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Family History Beginners Board / Re: margaret rudler
« on: Saturday 06 November 21 12:43 GMT (UK)  »
Just as an aside - the birth referred to for a Henrietta Simmons b.1862 Hendon is not the older sister of Malvina.   The GRO's own index now shows that this Henrietta's mothers mothers maiden name was Lark, not Rudler.


The Common Room / Re: Help PLEASE! Frederick Martin (maybe Smith?)
« on: Saturday 06 November 21 04:14 GMT (UK)  »
According to electoral rolls he was Frederick William Martin.

Think you need (in the absence of a marriage certificate) to get the birth certificate of one of the eldest children to establish his occupation so that you can hopefully then find him on the 1911 census.


England / Re: what a brick wall
« on: Friday 05 November 21 21:21 GMT (UK)  »
Just for some clarification, Dorothea's birthdate given as 29/12/1905 in 1939.

Since original poster seems to have the birth certificate of the Ethel Conington birth registered Mar.qtr.1906 does this date tie in?


Added: just found Ethel Conington's baptism on 9/2/1906 Stamford, mother Minnie BUT her birthdate is given too and confirms she was indeed born 29/12/1905!

So, Dorothea Ethel and Ethel Conington are indeed the same person.

Nottinghamshire / Re: Ronald Lee
« on: Friday 05 November 21 20:57 GMT (UK)  »
After studying this family I wondered why he would have died in Leicestershire when family seemed to remain in Mansfield? (Plus there are 2 deaths in 2014 Leicestershire - one bc.1929 and one bc.1934 - both of which are too young!)

Ronald's wife Amy Yates is said to have been born 22/8/1927 and died May 1991 Mansfield (tree on Ancestry).

Don't believe that Ronald himself is shown on 1939 - and probably a redacted entry.   Index shows an entry for his father Albert E., plus some of his known siblings - no Lily shown with the family but she was possibly the one shown as a 'patient' elsewhere.   

I agree that his parents were Albert Edward Lee and Lily Marriott who married 1919 Mansfield.

Albert died Mar.qtr.1942 Mansfield.   At this point, not sure when Lily died.

Ronald Lee's birth entry was in Mar.qtr.1925 so could be a late 1924 birth or early 1925.   Think that  he's the Ronald Lee b.28/12/1924, who died July 2004 Mansfield (and not in 2014).

To proceed with certainty I think you need to get the birth certificate of Robert Lee Mar.qtr.1925 Mansfield, mmn Marriott, to confirm his birthdate and thus identify the correct death entry.


The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary > Summary - Week ending 7th November 2021
« on: Thursday 04 November 21 20:35 GMT (UK)  »
When I grew up you had Yorkshire Pudding with any roast, regardless of what meat it was.  You had a roast, you had yorkies - simples!

Yesterday I had my booster jab - today my arm sore, and itchy, but have felt shivery all day and indeed cold to the touch.  Still in PJ's and dressing gown but have now donned bedsocks and snuggling under blanket.   Finally warming up a little.

Hope I feel better tomorrow as grocery order due and I have to lift 2 heavy bags upstairs.


The Common Room / Re: A. C. Hunt.
« on: Wednesday 03 November 21 17:21 GMT (UK)  »
A C Hunt, pork butcher in Maidenhead, was Albert Cecil Hunt born 15/7/1885 in Soham, Cambridgeshire - still in Maidenhead 1939 but died 1970 in Ealing.

Philip G Hunt born 1926 was son of a Philip Hunt and Elizabeth A M Squelch (lovely name).  Philip Hunt was born 18/11/1902 in Crewe, Cheshire and died 1978 Windsor.

Looking back on census these 2 lines of Hunt are unrelated.


The Common Room / Re: A. C. Hunt.
« on: Wednesday 03 November 21 13:30 GMT (UK)  »
Philip Hunt was born in 1930. He married Beryl Evelyn E Kirtland in 1972 in Windsor, Berkshire.
He died in 1990 at the age of 60.

There isn't a death entry for a Philip Hunt b.1930 in 1990??

According to marriage entry he was a Philip G Hunt, not plain Philip, and would have thought he was the Philip G Hunt born 1926 Windsor (same birth year as Beryl) although can't find a death entry for this person.


Glamorganshire / Re: Henry Thomas Parton
« on: Tuesday 02 November 21 18:33 GMT (UK)  »
So, if all the recent findings are correct, Thomas Parton never actually married 2nd 'wife' Ann (no marriage record).

On 1891 census (5/4/1891) Thomas is a widower and yet just one month later Henry Thomas is born (31/5/1891) supposedly of a lawful union as registered as Parton, mmn Lloyd.

So where was she in 1891?   Although maiden name is Lloyd had she been married already and thus listed under another surname?


Glamorganshire / Re: Henry Thomas Parton
« on: Tuesday 02 November 21 12:52 GMT (UK)  »
His age at enlistment, 1939 register and age at death all suggest a birth year of 1889.


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