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Technical Help / Updating Ancestry Tree
« on: Wednesday 13 February 08 10:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there,

I have my tree on, but I do all the adding and amending on Genes Reunited.

I want to update my tree on Ancestry without deleting all the pictures I have uploaded.  I have the tree exported from GR as a gedcom file, but I can't work out how to use it to import it to Ancestry to update the ancestry version.  The only two options in Ancestry appear to be 'export' and 'delete' and I don't want to do either, I want to import and update.

Am I missing something?

Thanks if anyone cal help me...


The Common Room / Missing Groom!
« on: Sunday 20 January 08 18:46 GMT (UK)  »
How do I go about finding the name of a missing groom?

Q1 1888
Name of bride Eleanor Jones
Mile End Old Town.

There are only three names that match the reference (1c 644).  I'm pretty sure the missing one is the groom of my Eleanor.

How can I find out his name without ordering a certificate please?

Census and Resource Discussion / 1901 Address Lookup please?
« on: Monday 14 January 08 13:40 GMT (UK)  »
I wonder if someone with access to the 1901 census would do an address lookup for me please?

14 or 15 Clarence Street, Bethnal Green, London.

I'm hoping to see Jones, or Rondeau or Stanley...

Many thanks in advance.

The Common Room / How Long Before I Call Them?
« on: Friday 11 January 08 13:05 GMT (UK)  »
I ordered three certificates from the GRO on January 2nd.  The estimated dispatch date was 8th Jan, but two of the three certs arrived (in separate envelopes) on January 6th.

The third certificate still hasn't arrived.

Is it too early to call them and chase it?  Is it likely to have been sent with the others and lost in the post, or do certificates sometimes take a lot longer then the estimate?

What would you do?

Family History Beginners Board / Are Workhouse Records available?
« on: Tuesday 08 January 08 08:56 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if records exist still for the workhouse?  Specifically Bethnal Green Workhouse around 1860-1870.

My great, great grandmother gave birth to a daughter there in 1868, no father named on the birth certificate.  In 1861 she was 16 and living with her future husband's oldest brother as a servant, and by 1871 she had married my great, great grandfather.  I'm interested to know the circumstances of her finding herself in the workhouse, when people would rather starve to death on the street than enter one.

Are there records available?

The Common Room / Keeping Up With The Jones's
« on: Tuesday 18 December 07 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
My great grandfather was an enigma.  Born Thomas Jones in London, all we knew of him was that he married my great grandmother Ellen Rondeau in 1913 (six years after my grandmother was born), he had a brother called George who died in France in 1916 and he worked for the brewery looking after the horses.

We asked my grandmother and her sister before they died for family memories, and they said they never met any other family on their father's side.

Scroll forward to one year ago and Yours Truly decides to start the family tree.

I find brother George Jones on the CWGC web site from the service number on his WW1 medals, and that tells me that he was 43 when he died in 1916 and his mother and father were called George and Martha Jones.  I have my great grandfather's marriage and death certs which tell me his age at death (51) meaning that he was born in 1881 and his father's name on his marriage certificate is given as George Jones, Shipping Agent.

So far so good...

I trawl through all the census records for the time and eventually find George Jones, Shipping Agent of the right age, married to Martha of the right (and fairly unusual) name (GRIM), with son George, son Thomas and two other daughters (Elizabeth and Eleanor) that I never knew existed.

I found the likely marriage of George Jones and Martha Grim at St. James the Great, Bethnal Green, in 1871 and it gives his father's name as Thomas Jones, deceased.

Now, the only Thomas Jones in the area with a son called George of the right age is a brewers agent, BUT, he was still alive in 1871 when George and Martha married.

However, there was another Jones family in the right place, at the right time, with all the right ages, but the father's name wasn't Thomas, it was John.  Added to this is the fact that Martha Grim was a servant in the house of the eldest Jones son in 1861.  Right age, right name.

Now to add to the mixture, George and Martha had a daughter Ruth in 1868 before they got married and the same (perhaps eldest brother) of George had a Ruth Jones of the right age living in his house in the 1881 census and she was listed as his niece.

Still with me?  Well done...

Now, which of the two Jones families is more likely to be a match?  The one with the correct father's name but the wrong death date, or the wrong father's name and the other bits and pieces that do add up?

I know that Jones is a fairly common name, but does the co-incidence about the brother with Martha Grim and Ruth Jones make it an almost certain?

Any and all advice or suggestions gratefully received.

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