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Europe / Cristopher and Fredrick Fisher
« on: Sunday 11 July 10 14:06 BST (UK)  »
I have searched for ages for Hermann and Margarethe Pfisterer from Germany on the 1871 Census. Hermann is on the 1861 Census as living with Christian and Louisa Lindenberger (brother-in-law to head).

Here I only found him by searching for Herman + German in Yorkshire, as his name was transcribed as Plisterer.

Now, by devious methods, I have found:

Fredrick born 1865 and Cristopher born 1868 on the 1871 Census, living with George Hague, born 1832, and his wife born 1826 in Mexborough.

On FindMyPast, they put ??? as to place of birth as ??? but on Ancestry, they give the place of birth as "Cannor Jay". It is actually "cannot say"!

The relationship to "Head" is described on Ancestry as "stepson" but I don't think this is true. Can't find any connections. All I can think is, that these two little boys were parked with the Hagues for the evening of the census or for longer. I can't find out how to post the census sheet on here. Can some kind person have a look for me and see what s/he thinks!

Also having trouble writing this - text keeps bouncing up and down???????

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Marriage Whitlow - Rolinson
« on: Sunday 20 June 10 14:08 BST (UK)  »
I've searched and searched (full subs to FindMyPast and Ancestry) but cannot find a marriage on Free BMD for John Whitlow born 1835, Northwich, Cheshire and Ann Rolinson (Rollinson, Rowlinson).

John Whitlow, born 1835 Northwich and Ann Rolinson born 1830 to Thomas and Esther Rowlinson (info from my cousin).

I have my grandmother's birth certificate, i.e. Jessie Whitlow, born 1869 Northwich to John Whitlow and Ann Whitlow (formerly Rowlinson) but as Ann was obviously illiterate and marked with an X, the Registrar wrote "Rowlinson" which my mother insisted was "Rolinson" and even had my birth certificate rectified to show her correct name as mother: Sybil Rolinson Fisher (Pfisterer).

Would appreciate any help.

Europe / Search, search and search again!
« on: Monday 14 June 10 19:28 BST (UK)  »
This may be rather long but describes my efforts to find a connection between the Pfisterer and the Bauer familes from Germany, which started about 3 years ago:

John Bauer (original name, which they “changed” to “Bower”) of Dörzbach, Germany, came over to England with his brother or cousin,  between 1861 and 1871. They don’t figure on the 1861 Census but they do on the 1871 Census where they are living with Frederick Zissler (spelt wrongly on Census as “Tissler”).
Address is Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland, Durham.

Here they are both described as assistants, birth dates given as Frederick 1850 and John 1851.

The next time I found John, he was married to Mary on the 1881 Census at Queen Street, Horbury, Yorkshire and they had 2 children, Emily and Susan.

Mary Bower’s maiden name is Pfisterer and they married in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1875.

(My assumption is that Mary Pfisterer is Louis Pfister (Pfisterer)’s sister or cousin).

Christina Bauer.  Birth year 1863, (Bower as from now on) is on the 1881 Census as John Bower’s sister, aged 18, and a scholar. On the 1871 Census she was living with Louis Metzger (spelt wrongly as Metzer) and his family in Sheffield, aged 20.

Thereafter she married Louis Pfister (Pfisterer) in 1881 in Bradford Parish Church and their witnesses were John Bower and Katharine Bower (brother and sister of the bride which I have just found out).

John Bower and his wife, Mary, are to be found on the 1891 Census at 69, Mersey Street, Widnes with children, Emily, Louisa, Fred and Albert, 1882 and 1884, respectively, all born Horbury, Yorkshire, with the exception of Emily  who was born Hatfield, Yorkshire. Susan has obviously found an occupation, or married (will research).

So now they are all in Widnes. Katherine Bauer, a witness at Louis and Christina’s wedding, married  Louis Most in 1884. They had 2 children that I know of but Frederick born 1886 (?) died 1887 and Albert Louis, born 1890 died in that year.

Louis Most died in1891 and Katherine Most, now called Kate Most, ran a Pork Butcher’s shop in Widnes and is mentioned in Widnes Directory.

Europe / Asking for details of so-and-so!
« on: Monday 07 June 10 16:36 BST (UK)  »
I've posted this on the Europe Forum because I usually spend most of my time here.

This is by no means a criticism but it would help if someone would say they already have a family tree on Ancestry before asking for details. I guess most want to have details of their ancestors in Germany, etc. but I start in GB looking for details.

I have looked for details of two poster's ancestors today, only to find that I'm following in the searcher's "footsteps".

One, with a most fascinating christian name "Fancy" which altered from Census to Census was interesting to search but I found a family tree with all the details that I'd just searched on Ancestry and Free BMD.

I like helping but I don't like "digging up old graves"  ;)

Thank you!

United States of America / Charles Frederick Fisher (Pfisterer)
« on: Monday 01 March 10 12:56 GMT (UK)  »

I'd been searching Charles Fisher in the US for ages and suddenly found him in a Biographical Review of Des Moines County. It stated he arrived in the US on 4th July 1886, married Mary Knapp in April 1888. I've found him on all the census in Flint River, Des Moines, IA up to 1910, but on the 1915 census, his wife Mary states she is a widow.

Although the Biographical Review gives a glowing report of him: Member of the School Board, Town Treasurer for 2 years, Member of the Knights of Pythďas in which he passed through the chairs, correspondent of the Hawk-Eye, presently on the School Board, etc. etc. I can't find any information as to death date or obituary.

In a moment of madness (or frustration) I sent a mail to the Burlington Council of which he was a trustee for two years (1898). It's even on their website but didn't receive a reply. I know they have more important matters to deal with, believe me.

If someone could just give me an address, a hint, a pointer in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Manchester Grammar School (Owen)
« on: Sunday 07 February 10 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
I should really appreciate any information on my elder brother:

John Christopher Owen (22.09.34 - 20.01.2007)

I think he attended the school during 1940-1950

I lost all our school reports, etc. during a house removal.

Thank you

Europe / Herman Pfisterer
« on: Monday 23 July 07 11:03 BST (UK)  »
Herman Pfisterer is my great grandfather who married Margarethe Brink in Rotherham in 1864. He died in Doncaster in 1875. I found my great grandmother again in the 1881 Mexborough census married (1876) to Robert Wallis with whom she had four further children. Here she gives her place of birth as Kocherstetten in Baden Württemberg but I have no idea where Herman comes from. I think she died in 1891/2 as Robert took all the children to America (Ellis Island). She married Robert Wallis as "Margaret Fisher". My mother was born in 1904 as Sybil Pfisterer, so up to this time, it couldn't have been official.

Yesterday, I decided to put just "Herman" on FindmyPast's 1861 census and, lo and behold, a Herman PLISTERER turned up in Bradford as living with his brother-in-law, Christian Lindenberger. A quick search through BMD gave me the marriage of Louisa Pfisterer to Christian Lindenberger in 1860. Maybe Louisa's marriage certificate will give me some more info. After a long and fruitless search with intervals where I nearly gave up, I feel quite happy! My grandfather, Christian Louis Pfisterer called himself "Christopher Fisher" and his brother, Charles Frederick is probably out there lurking under another name, too. :D


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