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The Common Room / Bible - Ernest Jenkins of Annfield Plain Co Durham and BELL family
« on: Thursday 22 March 18 14:21 GMT (UK)  »
Have family bible belonging to Ernest Jenkins of East Castle, Annfield Plain, Co Durham (date by his name is 1950), with possibly the original owner William Bell and older inscriptions for:  William and Sarah Bell married 1846 and births Elizabeth Jain Bell 1848, Mary Ann Bell 1857, Sarah 1867.  Also Sarah Bell died January 24.  Also Thomas Lynn died Oct 27th 1894 aged 85 year.

Bible is big and extremely heavy and front and back pages have been heavily scribbled over in pencil by a child.  Happy to photograph inscriptions if this is anyone's family.

Ireland / Re: Grandparents as Godparents in Early 1800s?
« on: Monday 29 January 18 20:22 GMT (UK)  »
The position now is that we have the names of the two parents, 6 children and 12 godparents, from births spanning 1803-1821, with which to try and reverse engineer if we can get a match to possible births to the parents and siblings, and their parents, back in the 1770-80s. The results of this matching/identification exercise might change if the godparents were grandparents as opposed to uncles/aunts. There is no "perfect" match, it will be a question of deciding if there are any, or one or more reasonable matches  :(

Rather than trying to "reverse engineer" by using godparents, if you now know the names of 6 children in order, can you make an educated guess of the next generation back by using the typical Irish children naming patterns?  Doesn't always work, but worth a try - first son after fathers father, 2nd son after mothers father, 3rd son after father.. first daughter after mothers mother, second daughter after fathers mother, third daughter after mother...

Durham / SENNETT of Co Durham (James William SENNETT)
« on: Sunday 12 November 17 15:52 GMT (UK)  »
Are there any male SENNETT descendants out there of James William Sennett, born Co Wicklow who might be interested in DNA?

The Sennett/Sinnott (and variant spellings) DNA project would be really keen to have this family represented as it is one of the 15 largest S-NN-T family trees in the surname study database (surname study registered with the Guild of One Name Studies member number #5579).   It is a Y-DNA project, so a male with direct line father-son link back to James William Sennett is required.  The YDNA37 test is the most useful one (95 if bought through the Surname Study, of $USD149 if bought through the surname project at however there are other options that would reduce the price.  If you are (or know of someone who might be) interested, please either message me here, or contact me from the website (search for Sennett and use the contact link).

Any S-NN-Ts (particularly with Welsh or Irish origins) interested in DNA but put off by the cost of testing?

Having established that the genetic signature for S-NN-T's of Anglo-norman Co Wexford descent is a relatively rare E haplogroup, and that there are five different mutations among project participants in the first 12 markers, it is now useful to offer a 12 marker Y-DNA test as a preliminary screening tool.  This test is available through a join request to the Sennett/Sinnott project at at a cost of $59USD (compared to the $149 cost for the 37 marker test).

Please encourage any of your male friends/family who have an unbroken male line connection to this surname to test.   We have some exciting results confirming common ancestors back as far as the 15th century now, but the more people in the project the easier it will be to fill in the gaps of the genetic tree and link your S-NN-T family back further.

(NOTE:  the recommendation for a 12 marker Y-DNA test is only for this particular group of surnames  - Sennett, Sinnott, Sinnett, Synnott and variants - and this surname project.  In most other surnames you need at least 37 markers to provide useful results - if in doubt, check with the surname project administrator)

UPDATE - still looking for a male Cambridgeshire Sennitt descendant to join the DNA surname project, primarily with a view to seeing if there is any genetic link between the Irish Sinnott/Sennett/Synnott families and Cambridgeshire.  I now have subsidised tests available (to families not already represented in the study) and also can offer access to the much cheaper Y-DNA12 test.   Note that while a 12 marker test is not usually considered enough to be useful, in this surname study it is an excellent (and much cheaper) initial screening tool as the Irish Sinnotts of anglonorman origins have been shown to have the relatively rare E haplogroup.

If you know someone (from any S-NN-T family) who might want to join the DNA project, please contact me either via PM, or through the surname study at the Guild of One Name Studies (

UPDATE - the DNA project is now accepting initial YDNA testing at as low as 12 markers.  This is because the main Co Wexford line of Sinnott/Synnott/Sennett is showing a relatively rare E haplogroup, so although 12 markers will never give as much information as the previously recommended 37 markers, it will be a good preliminary screening and matching tool for people who are reluctant or can't afford to go straight into a 37 marker test (current full price $169USD, discounted if bought through a project).   

The cost of the 12 marker YDNA test is currently $58 USD, but this test is only available if purchased through the surname project (search Sennett or Sinnott at  Note that not  all projects offer this level of testing.

Contact me if you need more information - either PM here, or through the Sennett/Sinnott surname study at

One Name Studies: N to S / Re: Sinnott and or deSynot
« on: Tuesday 20 June 17 21:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi Anne, good to see you are still interested in genealogy.  You contacted me via the Sennett/Sinnott/Synnott surname study some time ago.

Had you thought more about getting one of the male members of your family (maybe your brother?)  to take a Y-DNA (male line) test?  I think this is still the best way to try to connect your whole family line back to the main Co Wexford line (the line that that is described in Burke's Irish Family Records, and goes right back to the 12th century and the very beginning of surname use, with the first of the anglonorman Synad/Synnot to arrive in Ireland).  Good paper records just don't exist to take the line back to France,  so DNA really is the best bet.

Just recently there have been two more people in the DNA project whose trees have now been linked back to this original Co Wexford line, so the DNA project is really starting to give results. 

I was originally advising that the minimum test should be the YDNA37, however if this is too expensive for the moment, purchasing a YDNA12 test (this is only available if you get it by joining the Sennett DNA project page at should give enough information to know whether an upgrade would be worth doing later.  The YDNA12 is about $58USD at the moment (the YDNA37 normal price is $169), so its a lot cheaper.

If other S-NN-T male descendants are reading this, then that last paragraph applies to any direct line male descendant of any family group that is believed to have originated from Ireland - obviously the more markers the better for good matches, but in this project if a 12 marker test shows the right E haplogroup, then we can still do some interesting analysis and preliminary matching.

This is the link to the DNA project  - click on PURCHASE A TEST TO JOIN THIS PROJECT, then scroll down to the YDNA section and choose whichever level of YDNA test you want (from 12 markers to 111 markers)

A folder of certificates containing names HALL and LYONS and possibly belonging to a Michael Lyons was found at WDYTYA.   See news article

Hope they make their way back to their owner soon

Looking for more participants for the Sennett/Sinnott DNA Surname Study at    Subsidised Y-DNA tests are now available (men only) with priority given to:
Cambridgeshire SENNITT
or any variation of spelling if you can show Co Wexford ancestors (and your line hasn't already been tested).

contact me by PM or through the Sennett/Sinnott surname study at the Guild of One Name Studies (

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