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Aberdeenshire / Help with James Barclay b1871 Old Machar.
« on: Friday 04 March 11 16:39 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to trace the parents of James Barclay b1871 in Old Machar.

On the 1871 Census he is aged 8mths and is listed as 'grandson' to the head of the house George Forrest - Backhill Farm, Cranbog.

In 1891 he is aged 20, listed as 'lodger' in his Uncle Alexander Forrest's house - 121 Park St, Aberdeen.

He must be the son of one of George Forrest's daughters, but which one?   There was Isabel b1837, Margaret b1840 who married Robert Anderson and had a son Robert Forrest Anderson, Barbara b1846, Helen (Nellie) b1848, Ann b1850 and Mary b1855.

Robert Anderson aged 3 is also on the 1871 Census, listed as 'grandson', with George Forrest as head of house.   Might he be James Barclay's half brother - if Margaret Forrest/Anderson remarried - or was James Barclay the son of one of the other daughters ???

Help would be much appreciated.


Lanarkshire / Maiden name of Isabel/Isabella Forrest bc1894
« on: Monday 21 February 11 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the maiden name of Isabel/Isabella Forrest bc1894 Scotland, d20.12.1986 Vancouver, Canada.   She was known as Isabel, but is Isabella on her grave stone.

She married James Simpson Forrest 1877-1957, but I have been unable to find any record of the marriage and therefore of her maiden name.   James was born and brought up in Partick/Govan but emigrated to Canada.

According to a Canadian Passenger list he arrived in Quebec 06.10.1920 on the Empress of Britain.   The record states that he had previously been in Vancouver in 1910 and under 'How Long' it states 10 years.

I have had no success in finding the marriage in Canada and thought perhaps it took place in Scotland.   I know that Isabel was Scottish - she had a strong accent up to her death and I believe that she had relatives in Scotland - but that's all I know of her.

It is possible that James married Isabel quite late in his life - they had no children - but that is just a guess.

Can anyone help please ???


Aberdeenshire / Andrew Forrest married Janet Moir 1733
« on: Sunday 20 February 11 17:33 GMT (UK)  »
I have hit a bit of a brick wall with Andrew Forrest.

He married Janet Moir (b1717) 14.06.1733 in Ellon, but I can find no trace of him before that.

Andrew and Janet had three children, that I know of:

George baptised 28.09.1736 in Ellon.
John         "        11.02.1739  "    "
Robert      "        26.07.1741  "    "

I really need to find out when and where Andrew was born, who his parents were and when he died.   Also, were there any other children?

Can anyone help me please ???


United States of America / Arthur, Hetty and Pauline Thompson in CA in mid 1920's?
« on: Saturday 15 January 11 15:45 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for any information about Arthur P Thompson, his wife Harriet (Hetty) May Jerrett/Thompson and their daughter Pauline Mary Thompson, believed to have emigrated to Los Angeles around 1926.

Hetty Thompson was born in 1882 in Toxteth Park, Liverpool.   She married Arthur P Thompson in Paris 1911-1915 and they had a daughter Pauline, who was born in Birkenhead in 1912.

I have sailings for Hetty from Liverpool to NY in 1926 and also 1934 both times travelling alone, and for Pauline from Liverpool to NY 1928 and from Southampton to NY 1938 also travelling alone.

I believe that Pauline was married in LA late in life and that she and Hetty both died in LA, but I have no further details and no infomation about Arthur.

Can anyone help me please?

Berkshire / Parents of John Wernham born 1806 Chieveley
« on: Thursday 23 September 10 18:55 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find the parents/grandparents etc. of John Wernham who was born in Chieveley in 1806.

He married 16.05.1822 in Chieveley Eliza/Elizabeth Darling born 01.09.1809 in Chieveley.

My Wernham family all come from Chieveley, but I can't fit this John in to my tree.   I feel sure there is a connection, as Chieveley is only a small village.

Can anyone help please?


Australia / Emigration of Richard Harding BUTLER and wife Harriet abt 1855.
« on: Monday 10 May 10 18:56 BST (UK)  »
I have a Richard Harding Butler, b1829 in Dublin, Ireland, and wife Harriet nee Pender b1830 in Falmouth, Cornwall.   They emigrated to Australia somewhere between their marriage in Liverpool in 1852 and the birth of their first child in 1856.

They had five children born in Australia:   
                     Richard Pender Butler b1856 Victoria
                     Harriet Harding Butler b1858 Beechworth
                     John James Butler b1859 Beechworth
                     Peter Duncan Butler b1861 Beechworth
                     Annie J Butler b1863 Beechworth

By the birth of their sixth child in 1866 they were back in Liverpool. 

I believe that father Richard Harding Butler was a greengrocer at some point in his life.  I have no idea why they went to Australia, except perhaps to find a better life, or when or why they returned to England ??? 

Also, can anyone tell me where Beechworth is ???

Can anyone help me please?

Cornwall / Confusion over birth date of Daniel PENDER.
« on: Saturday 01 May 10 16:17 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find the true date of birth of Daniel Pender, son of Peter Pender and Mary Speed.

IGI have two different Ancestral Files for the family.   One gives Daniel Pender born abt 1713 Falmouth and the second says born abt 1718 Budock.   These also mention siblings Benjamin Pender, Peter Pender and Mary Pender, with equally confusing dates.   I have also found, on IGI, Daniell Pendar christening 06 Jan 1726 St Gluvias with parents Peter Pendar and Mary ??? 

In father Peter Pender's Will (1730) he mentions children Benjamin, his executor, Mary, Daniel and Peter.   Osprey found mention of two Marys bp at St Gluvias 1718 &1725, two Annes 1728 & 1730 and Daniell 1726 all to parents Peter and Mary.   He also found a possible burial for the first Mary.

Assuming that both Annes also died I still have to tie in Benjamin and Peter, to be sure I have the right family and the right Daniel.  Maybe there was also more than one Daniel ::)   The Daniel I am looking for married circa 1756 Frances Elizabeth. 

Can anyone help me sort out this confusion please ???


(This is following on from my previous thread about Peter Pender, Mayor of Falmouth.)

Cornwall / Peter PENDER, Mayor of Falmouth.
« on: Monday 12 April 10 18:38 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone give me information about Peter Pender, please?

Family stories have him as being the first Mayor of Falmouth and he apparently had his own currency ???

I have found him as Mayor in 1706 and 1713.   Is it possible that he, or another Peter Pender, was Mayor before that?

I am trying to link him to Daniel Pender bc1730 and one of his sons - Peter Pender, who was baptised in Falmouth 25.09.1768 and married to Elizabeth Hamlyn 19.08.1797.   

I would be very interested in any information about the life and family of Peter Pender, the Mayor of Falmouth.


United States of America / The Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers 1620.
« on: Wednesday 10 February 10 11:08 GMT (UK)  »

Is it possible to find out the names of the crew and passengers who landed in the 'New World' in 1620?   The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England and the Pilgrim Fathers founded the New World Colony of Plymouth.

I'm particularly interested in linking John Jerrett b1693 in Philadelphia with the Jerretts from Devon, England.



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