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"W.C. BRIGHT" proved to be  William Champneys BRIGHT - who died at Auckland in 1948.
A most generous benefactor in more ways than one ... the information given in relation to the bequests he made, really is "gold"  !!  ;)

The Will begins at Image # 171 ... names his wife Mabel Lilian BRIGHT ?? ... then goes on to mention his sister-in-law Caroline GREIG and her son Charles Cecil GREIG.
It's not until the next page (Image # 172),  that things are made clearer.
... Charles PERRY, Main Street, Palmerston North ... brother of my late wife

So while I've been able to establish that Mr BRIGHT's late wife was Alice PERRY (bc. 1865) - still haven't come across a marriage registration (in NZ at least).  It appears that they did not have children.  Alice BRIGHT died 12 July 1944 aged 77 years - she shares a plot with William C. BRIGHT at Auckland's Purewa Cemetery.

The other beneficiaries are -

...   "my niece,  Jessie PERRY of Caversham, Dunedin" - [whom I assume is Jessie Eliza Gray PERRY - d/o Arthur ??]

...   "my nephew, Arthur PERRY of Christchurch ???  [seems Arthur resided mostly in Dunedin ??]

... "my niece Mavis BIRCH of Longburn  [ this is Mavis Amuri PERRY marr. BIRCH - d/o Charles PERRY and Mary C. McKEGG]

...  "my niece Ivy SEYMOUR of Rainton Street, Dunedin" [appears to be Ivy nee PERRY another of Arthur's daughters  ] :

All other named beneficiaries, are associated with William's  BRIGHT family.

So thanks to Mr BRIGHT for his assistance with this "PERRY family jigsaw".    ;D

I have a good deal of other bits and pieces for the PERRY lot in general, will add them slowly in following posts.

    ~  Lu


There were three John - Eliza Perry births in NZ in 1865, 1870, 1873 (can't guarantee where, but it would leave room for Arthur!)

Hi Jan

So following on from jon's  NZ Birth index findings above [and discounting Caroline (b. 1873) for whom info has already been given here] .... can confirm that the 1865 [Alice Eliza PERRY] and 1870 [Eliza PERRY] births, are part of Arthur's family (- indeed, they are, > along with Caroline, > his sisters). 
BUT, there was also another child to Eliza PERRY (snr) whose birth was registered at Dunedin in 1878 - namely Charles PERRY.  His father's name is not included in the birth registration listing.

I'd found Charles PERRY when searching electoral rolls earlier and on re-checking saw he was also at Cameron Street, Caversham - along  with Eliza PERRY (snr).   ??? 
And it was only by following up on him - and after many dead ends in not being able to positively  match him to Arthur's family - actually exploring further, a monetary item mentioned in his Will.   Bingo !!     (It did take a while though. )  ;D   

Details to follow of the man who supplied the information that ties all the parts of this PERRY family together.   
But a little more about Charles PERRY > >

^   In March 1903 he married at Dunedin to Mary Clayton McKEGG.    They soon moved to live in Palmerston North (and at times lived close by to his sister Caroline (YATES) GREIG).   There was one child of the marriage, Mavis Amuri PERRY who married Wesley Francis BIRCH in 1927.
Mary Clayton PERRY the wife of Charles, died in 1926.  He re-married just a couple of years before he died in 1952.

^  Probate file  with copy of  Will for Charles PERRY ... at Image # 37 ... "Interest in Estate of W. C. BRIGHT - L 377-0-0" (377 pounds).

Next to find the mystery person "W.C. BRIGHT" .   ::)

   ~  Lu   
                                                                              continues next >>

Edited only for clarity :

Hi Jan

Following on from the good "digging" done earlier by jonw65, I have some further information which comes from a somewhat unlikely source, but ties up the various PERRY family members already mentioned in this thread.   ;)

Hope to get around to posting it here later this morning.

    ~  Lu

Good morning Jan ... thanks for the clarification and apologies for bombarding you with questions.  ;)

I can understand the position you're in with researching this for someone else.
I'd agree, bringing your cousin on board here, seems like a very good idea.  ;)

Have some more info to add, shortly.

   ~  Lu


Sorry, my mistake, sorry Death Certificate has arrived of Arthur Perry 14.8.1936 died  at 8 Richmond Street, South Dunedin, showing 3 Sons and 3 Daughters.


Hi again Jan

** Can you please tell us if the death Certificate (or "printout") has the names Arthur's parents ... his mother's maiden name and his father's occupation.  ?

    ~   Lu

Hi Jan

Thanks for the updated info and clarification.

Yes, I can see that marriage record (transcription of same) PERRY-DAVEY - 1863 at the Cornwall site.

**   But interested to know (and I think question was asked earlier in this thread? ), how it is that your cousin knows that Arthur PERRY's parents, hailed from Cornwall, UK.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until 1875 that "Marriage details/age and birthplaces of Parents on [New Zealand]  Birth Registrations" came into effect.    So that extra information won't be available from Arthur's 1867 Birth registration.  :(

  ~  Lu

Hi Jan

The record I referred to earlier (from the draft Richardson tree), was the note relating to the ordering of the New Zealand marriage certificate for Arthur PERRY and Mary (Reid) EVANS - year 1889.
This was where it said  {Certificate ordered 7 February 2019}. 

Can you clarify if that's the one that hasn't arrived (you've said "death certificate"  has still not arrived, in your post) ??  ;)

    ~  Lu

NZ School records :

Just a shout out   :) .... can anybody help please with a Dunedin school record for Arthur PERRY born November 1867 ??

His obituary states he was ...  born at Castle Street ... educated at the George Street and Normal Schools.

      ~  Lu

... incidentally, meant to mention that a daughter (1902) of Arthur PERRY and Mary EVANS, was named Jessie Eliza Gray PERRY ( a 'nod" to his mother's maiden name, perhaps ??)

    ~  Lu

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