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Lanarkshire / Re: Agnes Street, Maryhill - where buried?
« on: Wednesday 15 July 20 10:34 BST (UK)  »
The 1905 Valuation Roll at lists 12 tenants at 36 Agnes Street, so it looks as if this address was a tenement block.

In 1915 and 1920 one of the tenants is William Holliday. In 1925 he is listed as William Halliday. He is last listed in 1930, as William Holliday.

Possibly the same person, there is one death listed in the Maryhill district in 1944 - William Holliday aged 79

Technical Help / Re: iPad problem
« on: Monday 13 July 20 19:45 BST (UK)  »
You may have to use recovery mode on the iPad (holding the home button and power button until you see the recovery screen) and then connect the iPad to a computer with iTunes installed. (The method of accessing the recovery mode does vary depending upon which generation of iPad you are working on )

Using iTunes you should then be able to Reset the ipad

Read about it at

Technical Help / Re: iPad problem
« on: Monday 13 July 20 18:56 BST (UK)  »
Have you tried deleting the freeserve account from the listed email accounts

The factory reset normally doesn’t need anything more than your Apple ID and Apple password

Scotland / Re: Precognition - what does this mean?
« on: Saturday 04 July 20 20:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi did you get any further with the  'Result of precognition'.  I have found a member of my families death registration with this on it.  No other cause of death and the death was registered by the chief constable.  Also says ' in a drain in barefoot' … which makes no sense at all.

thanks for any enlightenment you can give


Where a death occurs in a public place the Procurator Fiscal  has a duty to investigate. The preliminary investigation would have been carried out by the Police and a report of their findings submitted to the Fiscal. Upon receipt of the report the Fiscal  could decide to investigate further and in this capacity would formally interview the witnesses (the precognition) before deciding upon any further action.

The Common Room / Re: Burials without memorials
« on: Thursday 02 July 20 12:53 BST (UK)  »
Don't think it's included on Scottish certificates, either.

It was recorded for a short period 1855 to 1860
Place of burial, name of undertaker and when the doctor last saw the deceased alive (1855-1860)

Technical Help / Re: problems uploading google chrome
« on: Thursday 02 July 20 12:36 BST (UK)  »
Check your settings as it suggests and then ignore it. It's one of the ways in which Microsoft try to retain control over what programs (Apps) you use

Or if you wish you can check the Microsoft Store and find out if Google Chrome is available there - I've just checked it doesn't appear to be available although there are several guides and add ons for sale.

Technical Help / Re:
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 16:23 BST (UK)  »
My computer is Windows XP.

Unfortunately the latest version of Chrome to work on Windows XP was version 49 - the current version of Chrome is around 73.

Family search like many online entities have been phasing out support for older Browsers quoting security concerns as the primary reason. Family search state that for full functionality of their site in Chrome you need the current version or Current version -1 (ie v72 or 73) - they then have a sliding scale of functionality to the dreaded X - browser not supported.

If you haven't seen a "Browser not supported" message there may be hope and I would second the suggestion to try clearing cookies and cache.

or you could try their "lite" version at

Buteshire / Re: Boyle of High Street Rothesay
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 16:03 BST (UK)  »
Is this your Hugh?

1901 Census 129 High Street Rothesay

Hugh Boyle , 61, born Ireland, Quarryman
Eliz Boyle, 52, born Ireland
Daniel Boyle , 24, born Rothesay, Quarryman
James Boyle; 20, born Rothesay, Ships Steward
Hugh Boyle, 16, born Rothesay, Butcher
Mary A Boyle, 8 , born Rothesay, Scholar

Buteshire / Re: Boyle of High Street Rothesay
« on: Thursday 25 June 20 10:22 BST (UK)  »
There is a Daniel Boyle in the 1881 census in Kingarth who was born Ireland he is a 25 year old Farmservant working & living on Barefield Farm, Kingarth - so obviously too young

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