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Thanks again - I'll do that :-)

Thank you so much!

This takes me back a few generations :-)

Jane still appears to be a mystery.  All the census have her born in Kirtlington, which I have the CD for.  I thought she may have been a Jane Hawting, but I have her married to another man.

There is no Jane Busby baptised around 1809, however, there is a Sarah it 1812, whose parents are named Thomas and Sarah.  Given that both names were given to Jane's own children here, it seems likely that the Sarah here may be a sibling and that the baptism for Jane is not there - not unheard of but annoying.

I don't suppose you are able to see if there are burial for the first son called Richard of John / William and Ann.  Given his younger brother was given the same name latter, I suspect he died between 1798 and 1802.  This may support the idea of John/William being the same person?

Thanks again,



Is anyone with access to the Stanton St. John parish register willing to look up the baptism record for a John Busby, born around 1800 in that parish?

I would also be grateful for the baptisms of his children:

Mary 1831
Sarah 1844
Charles 1847

There are likely to be some missing ones.

There may also be a marriage between him and a Jane around the date (or just prior to) the first child's baptism.

Jane is from Kirtlington, but I have access to those transcripts and can't find a marraige that suits.

Thanks in advance for any help:-)


Thank you everyone - I'll get stuck into those :-)

Berkshire / Thatcham Parish Register Look Up Request - HEAD Family
« on: Tuesday 05 July 16 22:27 BST (UK)  »

I have the following information from the Ancestry website, but as this gets to there from the IGI (whose accuracy is problematic), I was wondering if anyone with access to the parish register would check the following information for me?

I have the children of Henry HEAD and Elizabeth BASTIN as follows:

Sarah Jane/Ann - bap. 15 Mar 1846 bur. 23 May 1847
James Henry - bap. 29 Aug 1847
Lucy Ann - bap. 2 Sep 1849
William Edward - bap. 6 Feb 1851 bur. 24 Feb 1876
George - born abt 1853 (unable to locate baptismal record)
Mary Ann - bap. 6 Apr 1856


Henry Head's parents also had a few children there.  They are called Joseph and Ann (although I have seen her name written as Nancy and Hanah too).  Can the following be checked if possible:

Jane HEAD born around 1814 (cant find baptismal record, but believe if is in Thatcham).
James Archer HEAD bap. 9 Apr 1819
John HEAD bap. 13 Feb 1825

Any missing children and other information about this family that is in the parish register would also be gratefully received.



Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Kingsclere Parish Look-Up Request - Joseph Head
« on: Tuesday 05 July 16 22:15 BST (UK)  »

Is anyone who has access to the Kingsclere parish register able to do a look up request for me?

My ancestor Joseph Head was born there around 1784.  I am looking for his baptismal date and the names of his parents.

I would also be glad to receive any other information about this family from the register, including the marriage date of his parents (if there) and any baptism/burial dates of any siblings - if anyone is willing.

Much appreciated.



Does anyone have access to the North Waltham Parish Records who is willing to do a look up request for me?

I need confirmation that a Joseph Head married an Ann Chivers there on 1 Oct 1806.

I would also be thankful if anyone was able to provide me with Ann's baptism date and the names of her parents - I believe she was born between 1782 and 1788. 

Lastly, if Ann had any siblings and if her parents were married in the parish, I would also like those dates, but appreciate that this is a big ask.



Norfolk / Re: Norwich Cathedral - John Bellamy Plowman
« on: Saturday 04 April 15 07:42 BST (UK)  »


My ancestor Cudbert William Jones LANE died in Badgemore Manor House, nr Henley-on-Thames on 9 Sep 1862.  Would it be possible for someone with access to the parish register/transcipts to look up the burial date?



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