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Orkney / Re: 1821 Census?
« on: Thursday 13 April 17 02:06 BST (UK)  »
Success! Finally, after about 5PM Pacific Daylight Time I am a member of OFHS and am a happy researcher.  Thanks Janeology.

Orkney / Re: 1821 Census?
« on: Wednesday 12 April 17 10:47 BST (UK)  »
I guess I'll have to finally admit I'm getting old. I swear that the blue link for Subscribe Online was never there before.  Oh well, they seem to be rejecting my debit card that doesn't expire for more than 4 years anyway. It's 2:30am where I am so maybe I'll wait for more usual banking hours. Thanks again for help.

Orkney / Re: 1821 Census?
« on: Tuesday 11 April 17 23:29 BST (UK)  »
Thanks so much for letting me know. I couldn't find it on their website, or even an email address for them to mail my question.  Unfortunately they make it difficult to join: no way to do it online for a person in the US; surprised they don't have that option. Reckon I'll have to take a giant step back to the 20th century and go buy a postage stamp.

Orkney / Re: 1821 Census?
« on: Friday 07 April 17 11:14 BST (UK)  »
Thank you both. I will write the OFHS and see if 1821 is online for members. The booklet is reasonably price, but the postage to US might break the bank. If 1821 is online I will join their group.

Orkney / 1821 Census?
« on: Friday 07 April 17 09:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello - recently I have been seeing some of my Orkney ancestors cited as being found in the 1821 Orkney census, but without details.  My ancestral Fletts were in Stromness at the time and if this source really exists it might be quite helpful. It appears that someone in the mid-90s was making microfiche copies of it available, but I can't locate a source close enough to view it.

Family of interest is said to be in Quholm, Stromness

Father James Flett wife May or variants
son John b abt 1807

I am hopeful it will show details of several more children.


US Lookup Requests / Re: John Evan Pritchard LA
« on: Saturday 25 July 15 02:01 BST (UK)  »
Washington State:  Death Cert $20 via regular mail; $31.50 via email or phone request.

Evan died 25 Dec 1924 and death info at

If he and John were from Wales, they may have been living together in Seattle in 1910 census.

The Seattle Times, I believe, is available for that date from GenealogyBank.


Sorry - I was composing and double checking some info when the last 4 posts arrived.  Looks like I can definitely eliminate the chemist from consideration.  Now I have to go get some dinner so might be off for a time.


re: Footscray The 3 kids born between 1877 and 1881 are shown on Australia, Birth Index, 1788-1922 are born Footscray and that was what I based my guess on.  1884 birth is in Fitzroy and I thought that might have been a mis-transcription.   1885-1898 births are listed as "Will" or Williamstown.  I see from a map that both Fitzroy and Williamstown are just a few short kilometers from Footscray, so didn't think it was out of the question.

But, there are so many George Mitchell's in the area at the time maybe  it is impossible to positively identify the correct one.



I've done quite a bit of work on this family, so am just looking for info on first of 9 kids George, as well as when father William arrived Australia.

William was born in Aberdeen (prob Old Deer) in 1851, 2d to last of 11 kids of John Mitchell and Ann Smith Manson, and the only one who roamed far from home.
His and Mary's first child was George Mitchell, b. 1877, a  chemist in 1919 with possible spouse named Dorothy May (from electoral Registers); had dau b 1895, as found in online newspaper.

They seem to have lived in Footscray, and although I can find info on marriages and deaths of each of his siblings, I cannot find the same info for him.   He is mentioned as deceased (not surprising) in the obits of two sibs who died in the early 1970s.

In the 1895 census George is referred to as 'a chemist' (he would have been 17 or 18, so married quite young apparently).  Because of this info, there is some possibility the 1895 birth and early 1900s electoral listings are to a completely different Geo. Mitchell.

This isn't hugely important, and I have spent a fair amount of time on it, but I thought I would offer it up for consideration of knowledgeable Australian researchers.


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