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London and Middlesex / 82 Lorenzo Street, Edmonton - where was it (bombed WW2)?
« on: Sunday 14 December 14 11:27 GMT (UK)  »
I have someone who died in the Edmonton Workhouse in August 1915 and gave their address as 82 Lorenzo Road.   I haven't been able to find this address on a map, but some years ago someone pointed me to the area they thought it might have been, that had been bombed in WW2.  I actually visited the area about 10 years ago and could see quite clearly an area of rebuilt houses that contrasted with older houses around the margins of the area.  It was no longer known as Lorenzo Road, but I can't find either my notes or photos, and now can't figure out where it is on a current map.  Can anyone help me identify the area on a current map?

Pembrokeshire / Wanted - male SINNETTdescendants
« on: Friday 05 December 14 12:45 GMT (UK)  »
I'm the admin for the Sennett/Sinnott (and variants) DNA surname study at familytreeDNA.   Its a fairly new project to look at the (probably multiple) origins of the name, with spellings in any form of S-NN-T.   Already several descendants of Co Wexford Sinnotts have tested, with a slightly unusual (for Ireland and British Isles) E3B haplotype.   This gives some weight to the suggested origins being an emigrant from the Flemish community in Wales arriving in Ireland in the 12th century.   

This same Flemish community is also likely to be the origin of some or all of the Welsh Sinnetts,but so far none have come forward for DNA testing.

So, if you are male, carry the surname SINNETT (or any variant in the form S-NN-T) and can show an unbroken father-son ancestry to an early Welsh Sinnett (particularly if you can trace back to Pembrokeshire), then I'd love to hear from you, and have you join the Sennett/Sinnott DNA project.  Tests are currently on sale, with the recommended Y-DNA 37 test being $129 USD (down from the usual project discounted price of $169 USD).

If you are interested, either contact me directly, or just go to familytreeDNA, search for the Sennett surname project, and order a test through the project (this gives you the cheapest rate).  It needs to be a Y-DNA test, and preferably with a minimum of 37 markers,  (though you can start with less and upgrade later).

Any other men with direct line S-NN-T ancestry from anywhere in the world are also welcome to join the project, and/or to contact me for help in researching their family tree (as part of the Guild of One Name Studies registered surname study for Sennett/Sinnott and variants).

One Name Studies / Guild of One Name Studies - new services etc
« on: Monday 03 November 14 13:16 GMT (UK)  »
Latest information in the link below from the Guild of One Name Studies with details of some new services for members  - if you are interested in a single surname, then membership of the Guild is definitely worth considering.

Yorkshire (West Riding) / DIGNAN in Normanton
« on: Monday 20 October 14 12:09 BST (UK)  »
I've drawn a blank with the origins of Patrick DIGNAN, born about 1885 and married Mary Agnes SENNETT.   They married in Normanton in 1912.   He doesn't appear to be in Yorkshire in the 1911 census. I've found a couple of possibilities in other places, but neither seems to totally fit.

Are there any relatives of Patrick who know more about when and where he was born?

Yorkshire (West Riding) / Where was Catholic Schoolyard, Normanton?
« on: Monday 20 October 14 11:06 BST (UK)  »
I have ancestors living at "Catholic Schoolyard" in Normanton right up to at least 1945 in electoral registers, however this address doesn't seem to exist any more.   Can anyone confirm for me where this was?  I'm thinking it must have been somewhere near the Wakefield Road end of Church Lane, or perhaps what is now known as Church Court?

Would anyone going to the Surrey History Service in Woking be able to do a look up for me please?

I'm wanting any information about a Louie Walker (female) b about 1885,who was believed to have worked at the Long Grove Mental Hospital  1906-1907, however I have read that Long Grove only opened in 1907, though the collection notes indicate that it contains staff documents from 1905.  She was believed to have been a nurse, though she may just have been a servant or temporary staff.  Depending on the size of the file, I'd be happy with readable scanned or photographed images (eg from Ipad photos), or if there is a cost involved in getting copies then just let me know by PM.  Thanks so much.

The reference for the collection is as follows: 
STAFF  6251/6  [n.d.]

These documents are held at Surrey History Service

No further details   Register of male and female staff. Indexed The register is divided into sections according to officers, nursing staff, servants and temporary officers. Details provided relate to previous employment, date of joining the service, name, age on joining and date of birth, marital status, position and wages.  6251/6/1  2 Jan 1905-May 1922

Cambridgeshire / SENNITT descendants DNA study - also SLENNETT, SLINNETT, etc
« on: Monday 01 September 14 17:37 BST (UK)  »
I'm wanting to find any male descendants who can show an unbroken father-son line with the surnames SENNITT, SLENNETT, SLINNETT (or similar) from the Cottenham/Stretham areas.  The SENNITT tree is looking good right back to the 1500's, but its going to need a DNA study to go back any further and figure out the origin of the name in Cambridgeshire and whether it links to any other groups of S-NN-T families.   I'm calling for SLENNETTs (and similar spellings) from this area to take part in the DNA study as well, because it looks like Gervase SLENNETT could be the brother of Nicholas (who heads up the SENNITT family) (both born in the first half of the 1500's).

If you are a male S-NN-T with a family originating from Cambridgeshire, and are interested in taking part in the DNA study, its being hosted at with the primary study name SENNETT or SINNOTT (though it covers all surnames in the form S-NN-T).  There is currently a sale on so both 37 marker and 67 marker Y-DNA tests are much cheaper than usual.  If you have any questions just send me a message.   

Any participants with any surnames in the form S*nn*t are welcomed (eg Sennett, Sinnett, Synnott, Sinnatt, Sennitt, etc), but particularly keen to get participants who can trace their ancestry back to Co Wicklow Ireland, or Co Wexford or Cornwall, to see if your line will match existing participants. 

This is a y-DNA project so you need to be male and be able to show an unbroken male line to your earliest Sennett, sinnett, Sinnott etc ancestor.  If you need help with your family tree, contact the Sennett, Sinnott surname study through the Guild of one Name studies.  The DNA project is at familytreedna with the primary project name being Sennett, but it does include any of the above variants, with project t members including Sinnott and Sennett so far.

Wexford / Origins of the SINNOTT families - new yDNA study
« on: Tuesday 24 June 14 10:21 BST (UK)  »
I just wanted to let folk know about a new y-DNA study through familytreeDNA, aimed at trying to link some of the many Sinnott, Sennett, Sinnett (and any name in the form S-NN-T) families, particularly those who believe they have Co. Wexford origins.

Its a y-DNA surname study, which means that it needs men to take the test, and they need to be able to show a male S-NN-T ancestor, and an unbroken line of descendancy along the male line from father to son from that person.  That would normally mean that they would have the Sinnott (or any variant of it) name themselves.

Its a new study, but what is really interesting is that the haplotype of the first people whose tests have come through is not a particularly common one - its an "E" haplotype, rather than the most common R1b in the British Isles.

With so  many Sinnott, Sennett, and Sinnett (and other variant spellings) families believing they have Co Wexford roots, but not being able at the moment to connect with other families of the same name who also have Wexford roots, genetic DNA studies are going to become a very important way of discovering whether there are common ancestors, and may even help confirm the origins of the Sinnott name - including answering the question "are all Sinnotts really descended from the family of that Flemish soldier who arrived in Ireland in the 1100's with Strongbow?".

The surname DNA project is also wanting S-NN-T descendants who DONT have Co Wexford roots to test as well, as results will then be used to confirm multiple origins of the surname, as well as whether Sinnotts from different regions are in fact connected - an example here is whether the stories of an Irish connection to Welsh Sinnetts (some of whom ended up in London) is in fact correct or whether the Welsh Sinnetts had a completely separate origin, and whether the Cornish and Hampshire Sennetts are also completely separate groups.

If anyone wants to know more, flick me a PM, or check out the Sennett One Name Study (Guild of One Name Studies), or the Sennett DNA surname study at  If you want to go straight for getting a DNA test done, ordering it through the project will give a discounted rate, and the minimum recommended test is a 37 marker y-DNA.  If you have already been tested at another company, tests can usually be transferred to familytreeDNA, but you may have to pay a fee for this.

Disclaimer:  I don't work for familytreeDNA, and I don't stand to get any financial gain from any of this.

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