool in 1851 with a 9 year old Irish-born son, also John, who too is a Shoe Maker. This also ties in with the Groom's father's info on the marriage cert. Coincidence?

Sorry, I'm drifting away from the Glue side of things here!! The marriage cert has Ellen's father as being William Glue, who was a Tailor. However, I've been trawling through the Census results for the British Isles, and whilst there are a few William Glues (All predominantly located within the Hampshire/Sussex area), there don't appear to be any that match this profile or the likely age that he'd be! And just to stall me further still, I can can find no trace of a likely birth date for an Ellen Glue that matches the 1858 date on the marriage and census info!!!!!


Hello All,

I'd just like to say thanks to you all for helping me out here. Not been doing this all that long (About 2 months), and was expecting to fall flat on my face with this line of my tree, given that I thought they were both from Ireland.

No, I haven't ordered a copy of their marriage certificate yet, but that's the first thing I'll do. The 1876 Marriage Index appears to be the only one between a Clisham and a Glue, plus it's in the right time period.

I've been unable to trace the family on the 1881 Census. However, given that Mary Ellen (My Great grandmother) was born in Curragh Camp, Kildare in 1880, I'm assuming that they were probably still over there in 1881, making their way over to Liverpool at some point before the 1891 UK Census...


:D Good Evening/Morning!!

Apologies for the spontaneous, yet terrible pun!

I'm having trouble finding a birth date/location for my Great,great grandmother: Ellen Clisham (Nee Glue). Born, 1858 ish.

She appears on the 1891 UK Census with her Irish husband John Clisham, and their three children: William, Sarah and Mary Ellen (My Great grandmother.), located in Liverpool, which ties in as that's where I'm from.

I was under the impression that she was Irish, as that's what's stated on this Census (plus the fact that both Sarah and Mary Ellen were both born in counties of Ireland). However, someone's kindly searched the Irish Griffith's Valuation, and informs me that there were no 'Glues' in Ireland around the time she was born.

But....a BMD search has revealed a marriage between a John Clisham and an Ellen Glue in Farnham, Hampshire in 1876. This roughly ties in with the birth of William two years later in Jersey.

Now, on looking, I've noticed a real concentration of this surname in the Hampshire/Surrey and Sussex area. I also happen to know that a John Clisham, of the correct age, was docked in Hampshire at the time of the 1861 Census.

As I said though, I'm struggling to find a potential birth date. The matching census says she was born in 1858...the Griffiths Valuation has no record of Glues in Ireland at this time...and....the only potential matches for Ellen Glues in the Hampshire/Surrey area are an Ellen Glue born in 1857, yet she died in 1887, and an Ellen Glue born in 1863, which would have made her about 13-14 when she married a 33 year old man in 1876!!! Surely not?!!!

Any help, however small would be seriously appreciated!!!



Ireland / Re: Require help with 'Clisham' element of my family tree...!!
« on: Wednesday 13 June 07 20:25 BST (UK)  »
Good Evening,

Slept on the possibility of Ellen Clisham being English, as opposed to Irish, and had another look at it today. There is an Ellen Glue who was born in 1863 in Havant, Hampshire, where ther seems to be a cluster of Glues knocking about at this time. Given that there is census data showing a John Clisham in the Hampshire area I though there could be a link. However, the dates don't match up. The Marriage Data says a John Clisham and Ellen Glue married in 1876, so that would have made her only 13, 14 at most!! Surely not??!!!

There is a death index entry for an Ellen Glue Born, 1857 (Which would roughly tie in with the Census data I have), who died in 1887, so ther's a 5 year date discrepancy, however, it's registered in Surrey?? Plus, you'd think she'd still have the surname of Clisham, wouldn't you? Plus, I've just realised that she's dead prior to the 1891 UK Census, so that doesn't work, does it?! Ha ha.


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