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Horsleydown - so are you saying that this John NORTHEND could be the stepfather of said Thomas and not necessarily the father of his wife, Johanne BEST?
Another avenue to follow, then. Thanks for that.

Yes; as it was used at the time, the term father-in-law can have both meanings.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Latin Probate
« on: Tuesday 13 October 20 21:24 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Bookbox. After staring at this thing so long, it's strange to see it written in modern language.

I will have to do more research to see what happened to his children. His first-born, as far as I can tell was Elizabeth and she doesn't seem to be named either.

As the Will was written in January 1591/2, and probate done in June 1592, his wife must have died very soon after Thos. I will see if I  can find her death. Also more about John Northend.

Frustrating is an understatement Goldie. But the challenge is what keeps us going with FH.

I am grateful for the help you have both given.

Horsleydown - so are you saying that this John NORTHEND could be the stepfather of said Thomas and not necessarily the father of his wife, Johanne BEST? If so, I can't see any way to sort it.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Latin Probate
« on: Tuesday 13 October 20 09:03 BST (UK)  »
This is my continuation of the translation that I have already had so much assistance with.

Attached is the Probate section in Latin of the Will of one Thomas Mortimer which I would like help with, please. I am hoping that someone can find the name of his wife in amongst the few lines below, commencing after the words "w(i)th others".

Thanks and fingers crossed,

Thank you Goldie and Horsleydown. Between you, and my own meagre efforts, I now have everything down to the Probate, which you say is in Latin. And still no nearer to finding any connection to my family. Definitely not the 12 x g.g.f. I was hoping for as his wife's maiden name would be BEST, not NORTHEND - the name of Thomas's father in law.

However, I have others of the same name (Thos.Mortimer) around the same time and will see if I can find a connection to one of them.

As suggested by you, Goldie, I am just about to post under the title Latin Probate as a new topic to see if someone can translate the Probate part for me.

As far as I am concerned, this topic can be closed. Do I do that myself or is it done by the Moderator, please?

With gratitude and thanks,

Hi again, now that Sarah has kindly unlocked my topic after I stupidly locked it, I will post a further section for scrutiny.
However, I will not have time to chop it into pieces and Post until quite late in the afternoon tomorrow,Tuesday in Oz. 
The first third of it hasn't confirmed, or otherwise, that this is the Probate for my 12 x g.g.f. so it's Press Forward, as the Mortimer Motto says.   ;D
I will be back soon.

Thank you, Sarah. I am an idiot and apologise for the trouble.

 :D Attached are the section of the Probate that I have worked on to date, as well as the meagre amount that I have been able to work out - or perhaps guess might be a better word. I find that Wills are written in a very careful hand, whereas this Secretary's Hand is positively dreadful. If it is possible for you to take a look to see if I am on the right track, I would be grateful.


Thanks Goldie for the additional information. I have downloaded 5 printed pages this arvo, and now your extra makes it up to 6! I am enjoying it but very little time to spare. I tend to get my nose into anything to do with FH and all else goes out the window. I have my main meal of the day in the middle of the day - today it was 2.45 before I sat down to it  ??? Crazy or what?
Hopefully I will chat again soon.
Everyone is so very kind and helpful on this Forum.

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