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A folder of certificates containing names HALL and LYONS and possibly belonging to a Michael Lyons was found at WDYTYA.   See news article

Hope they make their way back to their owner soon

Looking for more participants for the Sennett/Sinnott DNA Surname Study at    Subsidised Y-DNA tests are now available (men only) with priority given to:
Cambridgeshire SENNITT
or any variation of spelling if you can show Co Wexford ancestors (and your line hasn't already been tested).

contact me by PM or through the Sennett/Sinnott surname study at the Guild of One Name Studies (

Cornwall / SENNETT descendants and DNA
« on: Wednesday 28 December 16 11:58 GMT (UK)  »
Interesting DNA result (in the Sennett surname study at that seems to indicate that Jephthah Sennett (b about 1685, lived St Michaels Mount, and was the progenitor of most of the Cornish Sennetts) may have originated from Ireland.   The DNA is a relatively uncommon haplogroup for the British Isles and a match with Sennetts/Sinnotts of anglonorman origins in Co Wexford.

This is a single result and yet to be validated, so if there are any other male, direct line Sennett descendants out there who would like to join the DNA study, please PM me or contact me through the Sennett surname project at the Guild of One Name Studies.   Discounted Y-DNA tests are available.

I'd also be keen to get one or more Welsh Sinnetts to test, as the hypothesis is that they will also share the same genetic origins.

Australia / Calling all Sennett, Sinnott, Synnott, Synot, Synnot, etc in Australia
« on: Wednesday 19 October 16 10:19 BST (UK)  »
As administrator of both the Sennett/Sinnott surname study (registered with www.o and the Sennett/Sinnott/Synnott (and variants) DNA study at, I'd love to hear from anyone with a connection to a variant of one of these surnames, to try and confirm both the family tree in Australia and the Irish townland origins for any people of Irish descent.  The DNA study is quite small, but slowly growing, and is starting to show some common patterns for people of anglo-norman and Co Wexford origins, but needs more men from a direct S-NN-T line to test (YDNA) to fill in the gaps and make links further back in time.  New information from the recently released Irish civil registration BMD and Irish Catholic Parish registers is allowing me to connect a lot of emigrant families back to their Irish townlands.    If you have any interest in these surnames please contact me via the Sennett study at or message me here as I'd love to work with you to share information.

Herefordshire / John Whitehead Warre - the Wye Valley memorial
« on: Tuesday 12 July 16 09:30 BST (UK)  »
Many years ago while walking along the Wye River (near Coppett Hill and Welsh Bicknor) I came across a memorial to John Whitehead Warre a 16 year old who drowned in the Wye River.   The inscription was an extremely lengthy one, and I copied it down in the back of my wildflower guidebook.  Having just come across it again, I thought it worthy of publishing (especially as it was one of my ancestors who devised the method of "bringing apparently drowned individuals back to life").  Note that the last few lines weren't able to be read clearly.   The monument is mentioned and marked on this walking guide

"Sacred to the memory of John Whitehead Warre who disappear this spot whilst bathing in the River Wye in sight of his parents brother and sisters on the 14th of September 1804
In the 16th year of his age
God’s will be done!
Who in his mercy hath granted consolation to the parents of the dear departed in the reflection that he possessed.  Truth, innocence filial piety and fraternal affection in the highest degree.  That but a few moments before he was called to a better life.  He had (with a never to be forgotten Piety) joined his family in joyful thanks to his Maker for the restoration of his Mothers health.  His parents in justice to his amiable virtues and excellent disposition declare He was void of offence towards them.  With humbled hearts they bow to the Almightys dispensation trusting thro the mediation of his blessed Son He will mercifully receive their child He so suddenly took to himself.
This monument is here erected to warn parents and others to be careful how they trust the deceitful stream and particularly to exhort them to learn and observe the directions of the Humane Society for the recovery of Persons apparently drowned.  Alas! It is with the extreme sorrow here commemorated what anguish is felt from the want of this knowledge. The lamented youth swam very well, was endowed with great bodily strength and activity and possibly had proper applications been used might have been saved from his untimely fate.  He was born at Oporto in the Kingdom of Portugal on the 14th Feb 1789 Third son of James Warre of London and of the County of Somerset, Merchant, and Eleanor daughter of Thomas Greg of Belfast Esq.
Passenger, who ere thou art Spare this tomb.  It is erected for the benefit of the surviving being but a poor record of the Grief of those that witnessed the sad occasion of it.  God preserve you, and yours from such calamity ……[unreadable]… their assistance but if you unfortunately should….[unreadable]… with directions for their application by the Humane Society for the … of persons apparently drowned are lodged at the Church of Coldwell…."

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / SINNETT in Wales - discounted DNA test offered
« on: Friday 20 November 15 12:49 GMT (UK)  »
I can provide a discounted test Y-DNA37 test kit to a male SINNETT who can show an unbroken father-son SINNETT line back to an ancestor from Pembrokeshire, Wales.   This can be paid for in £GBP rather than $USD.

This would be part of the Sennett/Sinnett/Sinnott DNA surname project, and the intention would be to prove or disprove a link between Co Wexford SINNOTTS (who arrived in Co Wexford in the 12th century via Wales) and Welsh SINNETT families.   

Please contact me via personal message or through the Sennett one-name study at

Any other male Sennett/Sinnott/Synnott/Sinnetts are welcome to join the DNA project at  The recommended test is a Y-DNA37.  Transfers to are also welcome from people of this surname who have tested with other companies but want to join the surname project.

« on: Friday 20 November 15 12:28 GMT (UK)  »
Registered one name study at the Guild of One Name Studies.

I now have in excess of 4,000 linked individuals in my database, which covers the name incidence worldwide.

Also a Y-DNA study at which welcomes all participants

I welcome requests for information, but also am keen to work with other researchers of this name to share and check information already researched.

This is an update of an earlier post where I was mainly working on the SENNETT variant of the name, but the study has progressed significantly since then.

Pembrokeshire / SINNETT in Wales - discounted DNA test offered
« on: Friday 20 November 15 12:23 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know of any SINNETT men who have welsh ancestry (can trace an unbroken father-son SINNETT line back to Wales) who would be interested in doing a Y-DNA test?   I am the project admin of the Sennett/Sinnott/Sinnett surname DNA project at familytreeDNA and am keen to confirm links between Co Wexford SINNOTTs (who arrived in Wexford in the 12th century via Pembrokeshire) and Welsh Sinnetts who likely come from the same anglo-norman origins.  I've already found the genetic link between Cornish Sennetts and Irish Sinnotts, but don't yet have any Welsh men involved in the project.

The Y-DNA37 test at normally costs $169USD, but I can offer a discounted test (where you can also pay in £GBP) if that would help. 
Link to the project page is here:  - if you choose to purchase direct through the project, tests are also slightly discounted.  Contact me via personal message or through the Sennett study at the Guild of One Name Studies sennett at one hyphen name dot org

Cornwall / SENNETT - unexpected DNA result - descendant of Jepthah Sennett
« on: Saturday 07 February 15 10:38 GMT (UK)  »
I'm the project administrator of the Sinnott/Sennett surname DNA project at familytreeDNA and have just had a fairly unexpected DNA result for a Cornish SENNETT test (descendant of Jephthah Sennett of St Michael's Mount.    The result is suggesting (but not conclusive) that Sennetts of Cornwall may be from the same origin as Sinnotts of Co Wexford.   

Sennetts of Cornwall go back (on paper) as far as Jephthah Sennett, b about 1687 (but probably not born in Cornwall) and lived in St Michaels Mount.

Sinnotts of Co Wexford trace back to the first arrival of their purported forbear (Synad/Synod) to Co Wexford in the 12th century, coming from the Flemish Community in Wales.   

If there is indeed a common ancestor between the Cornish Sennetts and these Irish Sinnotts, then the possibilities include: either Jephthah Sennett himself was from an Irish family and came from Ireland to St Michaels Mount sometime after about 1700, OR one of Jephthahs ancestors came from Ireland and the family lived somewhere else unknown for one or more generations before Jephthah himself arrived in St Michaels Mount, OR the common ancestor was as far back as Flemish community in Wales, and Jephthah is descended from him or a Welsh Sinnett/Sinnott who has the same common Flemish ancestor as the Co Wexford Sinnotts, or of course, its a completely random result and there is no connection.

What I really need right now is a lot more S-NN-T DNA tests done, and in particular another male Sennett descendant of Jephthah Sennett to join the DNA project to verify this first DNA result.  It would need to be someone who can show a direct father-son line back to Jephthah (i.e. not a Sennett who has taken his name from a female Sennett at any point). If anyone can help put me in touch with someone please send me a message, or just get them to join the Sennett/Sinnott project at - the recommended test is the Y-DNA37.

Also if anyone knows of any Welsh male SINNETT descendants who would also be prepared to join the DNA project that would be excellent, as it would help develop a genetic tree for Sennett/Sinnott/Sinnett that would be valuable in sorting out links and branches of the tree.

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