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Lanarkshire / Lanarkshire place name-Completed
« on: Wednesday 25 April 12 23:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I was wondering if anyone had heard of or seen the placename Kilbuste in Lanarkshire. On the 1851 census I have a person as listed as being born there abt 1823 but can't seem to find the place. I have googled and looked at place names in scotland . I wondered if perhaps it didn't exsist, or maybe a transcript error.

Thank you


Donegal / Immigrating to work elsewhere
« on: Tuesday 08 November 11 22:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi There

I have a Mary Montgomery who immigrated to Tasmania in 1884 to work for a Mr Waller as a Domestic servant. I found also 2 other people on board also immigrating to work for the same man. A fellow rootschatter looked up the Freemans Journal and no advertising was found.

What I'd like to know is, is the Freemans journal the only method of advertising for overseas people looking for workers from ireland? I'm hoping to find out what Mr Wallers full name is or what part of Tasmania he was living in.

Thank you



Australia / Tasmania Help Please
« on: Tuesday 08 November 11 19:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there.

I have a Mary Montgomery (Domestic servant) born 1866 Donegal, who immigrated to Tasmania and arrived in Hobart 3 Feb 1884 on the Gulf of Carpentaria. The records state she is going to work for a Mr Waller. Many,  Wallers in Tasmania. Because I have had trouble finding any infomration on Mary I decided to look at the passenger list again and see if anyone else was immigrating to work for Mr Waller and maybe trace them for at least an area of residence. I found a Michael McSharry (labourer) and Susan Peoples (Domestic servant) but am also unable to trace their whereabouts. I imagine Mr Waller was either a farmer or had something to do with mining. I did think maybe he advertised in Ireland, but a fellow rootschatter looked in the Freemans journal and found nothing.

Mary died in 1940 in Tasmania and the only death I can find for that year is a Mary Montgomey married to a Robert Montgomery. I have no idea if she married, or had children. Although I have found a few marriages, none so have proven to be her. There are a few Marys on the Electoral roles but I was hoping to find something close to the time period she arrived. I'm just not having any luck.

What is my best course of action. Is the historical Society a good place to start

Australia Lookups completed / Cemeteries NSW-COMPLETED
« on: Saturday 29 October 11 01:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi There

I have a Jane Scott Bett on the 1963 and 1968- Turramurra South, bradfield, New South Wales Electoral Role and another on 1980 Hornsby, Berowra, New South Wales. I presume these are the same lady. If not though, how do I go about finding the cemeterys for these areas. Have googled but don't see much. Do the councils keep burial records for deceased persons?

Thank you



Lanarkshire / Alexander Edgar
« on: Saturday 03 September 11 03:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

I'm needing an extra pair of eyes Please.

I have an Alexander Edgar born abt 1820 Ireland (according to family) He may have married either a Margaret McLeevie or a Mary Brown, or possibly both. I've looked on SP and the IGI and haven't found a marraige for either. I can't find a death for any of these people and can't see them on the census. Alexander was a surfaceman in 1872 , then a gardener. These occupations are on the certs for his son Alexander.

Alexander Edgar b 1851 Glasgow Lanarkshire or Ireland according to the census.

He first married Charlotte Park in 1872 and it appears his parents were still alive-this certificate states his mother as Margaret McLeevie.

in 1897 he married Mary Murphy, his mother is stated as Mary Brown. Both parents deceased.

his death in 1931, at Mill Road, Cambulsang states his mother as Mary Brown.

I found a possible Alexander Adger on the 1871- aged 19, a labourer in a coal pit and there is a Hennbry Adger aged 21 with the same Occupation. I have no idea if Hennbry is related

On the 1881 his name is Adger and he is with his wife Charlotte, in Dalziel Lanark, with a few children and he is a general labourer. Not long after this time period they went to England and had a daughter in Seaton 1881ish and a son 2 years later. All other children prior to or after were born in Scotland.

in 1891 his name is Edgar, he is with Charlotte (who dies a few years later) They are living in Cambulsang and his occupation is steelworker.

in 1901 he is with his new wife Mary and his children, they are living at 2 Smithfield Terrace,  Cambulsang, Lanarkshire and his Occupation is a Sketmelting Furnaceman.

It appears they stayed in Cambulsang as Mary died 1935 at Mill Road.

What I need help with, can anyone see Alexander senior with a Margaret or Mary on the census. If they were born and married in Ireland, they may have stayed there.

It's possible Alexander son was born in Ireland, but no idea where and I've not found anything on the IGI.

The problem I'm having at present is locating them on the 1911. With Alexanders death cert, the district is Cambulsang- Glasgow city/Lanark but when I look for them on the 1911, Cambulsang doesn't come up and am having trouble working out what other districts are close to Cambulsang in  Galsgow City, Lanark.

I hope you can understand my jumble




Australia / Birth notice-Sydney newspaper
« on: Tuesday 21 June 11 08:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I was wondering if we had any rootschatters that visited the Sydney library and would they possibly be able to look up a birth notice for me. I have a Brenda Joyce Bett born on April 26 1929 or 1930, according to her funeral directors records. Unfortunately the fathers name was given as Bett and mothers initials are possiby B and J. I'm aware that I could order a death or birth cert but thought I would try this avenue first.

Thank you



Yorkshire (West Riding) / Edith Alice Johnson-Johnston/e
« on: Saturday 07 May 11 11:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding the parents and marriages for Edith.

Edith Johnson was born 1885 Sheffield, South Yorkshire. I have looked on Ancestry BMD's and census to 1901. I was hoping another set of eyes may pick up something I have missed.

According to her Funeral directors records, Edith's father is a Johnston and an Engineer, her mothers name is Elizabeth, no maiden name given.

Edith was married at the age of 18 (abt 1903) Aboard ship to a ? Simpson and then married again to a William Henry Hitches aged 31 (abt 1916) in Surrey, England.

At this stage I don't know if Edith had any children to Simpson but she did have 2 chilldren to Hitches. An Isobel Betty Simpson Hitches, bmd have her born 1918, Kingston, Surrey, Kent. William Henry Simpson Hitches was born 1922, Croydon, Surrey, Kent. The family moved to NZ I believe about 1922.



New Zealand Completed Requests / AKL probate look up please-COMPLETED
« on: Wednesday 04 May 11 02:30 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

If someone has a chance could they please look up the probate for William Henry Simpson Hitches Mechanic 1958 BBAE 1570 Box 1398 518/1958

Thank you

lil :)

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