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The Common Room / Re: The harrowing lives of Pauper Apprentices in Yorkshire.
« on: Friday 19 May 23 11:32 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for that David, a very interesting read. And a salutary reminder that child exploitation continues.

Am halfway through the article Marmalady posted and will work my way through the rest.


The Common Room / Re: The harrowing lives of Pauper Apprentices in Yorkshire.
« on: Thursday 18 May 23 10:44 BST (UK)  »
That's interesting. Part of our oft forgotten history. Fanny Trollope wrote a really interesting novel - my view :) - about child slave labour in the factories/mills. Although she came under a lot of criticism at the time she also brought the issue to a previously unaware public which apparently raised support for the 1844 Factory Act.

"The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong - The Factory Boy" Well worth a read.


The Common Room / Re: What happened to John Hunt, born Leicester 1848?
« on: Wednesday 17 May 23 11:31 BST (UK)  »
This doesn't help with what happened to him but a couple of addresses.

This is his entry in "Leicester Portrait Photographers before 1900" compiled by Jonathan Wilshere published 1988.

"John Hunt 309 Countesthorpe Road 1886-1900; 87 Saffron Lane 1895"

I believe the information is taken from Directories.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: family trees
« on: Friday 21 April 23 10:16 BST (UK)  »
Following branches often helps in establishing you have the correct family and can sometimes help with brick walls.

However, the main reason I follow branches is that I get completely sidetracked. It's like reading a novel, I want to know what happens. So when a brother/sister/cousin emigrates to Canada/New Zealand/South Africa etc I want to find out if it worked out for them - and thank you to those indefatigable rootschatters in Canada and elsewhere who have helped me so much over the years.

Also you get to learn so much about trades etc - I knew quite a bit about farming, milling, hosiery and rail workers but for example sugarbakers and the 19th century immigration of Hanoverian workers was a completely new subject.

And then the day I found a second cousin of Granny's had designed a hall which I'd often visited along with other buildings in the area.

And many more surprises, distractions, stories.


The Common Room / Re: What happened to Esther Price (nee Hunt), born 1788?
« on: Saturday 08 April 23 11:26 BST (UK)  »
I've only looked at Thomas's baptism which I found at FindMyPast but if you look at the beginning of the register it states "This is the General or Conference Baptism Register of the Methodist New Connexion. Besides this there are in the Community numerous other Registers kept in the Chapels throughout the Connexion - these may be called local ones. This General or Conference register has been kept by the (book?) steward of the Connexion from the time it was first used...."

It is a lengthy note but it is signed by Wm Shuttleworth, the Editor (and something I can't make out) & Steward of the Book Room of the Methodist Connexion. The place given is Abraham's Court, Market Street, Manchester.

So it looks as if your assumption is correct. The Methodist Connexion Chapels kept their own registers but there was also a main one kept in Manchester. I suppose a bit like the PRs and BTs.


Just a thought and I expect you already know this but there are gaps in some parish registers during the Civil War and Commonwealth periods (1642-1660) so the marriage might not have been recorded.


The Common Room / Re: Does anyone know Pam?
« on: Tuesday 21 February 23 15:38 GMT (UK)  »
I've found the rules for Flinch and the cards are just like our PAM cards. Looks as if Mvann has cracked it. I shall print off the rules and have a go. Looks like it's another game that will stay and not get cleared out!

Thank you both

The Common Room / Re: Does anyone know Pam?
« on: Tuesday 21 February 23 15:31 GMT (UK)  »

Oooh! I think you are right, certainly the cards look very similar. Now for find the rules for Flinch

Thank you

The Common Room / Re: Does anyone know Pam?
« on: Tuesday 21 February 23 15:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the link, so many games - who knew?

Rook appears to have colours instead of suits as well as the card numbers. Pam's cards are all identical apart from the numbers, which would make it difficult to use like a traditional deck. it is difficult to see what could be done with them to make an exciting game - or perhaps the advertising is misleading, it was as dull as ditch water, died out and that is why no-one has ever heard of it and our cards are in immaculate condition!


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