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Devon Completed Lookup Requests / BEAVIS Family.. Completed with thanks
« on: Sunday 08 March 09 08:47 GMT (UK)  »
Good morning,

I am researching the Beavis family for a friend of mine.

I have a William Edward Beavis born 1887, Rockbeare, Devon, I have found him on 1901 census with his parents William Z & Sarah Beavis

Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 2037; Folio: 20; Page: 3

William & Sarah married 1886, St Thomas district, Devon

But can't find the family on 1891 census, i was hoping to find more children born to them.

I do have William & Sarah census returns before marriage.

Any help to find them in 1891 will be so much appreciated

Many thanks in advance


Hello all,

I am researching the Bushnell family for a freind

I am wondering if you can help me,

James Bushnell was born 6 Feb 1874, St James, Holborn, parents are James Bushnell, fruit Salesman and Sarah Bushnell nee Sergeant.

I can't find James snr & Sarah's marriage.

I found James jnr and his wife Elizabeth and children on 1901 census
Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 258; Folio: 47; Page: 35

James & Elizabeth married in 1893, St Peters, Clerkenwell, James father was deceased and was a Potato Merchant.

I think i may have found James jnr and his mother on 1891 census, but it says Sarah is sister in law to head, i don't think this is right.
Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 247; Folio 87; Page 32; GSU roll: 6095357

I can't find James snr & Sarah on any census before 1891, and was hoping if anyone can help find them.

Many many thanks in advance


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help to decipher surname
« on: Friday 06 March 09 14:30 GMT (UK)  »

Good afternoon,

I need some help to decipher maiden name please.

I am sure it is Sarah Bushnell formely Sergeant, just need confirmation.

Many thanks in advance

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help deciphering Birth Index
« on: Tuesday 17 February 09 14:34 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon,

I have done a screen print of a birth index for Elizabeth Sarah Binney, the actual qtr is Sep birth year is 1857, i am 99% sure she was born Plymouth Devon.

I was hoping someone can help me with the rest for me

Many thanks in advance


Devon Lookup Requests / Samuel GOFF birth Plymouth
« on: Tuesday 17 February 09 14:29 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone can help me with fresh eyes

I am trying to search for a birth index of a Samuel Emanuel Goff, I can't find him  ???
He was born between 1857-1858, Plymouth as far as i know going by his marriage cert aged 20
He married Elizabeth Sarah Binney b 1857 Plymouth in 1878, Plymouth

Many thanks in advance


Armed Forces / HMS Ship name
« on: Monday 09 February 09 13:00 GMT (UK)  »
Good afternoon,

I was wondering if someone maybe able to help in decipher the name of the ship from a birth cert in 1886, Plymouth

I thought at first it was HMS Harty, but i think i am wrong

The father's name is Samuel Emmanuel Goff and classed as seaman on his occupation.

Also would there be any info on the Ship and also Samuel ?

Many thanks in advance for any help


Herefordshire / Rosina Brotherton b1877
« on: Wednesday 21 January 09 11:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I am having trouble finding my possible gt grandmother on the census, perhaps fresh eyes may help

my gt grandmothers name is Rose/Rosina/Roseline Brotherton born 15 March 1877 Bromyard, her parents on the birth cert is Henry Brotherton labourer & Mary Yarnold.

I don't know anything else about Rose's parents apart from what is on the birth cert, nor do i know of any siblings.

Rose is on 1901 census with her husband Alfred Marks in Shoreditch London
but no place of birth nor year of birth given. I have the marriage cert, fathers name is Henry Brotherton occupation Miner. Witness for Rose is Alice Brotherton.
I have the childrens birth certs

Source Citation: Class: RG13; Piece: 268; Folio: 110; Page: 38

On 1911 census she is living with Charles Stone (my gt grandfather) and said she was born 1877 (34), Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, i would presume that Forest of Dean spans Hereford & Worcestershire.

Any help will be so much appreciated


England / Sent to prison
« on: Wednesday 01 October 08 23:21 BST (UK)  »

Hello all,

I have found out from a uncle and a second cousin who don't know each other, that my gt grandmother was convicted of theft and sent to prison for a couple of years.

My gt grandmother was working for the Post Office at the time and going by what my uncle said it was the first woman to be sent to prison in the post office workforce. I am not sure when this happened, i can only assume it was between 1900-1930. ??? It may well of been in the London area. All i know from family stories that she was a wheeler and dealer, into everything

My gt grandmother is and still is a mystery as i don't really know anything about her as there is so many surnames for her.

If anyone can give me some advice on how to find out about her time in prison and or point me in the right direction, i will so much grateful


London & Middlesex Completed Lookup Requests / A Long Shot Completed with thanks
« on: Tuesday 12 August 08 09:53 BST (UK)  »
I have been told that my ancestors owned a boarding house in Hackney, but do not know of their last names. I know they still owned the boarding house in the 1930's. I am sure the christian name is a Rose

The address was 88 Nichols Square, Hackney, i know it got demolished years ago.

I was wondering and hoping if anyone can search for who owned it and whether it was in the directory.

I am sorry i am vague on this, this has only come to light in the past day or two
and no more info has come forward on this

Any help will be most grateful


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