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England / I'm Stuck again
« on: Thursday 28 February 08 10:54 GMT (UK)  »
As the heading say's ...I am so stuck again,
My great grandmother is so elusive, i am just about going to give up on finding her.

I received my great aunt death and birth certificates last Friday, the birth certificate sprung up a surprise for my gr grandmother with her maiden name.
I have been led to beleive that her maiden name was always Brotherton ???

My great aunt is Rose Brotherton b 20th Feb 1906 - Paddington
Father - Alfred Brotherton deceased - occ Stableman
Mother - Rose Brotherton formerly Yarnold/s

Here is the crop bit of the certificate just for someone to check and agree it is Yarnold

So me being me i done a marriage search and only 1 marriage came up with Alfred Brotherton between 1900 - 1906 qtr 1.
I ordered this marriage cert on Monday but done a reference check with the Yarnold surname, GRO have just emailed saying Yarnold is not on the certificate.

I have also done a Army marriage check and nothing came up with Alfred Brotherton. Nor has a Rose Yarnold.
Perhaps they was married in the 1890's, but the only problem is that Rose Yarnold/s has not come up in any marriage search i have done, the only thing i can say is that it was a Banns marriage

I have also done a check on Alfred Brotherton death and i can't find him at all in the indexes ???

I was hoping to get her marriage certificate as it would possibly tell me her age and her father's name, as i really don't know anything about her, only thing i do know is that she married a possible 3 times and that is a bit elusive cause i can't find anything on the marriages.

I am just about going to give up on my great grandmother

Any help will be so much greatly appreciated
Thanking in advance


England / Blackman marriage help
« on: Sunday 20 January 08 10:21 GMT (UK)  »
Good morning,

I am trying to find the marriage of

George Blackman & Ellen Rosina Blackman nee Brown ,

 they are the parents which are on the birth certificate of Charles Blackman b 1908 Paddington whom married my grandmother (first marriage)

I have checked freebmd and ancestry to no avail, perhaps i have missed them somewhere.

I would presume they were married between the years 1900 - 1908

They had another son called Frederick whom was older.

Thanking in advance for any help


The Common Room / Hit a brickwall
« on: Saturday 15 December 07 10:04 GMT (UK)  »
First of all i would like to say thank you to all the help i have received from Barbara, Osprey and alike, without you i would of not got as far as i have now.
Thank You very much :)

I need help once again with this brickwall :(

With Barbara's help she found a 1901 census return of my great nan
Rosaline Marks nee Brotherton.
I do have their marriage certificate now, the marriage took place in Bethnal Green 1894. Fathers name Henry Brotherton, witness Alice Brotherton.
Rosaline's age 17 at the time of the marriage.Probably born 1877
Her husband Alfred passed away in 1901, i have all of his BMD indexes and census returns.

Now i have hit a brickwall

I can't find Rosaline birth index nor can i find her and her father in any census returns before 1901, it is not the want of trying she has elluded me  :(

The only things i can think of is she is an army birth or her family was living abroad somewhere and her mother maybe not born in the UK. The reason why i say that, looking at the pics of my grandmother she had a hint of a darker skin. I could be barking up the wrong tree.

Next bit :D

Rosaline then may have married or not married a Charles Stone, they had 3 children one of which was my grandmother Gladys E Stone.
But on Gladys's birth certificate it say's mother Rose Stone nee Brotherton
father Charles Stone.

I have found a death index for a Rosaline M Stone in 1955 aged about 78.

Any help or any information don't matter how small, i would be so grateful


Buckinghamshire / Weston Turville-Aston Clinton
« on: Friday 07 December 07 08:50 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry for asking for help again, i am just totally stuck on the census returns.

Going by the marriage certificate of my great grandparents in 1906 the names are
Athur William Brooks - Father George Brooks
Annie Eliza Rolfe - Father George Rolfe

For Annie i have gone back to when she was 8 years old in the 1891 census and gone back futher with her parents and their parents, i am quite happy with that. I think Annie went to London to work as a servant between 1891 & 1901 census as she does not appear on the family group census in 1901

I am stuck with Arthur William Brooks father George Brooks

in 1901 census there are

George Brooks aged 50 born about 1851 in Gt Hampden Bucks
Wife Sarah Brooks aged 46 born about 1855 in Weston Turville

Arthur W Brooks aged 17 born abt 1884
Harry Brooks aged 12 born about 1889
John Brooks aged 15 born about 1886
All the cheildren was born in Weston Turville.

In the 1891 census there are 2 more children and George's birth place
changes to Wendover Bucks
The 2 other children are
Florence Brooks aged 8 born about 1883
Rose Brooks aged 13 born about 1878
Children born in Weston Turville

In the 1881 census it say's

George Brooks aged 28 born about 1853 and born in Hampden Bucks
Sarah Brooks (wife) is the same through out the census
Rose Brooks aged 3 born about 1878

After this i lose George Brooks, but i am 100% sure that 1881 census for George Brooks birth is wrong, because his wife is right and his daughter is right.

I was hoping to find George Brooks, his parents and perhaps other siblings for George in the census returns.

I hope i made sense.

Any help will be so much greatly appreciated


Armed Forces / Army Births
« on: Sunday 02 December 07 09:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am stuck on this.

Going by a 1901 census, which i am 90% sure is my great grandmother and uncles.

Both children of my great grandmother was born in Caris Egypt.


Alfred P Marks aged 5 at the time of the census
Walter R Marks aged 3 at the time of the census

How do i go about searching for their birth certificates, i have tried Ancestry to no avail.

Also to make matters worse i think my great grandmother was not born in the UK and may have been an army baby herself with her parents on duty abroad.

I don't have world access to ancestry only UK & Ireland

Many thanks in advance for your help


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Workhouses ? Completed
« on: Sunday 02 December 07 09:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, i hope this is the right place to post for workhouses.

From what my parents have told me that my great nan died in a workhouse.
The name of the workhouse so they think is Loughborough Lodge and they are pretty sure it was somewhere in London. But they don't know when she died or how old she was.

I don't know when workhouse ceased.

Any help or any links of information will be so much appreciated


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / Birth Index Look up Completed
« on: Friday 23 November 07 11:34 GMT (UK)  »

I am having trouble finding the birth index for Roy Arthur Brooks
Born 1939 not sure of the month but it could be Feb
Mothers maiden name Stone

I have searched so many times, unless i have missed it somewhere, i am hoping someone with fresh eyes will be able to find it.

Many thanks in advance


Buckinghamshire / In search of my grandfather etc
« on: Saturday 10 November 07 14:26 GMT (UK)  »


I was wondering if anyone can help me search for my grandfathers birth and marriage certs.. I have had so much trouble in trying to search for these.

My grandfathers name is Frederick William Francis Brooks
Born on around 18th Jan 1901
Mothers Maiden name Gladstone.
Fathers name not sure
Area- Aston Clinton or it maybe Weston Turville
He died 28th October 1968 (london- north circular road)

He married

Gladys Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Stone (maiden)
her married name was Blackman
inbetween 1957-58 in middlesex not sure what parish/township

On i have done an exact search and nothing comes up, but if i untick that exact search i have 1000's come up and most are not revelant to the search i am making.

Any help or information will be greatly appreciated

Many thanks in advance


ps.. I do subcribe to, and if anyone comes up with a cert can you please post the page link, i can then order the certs...Thank you

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