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Armagh / Jerrettspass Co,Armagh or Co. Down?
« on: Monday 03 February 14 16:52 GMT (UK)  »
Can some kind person tell me the origin of the place name Jerrettspass.   I think it's on the border of Co, Armagh and Co. Down.



Europe / Poland - Jerzy Kaminski 1895-1981.
« on: Friday 24 January 14 15:34 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone give me any deatails about Jerzy (George) Kaminski please?

I know that he was of Polish origin, born 10 November 1895 I believe in Poland.   He married Dorothy Joan Wernham in Chelsea, London 1947 and died in Kingston upon Thames in December 1981.   I have no idea when he came to Britain.

He had a son by a previous marriage, but I don't know his name or who his mother was.

I think George (as he was known) was probably in the Polish forces (or maybe the British) in either or both World Wars - on one of the London electoral registers he has Lt. Col. after his name.

Can anyone help with more information please?


Pembrokeshire / Parents of William Harries b1817 Pembrokeshire.
« on: Friday 10 January 14 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone help me to trace the parents of William Harries b1817 Pembrokeshire.   I believe he was married to someone called Mary.

He had children: William James Harries 1847-1906, who married Harriet Churton 1850-1917.
                        Mary Harries b1852
                        Elizabeth Harries b1858
                        Henry Thomas Harries b1861, who married Frances Myrtle Kinnear b1868 USA
                                                                                      d1944 BC Canada.

I have found a William Harries bc1817 Martletwy, Pembs in the 1871 census living with mother in law Mary Richards bc1796 Carew, Pembs - Head,
Mary Harries bc1829 Martletwy - daughter,
Martha Richards bc1862 Martletwy - Granddaughter
Henry Harries bc1865 Merthyr Tydvil, Glam - step grandson.

Have I got the right Mary for William Harries and, if so, can anyone help with his parents please?

Also, does the census mean that Mary Harries already had a daughter before marrying William, and did William already have a son Henry before his marriage to Mary?

I am confused ???

Australia / Help with parents of Dougls Allan McKie.
« on: Monday 06 January 14 15:20 GMT (UK)  »
Please can someone help me sort out the parents of Douglas Allan McKie.

He was born in Brisbane 26.05.1865 to parents David Allan McKie and Helen Edith Chitett, who married in St John's Church Brisbane 29.10.1863.

By 1871 English Census Douglas Allan McKie was living in London with George Hamlin and Helen Edith Hamlin, and is  entered as 'brother'.   In later censuses he becomes Douglas Hamlin and then back to Douglas Allan McKie and is entered as 'son' in both cases.

What happened to his father?   Was there a divorce, or did he die?   Also, where and when did Helen Edith marry George Hamlin?

I am confused.   Can anyone help please?


Berkshire / 'Poisoned' wife buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Chieveley
« on: Sunday 29 December 13 16:51 GMT (UK)  »
There is a burial record in St Mary's Church, Chieveley of a Wernham lady who was married to someone with the surname Chamberlain.   Her husband is reputed to have poisoned her circa 1880.

Please can anyone throw any light on this and give me the christian names of either/both husband and wife?


World War One / Where was 2nd Lieutenant Douglas Hamlin McKie wounded?
« on: Wednesday 13 November 13 10:41 GMT (UK)  »
Douglas Hamlin McKie was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Northumberland Fusiliers, 3rd Battalion.   He 'died of wounds' 11 April 1917 and is buried in Roclincourt Military Cemetery, Departement du Pas-de-Calais.

Is it possible to find out where he was wounded and any other information about him?   He was my father's cousin.



Canada / Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force 1915.
« on: Tuesday 12 November 13 12:44 GMT (UK)  »
I have a copy of the Attestation Paper of my father's cousin, Raymond Tom Adams, that was witnessed in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan 6th july 1915.   He was born in Lambourne, Berkshire, England 30 September 1890.   I have been searching for him for a long time and this attestation paper has only just come to light.   

Can anyone help me to find out why and when he arrived in Canada, and what happened to him?   I think he was killed in WWI, but I have no more information.



Lanarkshire / Margaret McMillan b1884, who was her 1st husband?
« on: Friday 05 April 13 15:08 BST (UK)  »
Margaret McMillan b08.08.1884 in Partick to parents Robert Shaw McMillan and Agnes Harley.   In the 1891 census she was living with the family at 24 Bridge Street, Partick, but does not appear with them at the same address in 1901.

I have found her marriage to James Irvine (widower) bc1876 on 17.08.1917 in Holytown, but she is listed as 'widow'.   Her occupation is 'Nurse, hospital'.   I can't find any record of her first marriage, any children, or of her death.

Can anyone help please?


Canada / Jerrett family from Newfoundland to England after 1881
« on: Sunday 18 November 12 16:26 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find when George Churchill Jerrett b1835 Devon, England, his wife Miriam Jerrett b1837 Newfoundland and daughter Marion Jerrett b1874 Newfoundland, left Newfoundland and arrived in England - possibly Liverpool.

I have them on the 1891 census in Toxteth Park, Liverpool and I have Miriam in Buckinghamshire on the 1901 census.

Can anyone help please?


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