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Lancashire / Mistranscribed Hattersleys? Completed - Thankyou
« on: Thursday 14 February 19 14:40 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if anyone can offer any suggestions. I am looking for a couple of people on the 1939 register. I'm not asking for a look-up as I know they aren't allowed and I do currently have access to the 1939 on Ancestry. However, I can't find them which makes me think they may have been mistranscribed.

Alfred Tennyson Hattersley b 1862 Manchester is buried 29th March 1940 Manchester so I know he is alive in 1939.

His daughter Gladys was born 24 January 1909 according to her baptism record. There is a death record for a Gladys Hattersley b 23 January 1909 in Bury which I think could be my Gladys but I don't have proof. However, I have searched for Gladys without a surname but with both those birth dates to no avail. Any suggestions as to what I try next?


The Common Room / Census query
« on: Sunday 02 December 18 09:05 GMT (UK)  »
Good morning,

Does anyone know how the occupants of prison hulk ships were recorded? Were they recorded in the county in which they were sitting or nearest or elsewhere on seperate schedules? I can see that Find My Past have a separate register for prisoners on hulks but where would I find staff?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Place name in Staffordshire
« on: Tuesday 14 August 18 17:40 BST (UK)  »

We are stumped with this place-name in Staffordshire.

Looking at the name we think it is Rob Cluse and therefore the place-name starts with an R. Couldn't find anywhere that fitted the bill though. Also looked through place-names beginning with B to no avail. Any ideas?

I hope this works but I have taken a snippet (thankyou Kiltpin for your snippet lesson) and I shall now try and post it!


The Common Room / A quick question re baptism records
« on: Thursday 09 August 18 11:18 BST (UK)  »

On a baptism record if there is no father named am I to assume that the child was illegitimate?

Could the father be deceased or is that usuallly recorded?


I am sure the answer must be out there somewhere but I have just been reading the notes regarding the 1939 on the NA site and haven't found the answer so..

I have two families living in the same house. Could they just have been visiting (as in censuses) or would both families have been living there?


Canada / What did Edwin Alexander Fairweather do?
« on: Tuesday 20 February 18 13:03 GMT (UK)  »

I am interested in Edwin Alexander Fairweather b 1880 Edmonton, UK.
1881 and 1891 he is with his family in Enfield, UK
1901 can't find him but I suspect he may be involved in the Boer War
1904 he marries Maude Lydia Cluse
1911 Maude and her daughter are in the UK with Maude's mother. No Edwin. Did he go to Canada ahead of her?

I have seen their deaths on an Ancestry board as Maude 1942 Penticton, BC and Edwin's as 1979 New Westminster, BC but I don't have verification of this.

I would like to know - if possible - why they left for Canada and what they did when there.

Thank you

Surrey / Marriage Bonds and Allegations
« on: Wednesday 07 February 18 17:03 GMT (UK)  »

Does anyone happen to know what information is to be found on the London and Surrey, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921?

Thank you

The Common Room / Crime & Punishment
« on: Thursday 20 July 17 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

I've just been reading the court proceedings relating to a dwellinghouse burglary in 1834. The victim was an ancestor of mine and lost between 4 and 5 worth of money/goods. No violence.

The burglar was a boy, aged 16. He was fatherless and had previously lived with the victim for a couple of years.

As I was reading I was wondering whether he would be convicted and if found guilty go to prison or be transported - but no - sentence Death.

Well that shocked me. It wasn't a mandatory sentence. Does anybody have any idea why the sentence was so harsh? Surely if they wanted to throw the book at him he could have been transported? Anyway, I wondered if there was any way of finding out if the sentence was carried out. As if it was commuted I would love to know what happened to him.

And how must my ancestor have felt, having had him apprehended. He had known him well.


New Zealand Completed Requests / New Zealand Death Certificates
« on: Thursday 06 July 17 12:18 BST (UK)  »

I have found a death registration which (an outside chance) might be the chap I am looking for. I have mentioned him on a thread some time ago

The registration I've found is for a Ronald Irwin who died in 1993 at 89 making his birth 1904. He was actually born 11th December 1903 so the date is a little out. Also my late father thought that he had died in the 1950s but he wasn't sure. All in all it is a bit of a gamble.

So before I purchase the death certificate, what information am I likely to find on it?
Also can you know before purchasing in which area the death was registered?
Is there any way of viewing a death certificate at a records office or similar?
Is it cheaper to buy a death certificate in NZ rather than from the UK?

I hope someone might be able to answer these questions so as I can decide whether or not to purchase the certificate. I have a long list of wished for certificates and would be loath to spend money on one which wasn't mine when I could have solved a question by buying another - if you see what I mean.  :)

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