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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Brick Wall in 1790's-90's America and Ireland
« on: Tuesday 02 October 12 00:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi - This doesn't make sense... you say in the 1851:
Anne shows birth of 1791 in Ireland. They have a daughter Sarah living with them and she is shown as born 1851
which would make Ann(e) 60 when Sarah was born (and Hugh 69).

Then in the next paragraph you say you can't find either Hugh or Ann in 1841 or 1851 census.

Are the dates quoted wrong?


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Monday 01 October 12 23:51 BST (UK)  »
I want to thank all the participants in this hunt who provided such great information on this family.  I'm fairly certain that we have uncovered just about everything that we could, and with a high degree of "goodness of fit".

Over the weekend I was able to find a possible death for Alexander, b 1802, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, the county adjacent to where his brother Hugh died.  It was in 1876, he was a bachelor born Inverness,Scotland, and the age was right.  In addition, he died of heart disease which seems to be what killed this whole family.   I also found a stone (was sent a photo and inscription by ghostwhisperer) for Eliza's (1812- 1869) and her family at Drumtemple Cemetery.

Finally, I found that Margaret's (b 1809) death was reported in Inverness Town in 1864 by her 18 year old son Colin.

A good week!

Thanks again.


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Sunday 30 September 12 05:54 BST (UK)  »
Thank you both again, Deb and JM.

JM - I'm grateful we have someone on this who is so familiar with the Australian records... I am a loss at them.

I should have noticed that "St Saviour Argyle" didn't sound like a Presbyterian church;  but I do have a presby Scots 2x great grandfather that married his first wife (of this Chisholm family) in a presby church and his second, equally presby Scots wife in an Anglican church (both in Nova Scotia).  Now if St Saviour had been Catholic I would have been worried...

I've been trying - without success -to find something on this Cameron family to see if it helps explain anything.

I also have to wonder if the action against William in Australia in 1858 had anything to do with him being cited in the 1858 Scotland sequestration of his brother Donald's estate, also in 1858.  I suspect it was coincidence that they happened about the same time.

I'll probably have to break down and get the 1864 death cert for William, but I think that would be it.  If it doesn't have all the pertinent fields (e.g mother's maiden name) filled in then it will be too bad.

One correction:  in 1855 William (1839) had been in Australia just over 15 years.


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Saturday 29 September 12 07:31 BST (UK)  »
Hello JM,

Sorry but I am confused.  Who is Margaret H. Chisholm?  The Chisholm in NSW was William, and in 1855 he married Mary Cameron.  Mary's father (from the wedding registration) was James, but I don't think it is likely that the Mary Cameron who wed Wm Chisholm is the same as the Margaret Chisholm who died in Forbes in 1890.

Excuse me if I am reading this wrong; I am a bit loopy after working on this family almost constantly for the past week.


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Friday 28 September 12 23:49 BST (UK)  »
I did a search on Novar Arms and one of first hits was a 2 yr old RC thread.  I posted this:,478196.msg4660959.html#msg4660959

I also wrote to Novar Arms asking if they had any history and am hoping for old photos.

Thanks for pointing out the 1867 was a mistranscription - I probably wouldn't have caught it.

I was thinking along the same lines, with some additional ideas:  William marries, possibly for the first time, when he is about 40-41; has a child 15 months later; she dies probably before she is 2 yrs old; he can't pay his bills and loses what he owns.

The 1858 date of his daughter's death could have more significance if the school also closed/moved that year, or if his grief kept him from working, or his wife's grief demanded his full attention; all kinds of possibilities.  I've seen what the death of a child can do to a family.

Add all this to a family tendency to die relatively young and...



Inverness / Re: Evanton, Easter Ross
« on: Friday 28 September 12 23:11 BST (UK)  »
This thread is almost 2 years old, but I thought you might be interested in this:  My 3x greats grandfather's sister (Ann Chisholm) and husband (Roderick Munro) were likely first owners/operators of the Novar Arms.  They are shown there in 1851 census (Evanton Inn), and since it is on "Balconie Street" probably also in 1841.

They died there in 1856 and 1869 respectively.

I currently have a Scavenger Hunt going on the Chisholms that has uncovered this info.


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Friday 28 September 12 22:55 BST (UK)  »
Nice old pic of Novar Arms (which still is in operation... wonder if they have history/photos, etc?)

I should have given a link for the Wm Chisholm marriage.  Here it is:

In case that doesn't work, I used the Australia section of family search; selected marriages 1810-1980 database and searched for william chisholm.  He is first hit.  Doesn't specify anything other than NSW  (which I always thought meant photographs that were "Not Safe for Work").  :P

And, I am nearly always up until 4 am... I am trying to change my evil ways.


The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Friday 28 September 12 22:14 BST (UK)  »
Deb, you must have magic search fingers.  I searched Trove and Am Baile and only found a fraction of the links to Wm Chisholm and Murdoch Bayne that you did.

Also, good find on Donald & Mary "Bain" in 1861; I had assumed Donald had died and now I can check them for marriages, etc in scotlandspeople.

I've sent a request to NAS for a quote on obtaining the 1863 sequestration file.

From Wiki, it appears the original location of the Goulburn Grammar school changed about 1858.  Couldn't find anything later, but early, early this a.m. I found a link to  the Goulburn Historical Society and sent email asking if they had info on William.

WOW!  I just noticed that the Ross letter to Chisholm is dated 1867... that implies that the 1864 death in Forbes (300+ km from Goulburn) is not our man.

I am now going to look more into requesting the Am Baile notices, but suspect they are not much more extensive than the brief bits shown.



The Common Room / Re: nickgc's Scavenger Hunt...Everyone Welcome To Join In
« on: Friday 28 September 12 20:47 BST (UK)  »
Thanks majm for your earlier notes... I was too  tired when I saw them to respond, but they look good.

My Deb, you have been busy.  I am just starting my first cup of coffee (I know it's noon, but I wasn't in bed until after 4 am), so give me an hour or so to assimilate all the great stuff you found.  Really looks like we have the right William.


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